'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' is launching a 'Breaking Bad' spoof in September

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  • ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ is launching a ‘Breaking Bad’ spoof in September

    Joking Bad

    With all the hype circling around Breaking Bad’s final episodes it was only a matter of time until late night hosts like Jimmy Fallon addressed it. An now we have our first signs of that happening. Yesterday, Jimmy Fallon dropped a tweet that had a picture of him and Steve Higgins posing as Breaking Bad main characters. Fallon taking the role of Walter White, while Higgins playing Jesse Pinkman. The picture shows the title “Joking Bad” in replacement of Breaking Bad, with a little note from Fallon saying “This September, tread lightly.” Now the real question is, will Fallon and his crew try to keep up with Breaking Bad’s never ending twists or go on its own path? We’ll have to wait to see.


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