Justin Bieber gets off on the wrong foot with 'Lauren' Michaels

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  • Justin Bieber gets off on the wrong foot with “Lauren” Michaels

    Well, I guess it’s a common mistake. “Lauren” should have been spelled “Lorne.” Don’t get me wrong, I’ve misspelled my fair share of names over the years yet this one is a doozie.

    Justin Bieber is hosting tonight’s Saturday Night Liveand he’s been bragging about it to all his followers on Instagram. The teen sensation misspelled the legendary show creator/executive producer’s name as he clearly had no idea. The Bieb should have guessed that Lorne Michaels isn’t spelled like one of his tennie-bopper girlfriends names.

    What can I say though, Lorne is a unique name for a man.

    Will they address it during the show during the opening monologue?

    Will they simply ignore it?

    Who knows. I guess we will have to tune in to see.

    Here are some of the Bieb’s promos for tonight’s show.


    What do you think?