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  • Comedians React To Osama Bin Laden’s Death

    Heard any good political jokes lately? Oh we’re sure you have. In times of simultaneous joy and sadness such as this we often find ourselves laughing about things because, well it makes life easier sometimes.

    Last night Twitter EXPLODED last because of President Obama’s announcement that Osama Bin Laden was dead. Everyone had something to say, so in the attempt to become part of the news cycle of one of the biggest pieces of news in the last decade (and for the desire to not talk about the Royal Wedding) here are comedian’s reactions to the news of the death of public enemy #1.

    Adam Carolla
    [blackbirdpie id=65127880249708544]

    Amy Schumer
    [blackbirdpie id=64907447231451136]

    Aziz Ansari
    [blackbirdpie id=65089408805765120]

    Brian Posehn
    [blackbirdpie id=64909336350179328]

    Chris D’Elia
    [blackbirdpie id=64922479663132673]

    David Alan Grier
    [blackbirdpie id=64980872553709568]

    Denis Leary
    [blackbirdpie id=65123776152600576]

    Eddie Ifft
    [blackbirdpie id=64930491937202176]

    Eugene Mirman
    [blackbirdpie id=65068263503171584]

    Jon Fish
    [blackbirdpie id=65040610519814144]

    Lisa Lampanelli
    [blackbirdpie id=65113349637156864]

    Michael Ian Black
    [blackbirdpie id=65035538989723648]

    Mike Epps
    [blackbirdpie id=65119742561763328]

    Mike Birbiglia
    [blackbirdpie id=64937662125056000]

    Myq Kaplan
    [blackbirdpie id=65071961138659328]

    Nate Bargatze
    [blackbirdpie id=64893670578585600]

    Natasha Leggero
    [blackbirdpie id=64917877639233536]

    Ralphie May
    [blackbirdpie id=64957454559084544]

    What do you think?