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  • Doug Stanhope raises over $100,000 for Oklahoma tornado victim and fellow Atheist

    Doug StanhopeDoug Stanhope has decided to raise support for Rebecca Vitsmun, who came out to the world as an Atheist after the devastating Oklahoma tornados last week. CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer caught up with Vitsmun, who left her house with her family before the tornado hit. When asked if she “thanked the Lord” after her decision to leave, Blitzer was then hit with the response that Vitsmun stated she is an Atheist.

    Stanhope sent out a tweet saying “it would be funny if someone set up a fund just for her” as a reward and charity for coming out as an Atheist. Stanhope, who is quite vocal about his distaste for religion in his comedy, then decided that he would do just that. Stanhope wanted to show the world that “…our community has your back when you come out publicly as an Atheist.” He went on to say “Let’s show the world that you don’t need to believe in God to have human compassion…”

    Stanhope is also offering some particularly hilarious perks for donating as well. Some of the perks are a prayer from Stanhope himself, a “get out of hell free” card, and a dishwasher-safe Holy Grail with “special powers.” The campaign began with Stanhope’s goal being to raise $50,000 dollars, but the fund has already risen to over $100,000 dollars. Stanhope has no intentions to stop the donations after the goal either revealing that the median cost of a house in OK is $125,250 so he hopes to raise as much as possible and then turn the money over to Vitsmun when the campaign ends on Jun 22nd. Read More

    Eugene Mirman writes crazy monologue for Samuel L. Jackson on Reddit, then the Internet breaks

    Eugene Mirman on ConanSamuel L. Jackson has made a splash Reddit with his own Ask Me Anything (AMA). While answering questions Jackson asked users to write 300 words, and claimed that he would read whichever post got the most “up-votes” in monologue form. To prove that the user was indeed Jackson himself, he posted a photo of himself holding up a sign that said “Hey Reddit- I am a bad muthaphukka.”

    Among the various Reddit users who tried desperately to win this contest, it was comedian Eugene Mirman that claimed victory. After all, who couldn’t up-vote a post that starts with “God, I’m so sleepy. My elbow hurts… I’ve been up for hours trying to literally fill her p*ssy with cream cheese.”

    It seems that Samuel L. Jackson has reached Reddit immortality along with the likes of Snoop Lion for his insane answers during his AMA. Other incredible posts during the AMA consisted of:


    Jackson has also offered a luxury weekend and lunch for one lucky individual that donates to the Alzheimer’s Association.

    Read Mirman’s full winning monologue for Jackson. Read More

    I had to delete it. I can’t speak against the hive mind of Twitter. It’s a crowd.

    “I didn’t hit send on that tweet and and think, ‘Where’s my applause?’ I thought the joke was defensible, but I think people got mad more because I was a celebrity, not a comedian. People know who I am now. I tweeted about Aurora, no one cared.”Anthony Jeselnik to the Dallas Observer about his Boston Marathon tweet last month. Read More

    Myq Kaplan’s ‘Meat Robot’ will be released on June 11th

    Myq KaplanMyq Kaplan is will be releasing his latest special/album Meat Robot on Tuesday, June 11th. The album will be released digitally via Comedy Central Records. This is Kaplan’s third album, following his 2012 sophomore album with comedian Micah Sharman called Please be Seated. His first album, Vegan Mind Meld, was on iTunes’ top ten best-selling comedy albums in 2010. “The Comedians Magazine has described him has a “comedy machine, in the best way possible.”

    Kaplan delivers fast-paced, side-splitting stand up, and touches on tops such as “Open Relationships and Tigers,” “Chuck Norris and Owls,” and “Super Mario and Will Smith.” Kaplan also explains why he loves fake meat names, and how to avoid being axe-murdered. Meat Robot also finds Kaplan delving into his grandmother’s attempts to make grammar funny. If you remember way back to two months ago we actually had the chance to catch up with Myq right before he was headed to Boston to record a new special. It wasn’t Meat Robot, it was for another special. Meaning we’ll get another album from Kaplan this year, and that is never a bad thing.

    You might have seen Kaplan before on the 2010 season of the hit NBC TV show, Last Comic Standing. He made it to the final round; impressing judges with his witty and wickedly smart brand of humor. Kaplan was also on Comedy Central Presents series, as well as The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show, and Conan among other appearances. For more information on Kaplan, visit his website.

    Jim Breuer, Sherri Shepherd, and Tom Papa will kick off new season of ‘Comedy Unbound’ on EPIX, host Twitter chats

    Jim Breuer - EPIXA new summer season of EPIX’s hit show Comedy Unbound will premiere on June 7th. Former Saturday Night Live cast member Jim Breuer will kick the new season off with his one-hour special And Laughter for All. The series will air on Fridays at 10PM. Sherri Shepherd, Tom Papa, and Jim Norton will also be featured players that will debut new specials on Comedy Unbound.

