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  • Kathy Griffin wins the Grammy for best comedy album, Craig Ferguson wins our readers poll

    Kathy Griffin, Craig FergusonIt was a night filled with glitz and glamour as The 56th Grammy Awards entertained the audience once again. The music and speeches were fun yet what we really cared about was the category for “Best Comedy Album.” Bob Saget, Craig Ferguson, Kathy Griffin, Ron White, and Tig Notaro were all nominated for a Grammy this year and we were curious to see who would walk away with that golden record player trophy. The comedic styles of each album were drastically different from one another as it was an interesting mix of comedic powerhouses nominated.

    But the award could only be presented to one winner and that was Kathy Griffin. Her album, Calm Down Gurrl took the prize, an audio version of her Bravo TV special that aired on the channel earlier this year. After being nominated 6 times for the award, Griffin tweeted the following very simple message about taking the top honors. Read More

    This week in comedy: With BJ’s book trailer

    • BJ Novak wrote a book, here’s the trailer. [Youtube]
    • The next season of Veep premieres this April. [Twitter]
    • You can email submissions to Last Comic Standing 8. [The Comic’s Comic]
    • Some behind-the-scenes pictures from Donald Glover’s last episode of Community. [The A.V. Club]
    • Paul F. Tompkins would rather just stay home and watch Pitch Perfect. [Uproxx]

    Read More

    Are ‘The State’ reuniting on @Midnight?

    The StateHere’s something to feed the Friday night Rumor Mill.

    We’ve heard reports from a few sources that this upcoming Monday’s (1/27) edition of Chris Hardwick’s @Midnight will be a reunion of sorts of the 90’s sketch comedy troupe, The State. While not 100% confirmed, it’s not that far a stretch of an idea as Thomas Lennon serves as the show’s executive producer and even played a few rounds of the game on episodes past (unable to win still).

    It seems totally possible. Ben Garant is still running with Lennon as they’re writing partners. Michael Ian Black/Michael Showalter always seems down for a hang. David Wain/Ken Marino work together a decent amount, so they’re a possibility. Kerri Kenny-Silver seems to always show up on something Lennon/Garant are doing. Joe Lo Truglio, well he’s probably the hottest commodity after Brooklyn Nine-Nine winning a Golden Globe.

    Kevin Allison/Todd Holoubek/Michael Patrick Jann – no idea. They’d be the biggest surprise if it happened.

    We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

    UPDATE: According to the @Midnight schedule, Michael Ian Black, Kerri Kenney-Silver, and Michael Showalter are set to appear on the show.

    New Wave Entertainment: Producing great stand-up while producing Grammy nominations

    Bob Saget and Craig FergusonNew Wave Entertainment is a production company based in Los Angeles, you might not be familiar with them by name but you are absolutely familiar with them by what they do. In addition to finishing work in movies, New Wave also produces live tapings for comedians. What comedians you ask? Well in 2013 alone they’ve produced stand-up specials for comedians like Brian Posehn, Mike Birbiglia, Marc Maron, Aziz Ansari, Kathleen Madigan, and Doug Stanhope. New Wave produced comedy specials air everywhere from Comedy Central to Youtube to Netflix. They also have a label arm of the company (New Wave Dynamics) that’s released a lot of these stand-up specials on CD, DVD, and digital formats.

    This year was especially great for New Wave because two of their stand-up releases were singled out for the top honors recorded albums can achieve, the Grammy Award. Both Bob Saget and Craig Ferguson’s New Wave produced and released specials were selected by the Recording Academy in the category of “Best Comedy Album,” and this weekend, they will go head to head with other comedians, Kathy Griffin, Ron White, and Tig Notaro for the top honors.

    New Wave President of Production, Brian Volk-Weiss told The Laugh Button, “I was blown away, absolutely blown away.” When asked about his reaction to learning about the Grammy Nominations. “And then I got scared thinking about my mom saying ‘why not three?’ the next time we spoke.” Volk-Weiss jokingly added. Read More

    Watch Adam Scott’s final ‘The Greatest Event in Television History’

    Last night was the forth and final episode in Adam Scott’s The Greatest Event in Television History TV series. Ya know, that one where he and a bunch of his comedy friends get together and do a shot for shot remake of a classic TV show opening title sequence and [adult swim] airs it? Scott and co have done Simon & Simon, Hart to Hart, Too Close For Comfort, and the final time it’s the opening sequence for the Tom Hanks classic, Bosom Buddies.

    This time around Adam Scott recruited the likes of Paul Rudd, Gillian Jacobs, Aidy Bryant, Mo Collins, June Diane Raphael, Billy Joel, and the one and only Tom Hanks.

    Cool Thing To Buy This Week: Morgan Murphy, ‘Irish Goodbye’

    Morgan Murphy Irish GoodbyeFor those that aren’t familiar, an “Irish Goodbye” is slang for the act of sneaking out of an event, party, or show without saying goodbye to the people there. One minute you’re there and the next you are gone. I’ve also heard this described as the “Southern Sneakout,” and my co-workers and I have also come to calling it “Keysering” after Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects… one minute he’s there and then ‘poof’ he’s gone.

