Tom Papa has a dance team, and a new special coming out!

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  • Tom Papa has a dance team, and a new special coming out!

    Tom Papa

    Last Thursday we headed to the Skirball Center in lower Manhattan for the taping of Tom Papa’s upcoming special for Comedy Central. This is the second Papa special directed by Rob Zombie and began with the Tom Papa dance team doing their thing for for five minutes. It seemed a little long but nobody was complaining!

    The man of the hour came out in a purple blazer with a stage set like a 1970’s game show. He opened by stating that he doesn’t like Asian culture and that we don’t either because of tiny edible alligators and cats running the stores in china town while smoking cigarettes.

    The majority of his jokes were about being the father of two girls and how now that they are 6 and 9 years old, he is pretty much in the clear. No longer does he have to take care of them just have fun with them. This way when they are in college, he is remembered for being fun; not a weird guy that tries to make phone calls longer and more awkward. Little known fact, Tom really loves to put his manhood on marble counters and suggests that we all give it a try.

    Tom closed with a story about the time he took his daughter to a church because she wanted to go. They got all dressed up and headed to the house of worship and experience was everything but what the expected. It ended with Tom in tears from laughing and his daughter terrified of anything church related. I guess the bloody guy on the cross, the man in the robe floating through fog and the crypt keeper playing the organ did not go over well.

    The crowd gave Papa  a standing ovation and kept applause going for another 5 minute jig from the Tom Papa dance team. Again, no complaints.

    What do you think?