Jim Gaffigan Talks Parenthood On Fallon

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  • Jim Gaffigan Talks Parenthood On Fallon

    Jim Gaffigan just recently welcomed his 4th child into his family. He made an appearance on Late Show with Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about what it’s like having a new baby in the household, “imagine you’re drowning, then someone hands you a baby.” Well, it’s looking like fatherhood hasn’t dulled any of Gaffigan’s edges.

    Gaffigan then got serious and jumped into the charity he’s working for headed up by Snickers candy bars to help Feed America. So to recap, buy candy, feed people. This charity couldn’t be more up Jim Gaffigan’s alley if it were called “Jim Gaffigan likes candy bars while doing charitable work.” Buy a candy bar, visit www.snickers.com and enter your code and Snickers will feed people.


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