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  • The internet foretold the prophecy of Justin Bieber hosting Saturday Night Live

    Justin Bieber - LesbianWe’re always looking for the opportunity to write ourselves a good Justin Bieber story aren’t we? Fresh off the scandal of being labeled a pothead, it was announced that the Biebs will host the February 9th edition of Saturday Night Live pulling double duty as host and musical guest.

    Bieber made some half-assed attempt at leaking the story in advance at Twitter but I’m just a bit too tired to really rifle through the guy’s tweets about why he misses Selena Gomez and marriage proposals from 14 year-olds to attempt to find it. You’re just going to have to trust me that it’s there somewhere amongst the puppies and rainbows.

    This Tweet set off a trail of is he/isn’t he debates of webernet people wondering if it was going to happen. Though there will be haters, it does make sense to have the singer on the show from a ratings POV it’s a huge grab. He has appeared on the show in the past, most recently being the 100th Digital Short.

    It also continues a mini trend this season of having musicians hosting the show. Bruno Mars already did it this past October and it was also just announced that Maroon 5/The Voice’s Adam Levine would host the January 26th episode (but not be the musical guest). Read More

    Celebrate the 45th Birthday of “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay” with this Louis C.K., Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock and Seinfeld clip

    Today marks the 45th anniversary of the release of Otis Redding’s classic song “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay”. An artist that I’m very much a fan of. You know who else I’m a fan of? Jokes for starters. So when the news of the anniversary of the song was upon us, I was instantly reminded of this clip from the HBO show Talking Funny which featured Louis C.K., Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld sitting around in a room talking about comedy. The topic came up and everyone just ran with it, which is a great thing. I’m sure Otis would be proud of this clip.

    Your guide to New York City hottest clubs according to Saturday Night Live’s Stefon

    StefonThis place has everything….

    City correspondent Stefon has become a much-loved fixture on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. With much of it due to sharp writing and Bill Hader’s inability to keep a straight face as writer John Mulaney tossing in some last-minute curveballs before Hader goes on the air.

    In addition to his reviews ending up on Yelp, Paste magazine has put together an infographic of the locations around New York City where Sefon’s nightclubs would exist if they were real places.

    So pack up your bag (or human suitcase) and take a walk around the city to find New York’s trendies night clubs. Read More

    Jimmy Kimmel’s timeslot move to 11:35 happens tonight, will compete with Leno and Letterman

    Tonight is when Jimmy Kimmel makes the move to 11:35pm from the 12midnight time slot he’s held for the last 10 years. The highly publicized move is ABC’s attempt to become more competitive in the late night television world and gain the TV viewing habits ot the next generation of late night television watchers by putting a younger Kimmel up against two aging late nighters in Jay Leno and Dave Letterman.

    Last night served as Jimmy’s final show in the midnight timeslot and as they paid homage to the move with this highlight reel recapping some of his proudest moments of the last 10 years.

    So, will you be tuning into Jimmy Kimmel Live over Leno or Letterman?

    The Chicago Tribune thinks it’s okay to be a heckler, here’s why they’re wrong

    Statler and WaldorfA really polarizing story was recently published by The Chicago Tribune that basically was in defense of the heckling of a comedian.

    If you aren’t familiar with the term, “heckling” is when someone in the audience becomes disruptive during the time a comedian is on stage performing. This can range from something as simple as talking amongst your table too loud to being drunk and disorderly and yelling back at the person on stage – disrupting both the comedian/show and and making it awkward for everyone in the room.

    The Tribune article states that heckling is a time-honored tradition and suggests that comedians get better through having to deal with drunken and disorderly people and this provides for a more exciting experience for everyone involved. It also breaks down the different types of hecklers – like happy hecklers (the fan), ones constantly checking phones, drunk, productive (?) hecklers and so on. Categorize them how you’d like, they’re all a bummer.

    While every comedian has their own way of dealing with a heckler including but not limited to trashing on said person until they leave or shut up, asking club security to remove them, to (unfortunately) physical entanglements. Regardless of how a comedian deals with hecklers, it’s pretty safe to say almost all comedians would rather not deal with them and focus on the show. Read More

    Dan Soder on Conan, “I am officially a part of the worst generation of all time”

    Last night Dan Soder made his first-ever late night television appearance as he walked out onto the set of Conan for a five minute spot. In it he broke down both the worst generation of all time and the scariest white people you can encounter. If you aren’t yet familiar with Dan, he’s one of the co-hosts of Robert Kelly’s podcast You Know What Dude!? in addition to performing at a few Laugh Button Live! shows. He’s an all-around great comedian and we’re thinking he’s going to blow up even more in 2013.

    Congrats Dan!

    Enter to win an HBO comedy prize packs with “The Life And Times of Tim,” “Angry Boys,” and “We Can Be Heroes” (contest)

    HBO Prize Pack

    We’re big fans of HBO’s ability to air some really off the wall comedies. Case in point the recent DVD release of Angry Boys and We Can Be Heroes, two great series from the mind of Aussie comedian Chris Lilley in which Lilley portrays every main character in the series.

    Another favorite of ours is the animated series, The Life & Times of Tim which just wrapped up its 3rd (and final) season. Which is unfortunate because TL&TOT featured many great comedians doing voiceover work including Nick Kroll, Mark Maron, Aziz Ansari, Daniel Tosh, and Bob Odenkirk.

    Thanks to HBO, we’re going to give away two prize packs that include all 3 of the DVDs mentioned – Angry Boys, The Life And Times of Tim, and We Can Be Heroes. All you have to do is enter below and we’ll pick two winners from the valid entries. Easy. Get on it. Read More

    There will be a Dayman beer inspired by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Dayman Beer

    If you’ve ever had the desire to hang out in Paddy’s pub with the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast you are going to get your chance. For the California-based Stone Brewing Company announced it’s plans to brew and release a beer themed around the hit FX sitcom.

    The beer, Dayman Coffee IPA is “a collaboration with Illinois-based Two Brothers Brewing Co and Chicago-based Aleman, which is a collective of brewers that originally made the IASIP-themed brew and won a home brewing competition” that owners of Stone Brewing judged. Read More

    That time Bill Cosby went on Fallon and took over the show

    Comedy legend Bill Cosby got the chance to drop by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Friday. Because he’s a frickin’ legend, Cosby pretty much took over the show upon entering the room making it his own, busting on both Fallon and The Roots (who played “dad is great, he gave us the chocolate cake” as his walk on music) and since Cosby and The Roots are all Philly guys they decided to perform a song together as well.

    As if that wasn’t enough Cosby’s TV daughter Tempestt Bledsoe dropped by to promote Guys With Kids (created by Fallon) and got in on the action as much as she could while Cosby continued to make fun of Fallon and just be downright funny. Read More

    Here’s what we’ve learned from the TCA 2013 events thus far

    TCA LogoWe’re currently smack dab in the middle of the TCA’s winter press schedule. What this means is that network people gather in a room in LA and talk about what’s going right and what’s going wrong with their TV shows.

    Though there’s going to be more to report as the days tick away, we combed through the reports and here’s what we’ve learned so far about what’s happening with your favorite sitcoms. Read More