Yes, there is a degree available for being the class clown

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  • Yes, there is a degree available for being the class clown

    Columbia CollegeFinally, thanks to Columbia College, and their partner The Second City, it is now possible to get a bachelor degree in comedy writing and performing in the U.S. Don’t go looking else where though, Columbia is the only college offering a degree for being the class clown. Countless jokesters are all rejoicing as they can now study something they enjoy; instead of being worried about which class they can make the most jokes in.

    Classes will focus on comedy writing, management, and preforming the art of comedy in various ways. Most of the classes these students take will be surrounding theater; however they will also spend a semester at The Second City. A famous comedy theater which has been home to many stars such as Joan Rivers, John Belushi, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Chris Farley, and many of others. Needless to say, The Second City seems to be a hotbed for comedians with an endless amount of talent.

    Students will be able to receive a college degree by focusing on joke writing and the business side of being a comedian; and that my friend is a beautiful thing.

    I recently graduated from The University of Alabama, which is known for a phenomenal football program, but I am certainly jealous of this comedy program. Just imagining a place where I could put my class clown tactics to use would have been miraculous! It is certainly an exciting time for comedy and I cannot wait to see what big star comes first from this remarkable program.

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