Bob Odenkirk Hocks El Caminos For New Black Keys Promo

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  • Bob Odenkirk Hocks El Caminos For New Black Keys Promo

    We can all learn something from Jack Rebney aka The Winnebago Man. Even after all these years his legendary tirade which spawned legions of cult followers in a pre-Youtube era and even spawned a documentary is still being seen as a pop culture phenomenon. This time around, The Black Keys enlisted the help of Saul Goodman himself, Bob Odenkirk to record a quick video clip in the spirit of Rebney’s rants to promote their new album, El Caminio.

    You can also visit where it looks like this is the first of 6 different sales videos, which is about the number of weeks until the band’s album comes out on December 6th, so the idea of more Odenkirk videos in the near future is probable.

    This leaves the only remaining question…wasn’t the El Camino the mix between car and pickup truck not a minivan?

    What do you think?