Anthony Jeselnik and a Twitter Joke about the Boston Marathon (poll)

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  • Anthony Jeselnik and a Twitter Joke about the Boston Marathon (poll)

    Anthony JeselnikAnthony Jeselnik is a comedian and what comedians do is make fun of things. He’s also not for everyone because his brand of humor is normally offensive and dark. It’s put him in the hot seat before. Jeselnik isn’t a frequent Twitterer, and though he’ll go days without saying something it’s usually at times of big news events he puts out a one-liner.

    But in light of today’s events in Boston, some are wondering if he went a bit too far. For not long after the terribly dreadful Boston Marathon bombing, Jeselnik put out the following joke via Twitter.

    Jeselnik Bombing Tweet

    The Tweet has since been removed from the comedian’s Twitter feed and there’s been a bit of backlash with some calling for Comedy Central to fire him and working to get the #firejeslnik hashtag to trend.

    While Jeselnik will probably take this in stride since like all good comedians should, he’s been more than willing to handle criticism for his humor in the past. He’s proven that he’s not afraid of hanging out in the dark end of the joke spectrum and that there is not much he will not try to make fun of, it’s pretty fearless.

    What’s your take on the situation? Was a line crossed? Or is it the ire better spent focusing on the piece(s) of scum that actually committed the crime?

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    Who is getting upset at this? Who could possibly be following Jeselnik that didn’t expect him to make a joke about the bombings? Also, how are people offended by this, but not all the tweets he’s made about dead people before, or even making fun of 9/11? It’s not what comedians do, it’s what he does, and if you’re upset, buy his comedy special.


    An edgy, offensive comedian made an edgy, offensive joke? :O


    I’m just upset that i put all my money on that marathon getting shoot up this year


    Shot up this year*

    Nick Bray

    WHY would you even follow him on twitter or watch his show if you’re offended by this stuff? Yes he crossed the line, every single one of his jokes do. And his show is called the Jeselnik OFFENSIVE for a freaking reason. Geez, people…

    What do you think?