If we don't learn from 'Drunk History,' Drunk History will repeat itself

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  • If we don’t learn from ‘Drunk History,’ Drunk History will repeat itself

    Drunk HistoryAh, history class. So many names, dates and people. Who remembers any of that stuff? Not the people involved in Drunk History, apparently. But it’s probably for the best, as it makes the series all the more entertaining. If you are not familiar, Drunk History is a series created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner, and featured eight short episodes on Funny or Die in which a comedian gets drunk and retells his inebriated version of a historic event, which is then re-enacted by actors. Now, the show is being adapted into a longer format series on Comedy Central.

    The first episode is set to premiere on July 9, but yesterday, Comedy Central released the first episode online, two weeks ahead of schedule. The Funny or Die series featured actors such as Michael Cera, Adam Scott, Zooey Deschenel, and Will Ferrell, and the first episode of the Comedy Central series features Jack Black, Bob Odenkirk, and Dave Grohl. If only history class was this fun (and this drunk).


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