    EPIX will be celebrating the new season by hosting a series of Twitter chats featuring Breuer, Shepherd and Papa. You can find the chats on @EpixHD, staring on June 7th at 12:30 ET. The June 7th chat will feature Breuer, followed by Shepherd on June 20th, and rounding off with Papa on July 26th.

    You will be able to participate in these chats first hand, by logging on at, and joining the chat by tweeting @EpixHD, using #EpixComedy. A special event with Jim Norton is also still in the works. Keep your eyes peeled for more comedy specials from Epix. Read More

    Mike Birbiglia to give ‘My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend’ final hurrah at Carnegie Hall

    Mike Birbiglia, My Girlfriend's BoyfriendMike Birbiglia will give My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend a final hurrah at Carnegie Hall.

    It’s been a few years of writing and rewriting but Birbigs is ready to share it with the world in his final performance of his one man play, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. The show will take a bow on June 2nd. Mike will also be bringing along some special guests, Intrepid Reporter Ira Glass and The Monica Bill Barnes Dance Company.

    Mike discusses the big day, “It feels cathartic to let go of all of this material and Carnegie Hall feels like the perfect place to do it; it’s where I saw my first big comedy show when I moved to New York in 2000. I don’t want to give anything away, but Sunday night might have some surprises.”

    So get excited and get your tickets or as Mike puts it “skip church and join me for the Birbiggest night of my life, and hopefully yours.”

    Get your tickets here. Read More

    2013 Just For Laughs Chicago Comedian Spotlight: Moshe Kasher

    Moshe KasherIn the days leading up to the Just For Laughs Chicago Festival we’ll be shining the spotlight on comedians performing that we dig and hope you like too. Some you might know, some you might not. By the end of all this we hope you will know them all. Dive in.

    Moshe Kasher is kind of a hipster jew comedian, but he wears the title proudly. He caters to the younger kids with his flavor of sarcastic wit and often sardonic comedy. His upbringing feels more like a made for Lifetime movie, which includes being abducted by his own mom, drug use even before he was a teenager, and living in a Hasidic Jewish community. All the life experiences make for amazing and hilarious dark tales.

    Moshe has peformed on Conan, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Chelsea Lately. He’s appeared on Shameless and NBC’s Whitney.  He is currently a writer on NBC’s The New Normal. Read More

    Comedy Central’s ‘Stars Under the Stars’ is coming to Central Park this summer

    Adam DevineIn what’s becoming an annual tradition, Comedy Central will once-again host an evening of stand-up comedy in Central Park. Last year it was Indecision in the Park, this year it will be Comedy Central’s Stars Under The Stars, and it looks to be a night truly full of comedy all-stars.

    The show will bring on stand-up from heavy hitters Adam DeVine (Workaholics), Anthony Jeselnik (The Jeselnik Offensive), Nick Kroll (The Kroll Show), Jeff Ross (The Burn), Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Schumer), and Gabriel Iglesias (Hot & Fluffy) will be hosting the event. This comedy roster is sure to have fans drooling. Now are you ready for it to get even better? Well, the event is totally free. Needless to say there are tons of people excited about the show so get there early! The show starts at 8pm on June 26th.

    More information can be found at the NYC Parks event website. The only thing left is to do now is clear your schedule for a Wednesday evening and get ready to laugh.

    Cool thing to buy this week: Airheads on Blu-Ray

    AirheadsRemember when grunge rock was the bees knees?

    If you do, then you probably recall the cult classic, Airheads which was released this week on Blu-ray format!

    Adam Sandler, Bendan Fraser and Steve Buscemi star as an amateur band known as the Lone Rangers who sneak into a radio station to get their demo some spins on air. When they are refused by the station manager and DJ, they take the station hostage.

    The film is hilarious and comes very early in the title characters careers. Pick it up today for some laughs to cure your Memorial Day hangover! Read More

    Watch video from Robert Kelly, Joe DeRosa and Bill Burr’s ‘Cheat’ book release party

    Last October, The Laugh Button presented the book release party for the Robert Kelly, Joe DeRosa, and Bill Burr book, Cheat: A Man’s Guide to Infidelity. We gathered with a few hundred people for screening of the short film and some stand-up comedians told stand-up and shared their own cheat stories from the book.

    On hand that night was Kelly Fastuca (from Robert Kelly’s YKWD Podcast) and Riotcast TV to document the night and get some interviews from comedians who were performing that night and others who were just around to join in on the fun.

    It took a while to get this clip to you because of that a**hole Hurricane Sandy. The videographer who was on hand that night with Fastuca suffered a series of setbacks from the storm that hit just days after the night. The footage/clips were thought to be lost for a while, but later they were recovered, re-formatted, and put into the hands of a new editor and here we are a few months later bringing it to you. Read More