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  • Exclusive: ‘The Jeselnik Offensive’ has been cancelled according to its host


    The Jeselnik OffensiveThis past Saturday night Anthony Jeselnik performed at the New York Comedy Festival. While the comedian delivered some of his usual dark (and sometimes shocking) stand-up comedy in front of an adoring crowd, the biggest audience reaction came when he revealed the future (or lack thereof) of his Comedy Central TV show, The Jeselnik Offensive.

    From the stage, Jeselnik stated that his show had been cancelled and there would be no more episodes. The second season recently ended its run in August. He then got the crowd to jokingly yell “F*ck you Comedy Central!” After the stand-up show ended, Jeselnik had a brief Q&A with the audience, when someone asked about future plans, the comedian stated that he had none in particular with Comedy Central. Joking that his agent probably wouldn’t be happy that he was sharing all of this news.

    So far, there’s been no official confirmation from network, and maybe Jeselnik is messing with us all, we would not put it past him. The show always intended to push boundaries and therefore saw its share of controversy during its 18 episode run. Most notably, fallout from a shark attack bit and a Twitter joke about the Boston Marathon bombings.

    Despite controversy, it might’ve been ratings that ultimately did the show in. It premiered solid, averaging around 1.2M weekly viewers in its first season but by the time the second season ended, those numbers were about 1/2 of that. If we’ve indeed seen the last of the show it would be unfortunate since it was not only one of the most consistently funny shows on TV, each week the inclusion of different and great panel comedians always provided for some really great moments.

    Update: The network confirmed cancellation via The Hollywood Reporter Monday afternoon.

    Update: Anthony speaks.

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