Trouble with the cops and slapping a guy at Target... all in a weekend for Katt Williams - The Laugh Button

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  • Trouble with the cops and slapping a guy at Target… all in a weekend for Katt Williams

    Reporting that Katt Williams did something crazy is getting pretty damn old these days. It’s like reporting that we all woke up and took a breath of air, or that I get cramps after eating Thai food. Williams’ latest woes have been a series of bad shows all over the West Coast. One of them ended in a class action lawsuit in Alameda and another hitting someone with a bottle in Oakland and other general tomfoolery.

    On Saturday he lead the Sacramento police on a two minute motorbike chase down a busy sidewalk. The police called off the chase after a few minutes not to endanger the public.

    Police said Williams, 39, was spotted by an officer from the California Highway Patrol’s capitol protection section on Sunday driving a three-wheeled Can-Am motorcycle on a sidewalk near the state capitol building in Sacramento, initiating a chase at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. [NY Daily News]

    Then, since he musta felt a bit bulletproff, Williams did what every pimp does and went to Target later that day. While there he layed down his pimp hand and slapped an employee across the face.

    Watching just the video, the conversation doesn’t appear to be very heated, until the slap comes around the 25 second mark. The employee doesn’t retaliate but does pull out his phone which is presumably to call the police.

    What me must keep in mind most happens in the second portion of this clip when we see Williams, in the ultimate pimp of pimpiest moves, takes to a handicapped motorized Target cart and pimps himself on down the road.


    Mark Feigenbutz

    Somebody needs to beat the shit out of this guy.


    Yeah the guy is loosing it. Apparently he’s causing a shitstorm in Seattle as well.

    What do you think?