A lot of people paid to see 44 Year-Old Jennifer Aniston take her clothes off

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  • A lot of people paid to see 44 year-old Jennifer Aniston take her clothes off

    We're The MillersYes it’s true! We’re the Millers surpassed many expectations and landed second in the box office this weekend behind only Elysium. Believe it or not, the Millers made up their entire budget of $37 million in its first weekend alone. But that could definitely be chalked up to Jennifer Aniston’s role as a stripper, or Jason Sudeikis playing a weed dealer, but more likely it’s Aniston. Rotten Tomatoes didn’t seem to agree with the numbers though. They only gave a 42% approval rating even though 81% of its audience enjoyed it.

    Also opening this weekend was Planes, the spin off to the popular animated comedy, Cars. Dane Cook voices Dusty Crophopper, a plane who dreams of one day becoming a successful air racer. Dusty was pretty successful in this weekend’s box office as well as in the sky. Planes made back half of its $50 million budget in its first week and ranked third overall. However, Rotten Tomatoes and its audience did not find it as good as expected. Though a lot of people went to see it, only about half liked it. The Tomato Meter only had Planes at 23%, pretty harsh for an animated kid’s movie starring Dane Cook. It should be noted that the films isn’t a Pixar spinoff, and was originally going straight to video.

    Despicable Me 2 is still in the top 10, even though it dropped from 5 to 9, but that could be attributed to the top 4 all opening this weekend. It still made $76 million in its fourth week, and almost $339 million overall, which brings no doubt to which animated movie was the success of the summer.

    The comedy opening to look forward to next week is Kick Ass 2. It will definitely be interesting to see where it debuts on the charts and what gets knocked off the top 10.

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