Donald Glover is developing a new NBC sitcom

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  • Donald Glover is developing a new NBC sitcom

    It’s looking like Donald Glover is working on a fallback plan in case this is indeed the final season of Community. Glover is working with the folks at NBC to develop a sitcom with 30 Rockco-executive producer Matt Hubbard, whom Glover met during his stint as a writer on 30 Rock.

    Word on the street is that NBC has already committed to the project and close to sealing a deal for the pilot which Glover will also star in and have the theme be loosely based on the comedian/rapper/ex-football player turned AC repairman.

    The new sitcom is being developed as a starring vehicle for Glover. NBC is said to be committed to the project, and is close to sealing a deal for a put pilot (with a large penalty fee if it doesn’t move forward) for the show, which would be loosely based on Glover’s life.

    While Glover is still committed Community for this season and any new project will be considered second position considering the show’s anemic ratings, move to Friday nights, and change up of show runners, it can’t be surprising cast members are thinking about projects beyond Community if this does end up being the show’s final season.

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