Nick Offerman is taping "American Ham" in NYC on March 2nd

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  • Nick Offerman is taping “American Ham” in NYC on March 2nd

    Nick Offerman - American Ham

    Nick Offerman is the embodiment of all that is manly. Whether it be his iconic portrayal of Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks & Recreation or the fact that one could hand the man the log of a tree and he could fashion himself anything out of it from a table, wooden ship, or vessel for roasting flesh; his resume runs down the list of what it is to be man and his exploits have rapidly become legend. Real life Bill Brasky? Probably.

    For my money, Offerman’s recurring Conan sketch where he reads tweets from young female celebrities straight out of his wood shop provided to be one of the greatest late night television moments in 2012. Oh and we must not forget that this happened too.

    To top himself in 2013, Offerman will tape his one-man show American Ham. Though he’s not a stand-up comic (and doesn’t claim to be one) Offereman has hit the road with a one-man comedy and variety show with his wife Megan Mullally over the course of the year. On March 2nd, Offerman will tape the show at NYC’s Town Hall. Tape it for what you ask? It’s not yet 100% sure but we’d like to think it’s going to be turned into a TV special somewhere, which will pretty much be the greatest thing ever.

    Tickets are currently on sale and anyone in the area should pick up tickets post haste. Hopefully Offerman will bring his wood late and fashion us a canoe live on stage as he recites the levels of Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness to us.


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