Nick DiPaolo departs The Nick and Artie Show, Lange going soloThe Laugh Button

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  • Nick DiPaolo departs “The Nick and Artie Show,” Lange going solo


    Artie LangeWith a week of guest hosts on the show last week, rumblings started happening around the world of The Nick and Artie Show that something big was afoot. Speculation ranged all over the place and given comedian Artie Lange’s troubled past, it’s not much of a surprise some thought his health might be part of the story for the nightly radio show hosted by Lange and his comedian friend Nick DiPaolo. Late last night it was announced that Nick DiPolo was leaving the show, according to the show’s Facebook page to “pursue some great opportunities.”

    Rather than end the show, this morning it’s re-branding was announced The Artie Lange Show with Lange handling full duties of the nightly talk show. Lange returns to the air tonight 10pm-1am Eastern where there’s no doubt that a ton of questions will be asked and answered. Tune in via DirectTV or

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    • sadaboutnick

      I can’t believe they screwed up the Nick and Artie Show!!! This was the best radio I have ever heard! These two were perfect together. They made it feel like you were sitting around with them as they talked about what was going on. They have a long history and it was great to hear them tell their stories. These two had the most amazing chemistry of all time! I couldn’t believe how quick witted they both were, but Nick was the all time best. I’m not interested in Artie by himself. He needed Nick and Nick needed Artie. I’ve tried listening to Artie by himself, and it’s just too much of Artie. It’s like having a car with only one gear whereas together, they seemed to be a 5 speed. Very sad. Somebody REALLY screwed up. It was lightning in a bottle, not its just an empty bottle.

      • TheLaughButton

        I don’t think you could say they screwed the show up sounds like Nick wasn’t fired but left.

    • tomk

      Nick kept the show moving with his quick wit. Artie just thinks he’s funny. He’s a wise guy Jabba the hut. He’s a total slob. The show is doomed to fail. Rightfully so!

      • TheLaughButton

        Sometimes I wish Artie was back on The Howard Stern Show.

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    • Al Lewis III

      the death pool on Artie has more people waging he will be 6 feet under in less than 3 months.

      they wanted to change the show and Nick held his ground and said no effin no way and he walked.

      Nick is still getting paid so he will shut up until contract is up.

      it doesnt take a genius to figure out Artie is just another junkie that is one second away from another meltdown.

      if you hear him berating and yelling at the twins, you know he is close to putting a bullitt in his own skull.

      Nick stood by Artie when Artie was at his worst so you know it took alot for Nick to leave the show.

      its just sad unlistenable radio now unless they get another sidekick that will match Artie and bring life to the show before it is truly dead.

      • TheLaughButton

        So wait, you’re saying Nick walked away from a lucrative contract because he can’t stand Artie’s drugged out ways? That seems counter intuitive. Wouldn’t it be Artie they push out?

    • scott

      So far all I’ve heard is that Nick had some republican views that he made known on the show even there wasn’t a political topic and Directv did not like it. If that’s the case I saw fuck Directv. But who really know others than Nick, Artie and Directv.

      • TheLaughButton

        Nick’s always been pretty public with his conservative views so I can’t imagine that not being mentioned before the deal came down. Also, I’d imagine like a NY vs. Boston fan, a liberal vs. conservative makes for good radio.

      • JC

        Isnt DirecTV owned by Rupert Murdoch of News Corp/Fox News? Nick’s right wing views wouldnt have bothered them. If he left because they wouldnt stop the show to get Artie off the H, that would be truly tragic on so many levels and maked me feel dirty that I still listen.

        • dj ez dick

          They just do;
          Fbuffjfirffn. Clem lawsuit but todd ßcnitt

          t get it and keep it copisetic. Deez nuts were made for suckin. And thats what nate dogg will do. Live and let dwight howard die. Love, dj ez dick

    • dj ez dick

      I think chairy from pee wees playhouse could be a perfect replacement given his 7 9ers. Rythmic slapping

    • Ripper Nyght

      I hate the show. The main reason is even though I am not into sports, All I ever hear when I listen to them on the show. Is nothing more then incoherent non sense. I can’t even understand what they are talking about most of the time. Sounds like them and their guests are just sitting there screaming over each other with no real content.

    • dood

      Fuck Nick DiPaolo that greasy, spaghetti sucking, garlic breathed cousin fucking daygo

      • TheLaughButton

        Good to know you don’t harbor any hard feelings there Dood.