NYC board approves renaming of a street to "George Carlin Way"

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  • NYC board approves re-naming of a street to “George Carlin Way”

    It’s been a debate for about a year about the status of renaming part of the street on West 121 Street “George Carlin Way” after the legendary comedian who attended school at the Corpus Christi Church located on the street with the comedian growing up a block away. Community Board 9 in Morningside Heights finally passed down the measure by a vote of 24 to 4 yesterday.

    “It’s been a long, hard process. It took more than a year. We finally came to a happy medium,” said board member Carolyn Thompson. Kevin Bartini, a warmup comedian for The Daily Show led the efforts for the street renaming. Bartini stated to the Columbia Spectator, “It’s a huge relief that it went through. I had measured optimism, but then once I gave my address and saw some smiling faces, I felt more optimistic.”

    The opposition came largely from groups who felt a comedian who spent most of his life condemning religion to have his name celebrated and so closely located near a Church. It’s an understandable position yet a bit short sighted as the comedy icon’s contribution to the arts is far more vast than any singular bit or joke.


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