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  • Having a Merry F#%$in’ Christmas with Denis Leary at the Paley Center

    Denis Leary just released a new book, Merry F#%$in’ Christmas. It’s the first book as part of the before-mentioned Comedy Central book division and the book version of Leary’s previously-released CD of the same name.

    The book is picture book-style with expanded lyrics to make it something that you’d probably not want to read to a child come Christmas time.

    Last week during the NY Comedy Festival, Leary sat down with Kate Snow to for a conversation about the book that was then turned into an audience Q&A about the book and Leary’s career. Leary discussed everything from his career doing stand-up, movies, TV shows, as well as his critically-acclaimed TV show Rescue Me which just ended it’s run about a year ago.

    Leary revealed that he’s excited about the idea of family and a desire to be grandfather some day. One of the funnier questions he fielded was from a woman who wondered why he never did any commercials for a shampoo, noting his good mane of hair. Leary revealed that he was never asked but made the correlation that truck commercial voiceover work is the male actor equivalent of female actresses getting the makeup commercial.

    Leary wrapped the evening by signing copies of the new book, talking with fans, and taking pictures. He might seem like a bit of a tough guy on the outside, but knowing the kind of work Leary does for charities and many blue-collar workers out there, we could use a few more tough guys roaming this planet.

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