Bill Burr and Al Madrigal form All Things Comedy Podcast Network

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  • Bill Burr and Al Madrigal form All Things Comedy Podcast Network

    Bill Burr’s seen success with his Monday Morning Podcast for some time now. But even one podcast isn’t nearly as powerful as many teamed up together. This is exactly the thinking Burr and comedian Al Madrigal adopted as the two have teamed up to form the All Things Comedy podcast network. A collection of 11 comedy-themed podcasters. Some names you’ve heard of others you might not have.

    In addition to Burr and Madrigal, the network features Walking the Room w/Greg Behrendt & Dave Anthony, The Harland Highway with Harland Williams, The Long Shot Podcast with Eddie Pepitone, Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank, Jake Johansens’ podcast, and Your Mom’s House. Also part of the network, the comedy news podcast from which will serve as the conduit to serve up the latest in news and media.

    Burr revealed via LaughSpin his growing disdain for artists giving up the rights to their material in order to gain a broader audience, He’s hoping the ATC network will offer a place for creatives to own their product. Don’t for one minute think the timing of this announcement wasn’t timed with the release of Burr releasing his latest stand-up special, you people are all the same for $5 on or for instant stream via Netflix.

    Comedy podcasts are only on the rise and with this gathering of the ATC network, we’re well beyond the point of too many great comedy podcasts to listen to than hours on a given day. Choose wisely!

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