Marc Maron Shot A TV Pilot With Ed Asner As His Father

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  • Marc Maron Shot A TV Pilot With Ed Asner As His Father

    Marc Maron has released some details about a new TV pilot via his WTF with Marc Maron podcast today (with guest Amy Poehler). It’s going to be pretty heavily based on his life. On today’s podcast, Maron mentioned he just finished shooting a pilot for the show based on his life as a comedian who, ya know hosts a podcast out of his garage. It’s a stretch but we’re pretty sure Marc has a firm grasp on his character. The best part is probably that the pilot was shot in his house as well. So he’s got a lot happening over at that compound.

    Maron stated that he’s grown from obscurity the last few years because of his podcast netting him this chance to do the show as well as a new book deal and the podcast being added to public radio.

    Another big piece of news is Ed Asner will play Maron’s father on the show. I’m thinking we have a hit here because Ed Asner as Marson’s dad just screams funny. There’s also a great play for many guest stars to show up on the series since they can easily be written in as guests on the podcast.

    Maron didn’t specifically mention if/when/where the show was going to air but he did mention that the pilot also features Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Community) playing himself as a guest. Matt Jones (Breaking Bad), Seth Morris (Funny or Die), Erin Daniels, Aaron Jones and fellow comedians like Angela Trimbur, W. Kumau Bell, and Sean Patton.

    UPDATE: Maron told Punchline that the pilot was shot for Fox TV Studios with the production company being Apostle, run by Denis Leary and Jim Serpico.


    […] A while back comedian/therapist/podcaster Marc Maron inked a deal with IFC to bring a TV show loosely based on his life to the channel. Yesterday, IFC released this teaser trailer for Maron which will make its premiere this spring. We haven’t seen the show yet (yo IFC! Hook that up!) but we’re pretty sure his cats will be featured heavily in the show as well as Ed Asner playing his dad. […]

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