How Does Dave Hill Promote A New Book? With A Rock Video Of Course

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  • How Does Dave Hill Promote A New Book? With A Rock Video Of Course

    Years there a band existed called Uptown Sinclair. The band wrote some pretty boss power pop. But perhaps more memorable was their frontman Dave Hill who was very funny with his words and writing. So much that I got ended up on Hill’s mailing list and got funny emails from him for years. All documenting Hill’s journey and hijinks as he worked the improv circuit, wrote for other outlets, and formed/performed with a bunch of new bands.

    Now it turns out the comedian/writer/musician/man about town is releasing his first book, Tasteful Nudes on May 22nd. The book has received “heaps of praise for the book from some pretty neat people like Malcolm Gladwell, Ira Glass, Janeane Garofolo, Andy Richter, and more who all say it’s really funny and they enjoyed it.”

    To celebrate the release, Hill combined his music, comedic, and literary wit into one music video celebrating the album release.

    Tasteful Nudes is a collection of essays from Hill including the following…

    • How Dave accidentally arranged a lunch date with a high-end prostitute or became an unwitting accomplice to the theft of three hundred pounds of meat
    • What it’s like to spend five long hours inside Sing Sing prison with 300 murderers and rapists
    • The highs (and mostly lows) of coming to a party dressed as Santa Claus
    • The simple beauty of losing your innocence to a Japanese toilet
    • The importance of rocking the f@#k out of people
    • Being forced to spend the afternoon posing as a Cleveland police officer when all you really wanted was a sandwich
    • You know—just average, run-of-the-mill stuff.


    What do you think?