Jim Carrey Tweet gets attention from gun enthusiasts

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  • Jim Carrey Tweet gets attention from gun enthusiasts

    It’s a timely tweet during a time of turmoil as the comedic actor Jim Carrey weighs in with his First Amendment right, the right to free speech… or tweet.

    Carrey said something that clearly many people support (and do not support) and that is the need to restrict assault rifles from being easily obtained, if at all. His message ruffled the feathers of many folks which in my opinion, is funny in itself.

    Some writer at Red Alert Politics clearly has too much time on her hands as she wrote about the tweet in painful detail and description. I can see it now, with a glass of cheap Pinot Grigio, sitting next to her desktop monitor, she cries as she writes this depressing response to Carrey’s tweet. At one point she called Carrey’s message a “careless remark… rooted in the shallow, parroted talking points so commonly espoused by liberal elites.” Lady, get outside more often and enjoy life. Well wait, I guess I can’t say much about her as I sit here typing this article with… a cheap glass of Pinot Grigio… on a desktop monitor… crying.

    Regardless, we love the influence that comedians can have in the world with a single Tweet as Carrey’s message has well over 3,400 retweets and more than 1,600 favorites so obviously some folks agree with his point of view. What are your thoughts on the issue? Sound off!



    he’s canadian…


    So that means what? From what I understand, Canadians are just as big gun enthusiasts as we are but they don’t seem to have the same problems. Maybe we can learn something from them?


    Actually he gained American citizenship a while back

    What do you think?