South Park creators are tweaking their season runs moving forward

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  • South Park creators are tweaking their season runs moving forward

    South ParkAs if the profile of Trey Parker and Matt Stone couldn’t get much bigger these days first, with the announcement of the formation to their own studio, Important Studios and today with a profile in the New York Times.

    So what’s there to learn from this profile?

    Well, the duo is on their 4th production of their musical, The Book Of Mormon with one now in th UK. They’re also working on releasing a video game version of South Park but perhaps the biggest piece of news will have an effect on fans of the longtime animated show. To focus on Important Studios and other endeavors that aren’t focused on four foul mouthed friends from Colorado, they’re changing up the seasons of South Park moving forward. The duo stated that instead of the normal 14 episodes per season (7 in the Fall, 7 in the Spring) like they’ve traditionally done they are cutting their season order down to 10 per season and run them entirely in the Fall. The show is already scheduled to air through its 20th season in 2016.

    While they did cite busy schedules as one of the reasons, Stone also cited viewing habits have changed since the show began and the lack of appointment viewing these days allowed for fans to consume the show any way they desire beyond tuning into a timeslot on TV. The profile also continues to break down the duo retained strong ownership of their product and the model they’ve followed most of their career through changing formats of home entertainment.

    What’s not in the article you ask? Well that whole producing a fishing show with Les Claypool and Dean Ween.

    What do you think?