Has the E-Trade baby made his last trade?

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  • Has the E-Trade baby made his last trade?

    E-Trade BabyRemember those adorable, yet funny commercials featuring the E-Trade baby? Well, they may be coming to an end. The advertising firm that created the E-Trade ads, Grey New York, no longer deals with the company after a fallout with the company’s chief marketing officer, the New York Post reports.  A lesser known fact about the E-Trade baby is that he is (was?) voiced by comedian Pete Holmes. Holmes has voiced the baby since he was ‘birthed’ into the world six years ago. If you’re a fan of Holmes, or would like to familiarize yourself with his other work, he will have a new talk show launching later this year.

    The good news about the situation is that the advertising firm does not own the rights to the baby: E-Trade does. This means that if E-Trade does move to another firm, they still have the option to keep the baby crawling into their ads. The baby’s fate still hasn’t been commented on by E-Trade, but fans are still hoping for the company to continue the series of successful advertisements.


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