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  • Kyle Kinane’s “Whiskey Icarus” premieres November 24th, let’s watch some clips (video)

    Uncle BBQ is going to tell some dumb dumb stories on November 24th. That’s right, gather up Miller Time and The Boss for Kyle Kinane’s first ever hour-long stand-up comedy special Whiskey Icarus will air this Saturday, November 24th on Comedy Central.

    Kinane is the stand-up comedian equivalent of your favorite drunk uncle. Your parents might be worried about you hanging out with him, but 14 year old you has a a total blast with the man. Case in point, preview clips from the special!

    I know what you’re thinking… where do I know this guy? Well eager reader, you might know Kinane as the voice for the bumper ads that run on Comedy Central in between shows. Kinane also hosts a digital series called 30 Seconds Over Washington for the Indecision blog. On the series, Kinane mocks political ads from campaigns past and present. Read More

    The Laugh Button Live! presents Rich Vos and friends on Tonight!

    We’re going to spread some holiday cheer for you this winter! This means another great stand-up comedy show to make you feel all warm and fuzzy in your innards. We’ve asked one of the best comedians working today, Rich Vos to help us put together a show. Vos grabbed some of his friends and now we got ourselves a comedy show! Join us for the last TLB Live! of 2012. Read More

    Center Stage: Andrew Lisa

    Andrew Lisa has an epic beard. Why do we mention this? Well it’s just something else that makes him more manly than us. Lisa walks a button-pushing, cringe humor line. Is it safe for everyone? Probably not. Is it funny? Absolutely.

    Lisa grew up in suburban New Jersey and attended college at Hofstra in New York. He cut his teeth first as a columnist for a local newspaper. He quickly got syndicated through Gannett News Service making him one of the service’s youngest syndicated columnists with his words being published in papers across the country.

    While in New York Lisa wrote/edited sections for the paper amNew York and began to produce a weekly stand-up show in Greenwich Village. Lisa honed his stand-up act in the very New York clubs so many legends of comedy did before him. Read More

    8 things we learned from Chris Tucker’s “Unmasked” SiriusXM interview

    We were privileged enough to get the invite to attend a taping of Chris Tucker’s SiriusXM Unmasked interview. DJ Ron Bennington (of Ron & Fez) sat down with Tucker in the main lobby room for an hour-long Q&A with the comedian. It’s a special occasion since Tucker does very little press and isn’t one to go out often and have conversations with people. so we sat in on the conversation and here are a few things we learned. Read More

    This week in comedy: Wanda Sykes breaks down marriage

    • Wanda Sykes was the guest on Totally Biased and she weighed in on the marriage debate [Youtube]
    • CBS has canceled it’s new sitcom Partners [TV Line]
    • Jamie Foxx is hosting SNL on December 8th [Digital Spy]
    • Stephen Falk the creator of Next Caller sounds off on the sitcom’s cancellation [Stephen Falk]
    • Stand-ups and their salaries [NY Times]
    • Oh no! No Maria Bamford Christmas Target ads this season? [Twitter]
    • Dispatches from the Jerky Boys podcast live at Gotham Comedy Club [Sideshow]
    • The Burn with Jeff Ross gets a second season [The Hollywood Reporter]

    Read More

    Jeremy Renner hosted Saturday Night Live and tried to bring in his Bourne comedy identity (recap)

    We’re back for our big Thanksgiving episode of Saturday Night Live. Well, that’s what we thought before it aired. It turns out there wasn’t mention of the holiday at all. Which is kinda silly since we remember some classic SNL Thanksgiving sketches. Turns out, they wrote one but got cut after the dress rehearsal which is kind of a bummer because this was a bit better than some other sketches that actually aired.

    So, how did Jeremy Renner do as hist first time host of the night? Like other first timer earlier this year Daniel Craig we had ourselves an action star that doesn’t have much of a comedy background so headed into last night. We’d either be pleasantly surprised, or it could be a long night.

    The surprise of the night was during the monologue which we learned that Renner could actually sing. He did find himself with a bit of technical issues once he sat down at the piano but he managed to get by with a few awkward laughs and general good-sportedness about the situation. Hopefully it wasn’t a sign of bad things to come and Renner would be able to shake the jitters. Let’s break it down. Read More

    In Case You Missed It, this week we commuted…a lot

    Welcome to In Case You Missed it, where we recap what happened around these parts pulling in stories, events, and a lot of eff ups from around The Laugh Button’s website, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

    Speaking of which if you aren’t follow them and sign up for our email newsletter. ‘Cause there is a hell of a lot of things happening.

    The week of worst commutes into work ever has wrapped. So here’s what you missed if you happen to be sitting in traffic for 3 random hours. Read More

    Dropping in on Patton Oswalt at the NY Comedy Festival

    Patton Oswalt took the stage at Town Hall Friday night for one of his many New York Comedy Festival performances. His set consisted of mainly new material which he’s prepping for the recording and release sometime in 2013 so register that piece of news in your brain. While taking a break in the middle of his act to talk about the recent elect.

    While we’re not going to spoil any of his new material there’s some killer stuff about her young daughter getting a bit racist, how he’s blissfully and peacefully suicidal, looking at Lean Cuisine while listening to Toto’s song “Africa,” and his fitness goal of not being in a rascal scooter by the time his daughter graduates high school.

    Towards the end of the set, Patton stated that he still has a couple more jokes in the process of being fleshed out. So with the remaining time he did a bit of comedy on demand and let the audience to shout out and ask him to perform bits from his catalog. As I yelled for “The Ham Incident,” many were yelling for the likes of “The Vomit Bag” and “The Parking Ticket.” In lieu of the upcoming holidays and the location, he ended up performing “Christmas Shoes” and “The Horror of New York City.”