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  • Meeting of musical comedy juggernauts, The Lonely Island meets ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic


    The Lonely Island, Weird AlIn terms of comedy musicians two names quickly come to mind, The Lonely Island and ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic. They’re both crazy talented at creating hilarious music and GQ finally brought them together in their Comedy Issue (in stores now).

    Before the greatest meeting in musical comedy history, (ok, that might be a bit strong, but its not far from true) Lonely Island was busy preparing the release of their new album, planning a tour, and continuing to write more music. However, once they received the call to meet up with Weird Al the guys dropped everything they were doing. “We’ll cancel fu*king everything” Jorma Taccone of Lonely Island said. At the same time Weird Al was relaxing in Hawaii but jumped at the call to meet the Lonely Island guys and flew straight to Los Angeles. Weird Al says he wouldn’t have been able to pass it up. GQ posted some pictures of the musical comedian beasts meeting, as well as a short video. So check it out because if you don’t Weird Al and Lonely Island will quit making music. Ok, they’ll never know if you check it out but you should, it’ll certainly give you a laugh.

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