Anthony Jeselnik angers many with shark attack sketch on "The Jeselnik Offensive"

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  • Anthony Jeselnik angers many with shark attack sketch on “The Jeselnik Offensive”

    Jeselnik Offensive - Shark PartyAnthony Jeselnik’s latest TV show The Jeselnik Offensive prides its self on being edgy and controversial. Hell, it has “offensive” in its title.

    Many of the show’s jokes spawn from embarrassing celebrity moments or tragedies around the world. Many times you will find yourself laughing, even if it is out of being uncomfortable because your morals boundaries are being pushed.

    However, the show may have gone too far earlier this week when the host celebrated and taunted a shark victim’s death. Jeselnik first talked about the man’s death in a joking manner, which is not uncommon, but followed it up with a “Shark Party.” During this “party” women in shark costumes came out and danced with Jeselnik. The music slowed and Anthony quickly spoke up saying “I’m so excited I can barely control myself.” Then a man dressed as a surfer covered in fake blood and a woman in a leggy shark costume run out. Moments later, Jeselnik sat on a chair and received a lap dance from the ‘Head Shark Lady.’ Jeselnik ended the bit by standing and stating, “Lets not forget the man who made this all possible. Smile you son of a b*tch.” Displaying a picture of the New Zealander Adam Strange who was the victim of the shark attack last week.

    Since the incident aired earlier this week, the man’s family stated their disgust over the incident saying it used, “incredibly poor taste.” There’s been no follow up response by Jeselnik via his Twitter but he’s been known to go long stretches without sharing there anyway.

    The video has been taken down from most web outlets that would usually carry it including Comedy Central’s properties. Before the clip was removed from Youtube, many thought the joke went too far with 1,784 dislikes to only 464 likes. Some of the comments stick up for Jeselnik while others really let him have it for crossing the line.

    So what do you think? Are people being too sensitive about the topic or has The Jeselnik Offensive actually become too offensive?


    Douglas Tereu

    New Zealand didn’t block the clip. Viacom which owns Comedy Central blocked the clip from New Zealand and Australian viewers. But now they have removed any existence of it on all of their social media etc.


    its a pretty sad display of hypocrisy in my opinion.

    people have made jokes about 9/11,
    people have made jokes about the halocaust,
    people have made jokes about sandy hook, and the colorado shooter, and columbine, and many far far worse situations- but i havent seen anywhere near the amount of false outrage that im seeing from these new zealanders over a joke about the death of one dude.

    jeselnik is one of my favorite comics, but personally i didnt care this this particular sketch- not cuz it was offensive; i just didnt really find it very funny.
    sharks are somewhat of a running joke with jeselnik- his last special had a photo of a great white for the cover and he was on late night talk shows just a couple weeks ago talking about how much he oves sharks and how ‘pro shark attack’ he is; so of course when an extremely rare instance of an actual shark attack like this happens he is going to ‘celebrate’ in some way. i can totally see what he was going for- however a new zealand news site picked up on the skit and pretty much everybody in new zealand went apeshit.

    before the video went viral in new zealand it had around 400-something likes and 200-something dislikes; not the best ratings of around 66% positive- but still in the green. however, the instant it became and actual stroy in new zealand it was all downhill from their- it was nothing but negativity.
    people were talking about how awful and mean and evil it was- all while making death threats to jesilnik with shit like “that cunt better not show his face in NZ” or “i hope that peice of shit gets assraped to death” –all while doing so for the fact that they thought it was insensative and an insult to their fellow new zealanders who where involved in the tragedy.

    they seem to think that making a joke about a tragey is an offense that should be pusnishable by a horriffic inhuman death. just complete and utter hypocracy.

    its true that this was a horrific event, which jeselnik made fun of in an unnecessarily mean and personal way; for many of those personally involved this is the worst thing thing that will ever happen to them- but that does NOT mean that this situation is exempt from the inevitable satire that many dark comedians like jeselnik will make out of situations like this. and to think they THEY are personally exempt from this type of thing is just an elitist/self-rightious way of thinking- 99% of the people commenting and making threats didnt even know the guy- yet are acting like this is some huge activist issue and that just because they were offended that action needs to be taken.

    yeah it was mean, yeah it wasnt very funny- but there is reason the entire population of new zealand needs to completely overreact like this. its nonsense


    Some people also make jokes about rape, pedophilia, necrophilia etc … doesn’t make it socially acceptable at all … not even kind. Some people have very warped senses of humour … but only an exceedingly small percentage of those jokers would sit at a funeral and tell jokes about having sex with the corpse. Now since some people might find it funny, should we all just shrug and say “oh well, I suppose i’ll join in of the retardedness of the situation” … no they don’t. There is a time and place for most things, television isn’t one of them. This little gnat is just an over grown child with no moral compas and someone should give him a nice kick in his tiny little balls……no THAT”S a skit i’d watch!

    I trully wonder how you and the rest of the defenders would act if this was one of your family that had been killed in such a way then used as comedy fodder


    “only an exceedingly small percentage of those jokers would sit at a funeral and tell jokes about having sex with the corpse”
    So – he didn’t go to the funeral and make the jokes. So, it’s in poor taste. Lots of funny shit is in poor taste – question is, is it funny? That’s the only question relevant – it’s comedy.

    Andrew Reaume

    I would not be upset. Not because I don’t love my family, but because I actually understand both grief and humour. When someone dies, you’re sad. And, because you’re a selfish person, anyone else who isn’t sad is, to you, a bad person for being different. Because you suck. So you expect other people to alter their lives and their jokes and their attitudes to pretend that either nothing bad happened, or that it can only be referred to in a sad way. Fuck that. If the person is dead, they’re dead. Jokes mean nothing to them. You’re only being offended to protect your ego, not because it serves your loved one in any way.


    I guess you are right as far as people making jokes about other tragedies around the world (not just the USA). But I believe he crossed the line by making it personal by including a photo of the victim. I doubt very much that any jokes about sandy hook for example would then post up a photo of one of the victims?


    Go to hell from all NZ you piece of crap.


    The whole point of his show is to push the boundaries and be “too much”… You knew what you were going to get when you decided to watch the show


    See, while many people get angry at this guy, I pity him. He seems so desperate, wanting to be a young Bill Maher almost, but instead of coming off as clever, he reeks of desperation. Why hate someone whose performance is predicated on being so cold and passionless in its attempt to entertain viewers.

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    What do you think?