Say 'High' to Doug Benson's new YouTube series

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  • Say ‘High’ to Doug Benson’s new YouTube series

    If there’s one thing we know about Doug Benson, it’s that he loves weed. Deciding to stick with what he knows, Benson has launched a YouTube series called Getting Doug With High (yeah, that’s what it’s called) on the Video Podcast Network (VPN). Each Wednesday, Doug will have a guest on the show and smoke them up. The two wait until 4:20 to toke up, then chat while high. The first guest on the show is Jenny Slate, of Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation and Marcell the Shell with Shoes On fame. Will this be as funny to viewers as it is to Doug and his guest? Time will tell, but at least the initial episode is breezy and informal enough to keep us entertained, and we haven’t smoked a thing.

    What do you think?