Donald Glover's departure from 'Community' results in him getting hit in the wienerThe Laugh Button

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  • Donald Glover’s departure from ‘Community’ results in him getting hit in the wiener


    Dick HitsBy this point we all know that Donald Glover will be lessening his role on Community. But that doesn’t mean he’s leaving unscathed.

    As the show returns to tape this season he has to answer to his fellow cast members. As you can see from her vine, Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs released their fury on Glover with a few “D*ck Hits” as punishment.

    The internet is now collectively dropping its jaw and trying to figure out how they can get on the show only to leave to get Jacobs and Brie to place things in the vicinity of their man parts.

    via Alison Brie

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