    The reason I bring any of this up is because comedian Morgan Murphy has chosen this phrase as the title of her debut stand-up comedy album that just hit stores this week. Almost alluding that her demeanor is a quiet and sneaky one. Which isn’t that far off. As someone whose had the chance to see Murphy perform stand-up live on more than one occasion she’s unbelievably witty with a deadpan delivery. Think Steven Wright if he were turned up just a notch.

    Murphy’s first target is always herself, but won’t hesitate to bring down everyone from Planned Parenthood to teenage sexters. She’s been performing stand-up since the age of 18 while still in college and landed some early appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and made the late night rounds on other shows as well. Murphy has written for roasts and was one of the original writers for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Her current day job is penning scripts for the CBS hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls and her television writing has earned her Emmy nominations. But it’s her stand-up that’s truly on display on Irish Goodbye which is available digitally via New Wave Dynamics. Read More

    Donald Glover is leaving ‘Community’ tonight, here’s a supercut of his best moments to ease the pain

    Tonight, Donald Glover will end his time on Community. That’s right, no more Troy and Abed in the Morning for us. But all is not lost, as the word on the street is that showrunner Dan Harmon suggested he’ll depart in a great manner. Additionally probably allowing for him to drop in on the show at a later time.

    So let’s relive our favorite Tory Barnes moments with this supercut of Glover’s best Troy moment before he takes off for his year long sailing trip on the Childish Tycoon boat left to him from Pierce. Read More

    That story about Steve Rannazzisi, Ari Shaffir, Bobby Lee, and Natasha Leggero and a fight at The Comedy Store

    The latest episode of the great web series, This Is Not Happening with Ari Shaffir is an epic 4 comedian conversation that Steve Rannazzisi begins to tell the story about how a feud broke out between comedians Bobby Lee and Ari Shaffir while Steve was working the door at The Comedy Store. Ari used to date Natasha Leggero and got more than a little pissed when he found out Bobby’s friend was hitting on her. Things got a bit weird, the feud went on for a few years and all four comedian took to the stage to get in on the story. Though it happened a while ago, it’s a bit obvious that there’s still a bit of anger floating around in the comic’s brains. Hug it out.

    Colin Jost is the new co-anchor of Weekend Update on ‘Saturday Night Live’ replacing Seth Meyers

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a new co-anchor for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. Colin Jost will fill the spot that Seth Meyers will vacate when he leaves SNL next month after the February 1st episode (hosted by Melissa McCarthy) and heads into hosting his own late night show. Jost will co-anchor Update and join Cecily Strong starting on March 1st.

    If you aren’t familiar with Jost, he first joined the writing staff of SNL in 2005 and has been serving as the show’s head writer since 2012. So even if you aren’t familiar with his face, his footprint has been all over SNL for a large part of the last decade. Jost has won three WGA Awards, a Peabody Award and has been nominated for eight Emmys for his work on SNL. He was also the president of The Harvard Lampoon when he attended college at the university. Read More

    Dispatches from the Wyatt Cenac live album taping at Brooklyn’s Union Hall

    Wyatt Cenac Union HallIt’s been several years since Wyatt Cenac released a stand-up album (2011’s Comedy Person). And if there’s one thing to expect from the former Daily Show correspondent, it’s that he’s slightly different from the norm. That’s why his next special, which was recorded yesterday during two shows at Brooklyn’s Union Hall, is going to be released on vinyl. The Laugh Button was there for the first of the two sold-out shows, which were recorded and filmed at the 100-capacity Park Slope venue.

    Seaton Smith opened the show, talking about what he’s told to not say when he’s doing comedy (like “condoms” while doing stand-up at a Catholic university). Definitely a comic to watch, Smith will be on John Mulaney’s forthcoming FOX show. In fact, a decent amount of his short set was about the show, stating that there’s been a “black gold rush” for black friends on sitcoms.

    Even before Cenac took the stage, he interjected a few times during Smith’s set. When he finally took the stage himself, a decent amount of his material was about Brooklyn and the neighborhood surrounding the venue. Growing up at his grandmother’s in Crown Heights, he spoke about how much it’s changed since he moved away, saying the only thing small batch and artisanal you could find in Brooklyn when he lived there was drugs. Now the borough is gentrified to the point of having it’s own mayonnaise store which he said sounds like it’s actually racist against white people. He also contrasted the sports of basketball and hockey, which he called “bleach in the washing machine of diversity.” The show reached its end with a surprising revelation about his father that was poignant, yet still managed to get laughs from the crowd. After taping several promos for the special, the capacity crowd exited into the sub-zero gentrified evening, another sold-out crowd lining the steps for the late show. Read More