In Case You Missed It: This week we prep for the bowl

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  • In Case You Missed It: This week we prep for the bowl

    Charlie Brown FootballWhat a quick week! Before we got started on things the week wrapped on us. But it’s all in the name of comedy, and dumplings. Maybe our stomachs send us on too many wild goose chases. But you gotta have a muse somehow. Especially this upcoming Super Bowl weekend. I think I might’ve just cost us a few million dollars by putting the words “Super” and “Bowl” next to each other in a sentence.

    And I have some advice for all game attenders this week, please can we keep the photos of your finely crafted cheese bowls, pretzels, snacks, pizza structures sculpted into the shape of a stadium to a minimum on social media? You’re clogging up my feed of funny cat pics.

    So what did we do this week?

  • First off, we’re looking for interns. If you have it in you details are here.
  • Perhaps the most shocking news of the week is that “Weird Al” is, well, still weird. And announcing the Bonnaroo lineup this year.
  • We discovered there is a comedian whose first name is “Bread,” and we’re kinda okay with that.
  • The new show Nikki & Sara Live! premiered this week and we recapped it for you fine folks.
  • We learned that Comedy Central gave Nick Kroll a few loonies to buy a bag of milk and renewed Kroll Show for a second season.
  • Erik Griffin is the best and when you get the chance to hang out with Montez from Workaholics, you do it.
  • After 7 seasons on the air, we said goodbye to 30 Rock in the best way we could possibly think of. It also made us realize that it’s been 7 seasons since Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was on the air.
  • Comedian Adam Clayton-Holland made his stand-up debut on late night television and talked about potential and Connecticut energy.
  • We dove head first into the UCB “Should they pay comedians? Should they not?” and all we really learned is that people have strong opinions on both sides of the subject and we got a headache thinking about it all.
  • We went to a live taping of Gotham Comedy Live which was hosted by Robert Kelly and Jay Oakerson slayed. We also did this.
  • We launched a new feature to keep you on your toes with sketch comedy.
  • We interviewed Joe Sib before SF Sketchfest. That guy is awesome.
  • The gents at NY Tune Saloon did this for us.
  • My Damn Channel wants you to submit new comedy talent.
  • Now that it’s the end of the week, the idea of Adam Levine hosting SNL is fading.
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