Doug Stanhope's 'Sh*t Town Comedy Tour' is coming to a crappy town near you

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  • Doug Stanhope’s ‘Sh*t Town Comedy Tour’ is coming to a crappy town near you

    Stanhope Shit Town TourWell, if it ends up being a sh*t show, you cannot say Doug Stahope didn’t warn you.

    The comedian, who has such diehard fans, they’ll probably follow him to the most remote parts of the country to see him. Beginning on Tuesday, September 17th Doug and comedian Junior Stopka are hitting the road, in markets that you might not know, hence the naming of the tour the “Sh*t Town Tour.”* It’s a bit reminiscent of Bill Hicks’ Flying Saucer Tour.

    Stanhope will hit 18 markets in total and set up a fun poll on his website allowing fans to vote on what town on the tour they believe to be the sh*ttiest of towns. What do they win? No clue. Toilet brush perhaps?

    In addition to it being the launch of his new tour. September 17th is the same day as the release of his new special, Beer Hall Putsch. Which he recorded this past April at Dante’s in Portland.

    Shit Town Tour Dates:
    September 17: Dayton, OH – Funny Bone
    September 18: Lexington, KY – Comedy Off Broadway
    September 19: Charleston, WV – The Empty Glass
    September 20: Morgantown, WV – Wits End Comedy Club at Ramada
    September 21: Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club
    September 23: Erie, PA – Jr’s Last Laugh
    September 24: Akron, OH – Vortex
    September 25: Toledo, OH – Funny Bone
    September 26: Lansing, MI – Connxtions Comedy Club
    September 27: Kalamazoo, MI – District Square
    September 28: Muncie, IN – The Valhalla Room
    September 30: Milwaukee, WI – Miramar Theatre
    October 1: Stevens Point, WI – Rookies
    October 2: Eau Claire, WI – Whiskeys
    October 3: Champaign, IL – The High Dive
    October 4: DeKalb, IL – Otto’s
    October 5 & 6: Chicago, IL – Reggies Live
    October 7: Indianapolis, IN – Birdy’s

    *Not all towns on this tour are ‘Shit Towns’ but they worked with the routing.

    What do you think?