Conan brings his bold and experimental approach to TV with "Occupy Conan"

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  • Conan brings his bold and experimental approach to TV with “Occupy Conan”

    Occupy ConanThis fantastic episode of Conan was cut and edited together from hundreds of viewer submissions and input. What the genesis and Team CoCo/Conan O’Brien did was release a full episode online and have fans use their imaginations to recreate the segment. The results are amazing.

    If you think you are only going to see a bunch of bad red hair impressions, well, you’re right, yet you are also wrong. This episode includes funny appearances from Tina Fey, Joel McHale, Nick Offerman, Seth Green, Adam Scott, Fred Armisen, Jack McBrayer, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays Conan O’Brien while Jim Rash pulls off a killer Andy Richter!

    “… [we] create this bold, experimental and potentially disorienting show we call, occupy conan.” – Conan O’Brien

    When Conan wraps up his introduction to the unique show, he sums up the entire episode with a quote that  his great grandpa always said… “whatev’s.” This quote also sums up the reason why we love Conan so much. He pushes the limits, involves his fans, finds new avenues to explore comedy all while sticking to his underlining theme… “whatev’s.” Keep going Conan and keep kicking ass Team Coco!

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