Aziz Ansari Predicts Kanye West's Tweets

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  • Aziz Ansari Predicts Kanye West’s Tweets

    It’s been only about a 24 hours since rapper, producer, mogul, acceptance speech interrupter Kanye West joined Twitter. And so far he’s gathered nearly a quarter of a million followers as he’s jumped on jets and shopped Versace.

    He’s also managed to healthily give himself a dose of self-parody that falls pretty close in line with the Kanye character Aziz Ansari describes so well in his recent comedy album Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening. In fact, it wasn’t long before the trending topic of #PredictingKanyeTweets popped up everywhere.

    Since they are friends, Kanye has shared with us a few Tweets that his ol’ buddy Aziz put out into the wild. And we have to say, had not Aziz come up with them, we could definitely hear these words coming out of the mouth of ‘Ye.

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