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  • Watch the trailer for Natasha Leggero’s new talk show, ‘Tubbin’ with Tash’

    The terrifically awesome Natasha Leggero will premiere a new web talk show on Youtube’s Comedy Channel JASH this October 2nd. What does this mean for us? It means every Wednesday Leggero will spend some time with other comedians and celebs in a hot tub as Moshe Kasher acts as her sidekick while making use of speedos. From the trailer you can catch the likes of Fred Armisen, Tig Notaro, Kumail Nanjiani, Reggie Watts, Chelsea Peretti, Jeff Ross, Nick Thune, Garfunkel and Oates, Eric Andre, “Weird” Al Yankovic, Chelsea Handler, and Tom Lennon hanging out in their bathing suits.

    This Week In Comedy: Labor Day edition

    • Hannibal Buress tries to buy Al Madrigal’s Joke. [Funny Or Die]
    • 72 Hours at the Vancouver Comedy Festival Marc Maron, Matt Braunger, and Brendon Walsh. [Serial Optimist]
    • 15 comedians with Ivy League pedigrees. [Laughspin]
    • Joe Rogan provides commentary on Miley Cyrus VMA appearance. [Youtube]
    • 10 greatest things to happen on TV this summer. [THR Feed]
    • This Is The End is coming back to theaters. [Slash Film]
    • Casey Wilson gets a little Ass Backwards. [Youtube]
    • 13 Past SNL writers that would’ve made great cast members. [Splitsider]

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    Off the Vine: Curtis Lepore, Tyler Crocker, Sunny Mabrey, Nick Spears

    Off The Vine is The Laugh Button’s weekly dive into the world of social media. Each week we round up some of the funniest people and videos from the popular social App Vine which allows people to create 6 second videos and share via Twitter. Here’s what we unearthed this week. Read More

    Laughing at Last Week, August 30th: “Grandpa Bob” talks VMAs

    This week “Grandpa Bob” pays us a visit and shares his thoughts on the VMAs. Also, Phil talks about a nosy woman, a Lego iPhone case, and even mentions a dog that gave blood to save a cats life. Simply, heart warming. Last but certainly not least, Laughing at Last Week becomes legit thanks to Blue Microphones for supplying us with a awesome mic.

    Jay Pharoah parodies Kanye West with ‘I Am a Dog’

    While Kanye West‘s “I am a God” was one of the high points of Yeezus (mainly because of the instantly quotable “hurry up with my damn croissants” line), the song was ripe for parody. Before Weird Al Yankoic could get to it, Saturday Night Live‘s Jay Pharoah has covered the song as “I Am a Dog.” In the short parody, he throws in lines like “hurry up let me out the garage” and “I’m the shih tzu” while chasing a mailman and dragging his ass across the floor. If you’re expecting much from the parody, you might be barking up the wrong tree, but Pharoah might want to stay away from Michael Vick. Read More

    Bill Murray’s ‘Letterman’ appearance was one for the ages

    When David Letterman did his first show back in 1982, his first guest was Bill Murray. When he went to CBS in 1993 for The Late Show, his first guest was, once again, Bill Murray. Currently celebrating his 20th anniversary of the show being on CBS, who else would Letterman have by last night but… Liberace? No, actually it was Murray, dressed as the flamboyant pianist,and he made one of the biggest entries in show history. The actor was pushed onstage in a Rolls Royce, and exited the limo with a dog. He also unveiled a billboard, retrieved a time capsule from 1993 with the aid of a pickaxe and jackhammer, showed a clip of himself with late Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Carey, and serenaded Letterman with the #1 song from 20 years ago, a Dolly Parton song made popular by Whitney Houston. He even found some time to talk about his next several films, The Monuments Men and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

    Dave Chappelle reportedly has onstage meltdown in Hartford [UPDATED]

    Although the Dave Chappelle-headlined Funny or Die Oddball Festival is only four dates old, it ran into some trouble tonight in Hartford. According to an audience member that was at the show, after performing for about 10 minutes, Chappelle stopped his routine, claiming that people in front were making too much noise. For the next 25 minutes, he sat on a stool, smoking, reading a book and making idle chat until he fulfilled his time allotment.

    A check on Twitter reveals some disgruntled comedy fans. The caption to the above photo on Instagram reads “That’s Dave chappelle walking off stage after the Hartford crowd ruined the show and he left us without a show…”

    Below are some tweets from concertgoers: Read More

    Book review: Marc Maron ‘Attempting Normal’

    Marc Maron wants to connect the dots of his life, little or big instances that stick out to him and reference one another. I think for the most part we all do. Some are more obsessive about it than others. It’s likely that people who aren’t religious or spiritual are more inclined to this process of analyzing life in order to “make sense of it all.” I agree with Maron: life, more specifically his life, is not merely a random set of coincidences. Life is literary because literature is drawn from life, and so be it that Maron makes literature out of his life. I suppose that this is the goal of all memoirs, when it comes down to it. He draws from anecdotes not only immortalized through his albums and specials, but also from segments and interviews of his podcast. These are the dots he connects.

    Of course, connecting the dots is a selfish act, as nobody really benefits from it besides you. “I guess I’m selfish,” charmingly enough, is the final line to Maron’s expansive effort to connect points of his life to one another, Attempting Normal. So aptly named, the books two dividing points are entitled “Attempting” and “Normal.” “Attempting” describes periods of his life marked by excessive drug use, run-ins with prostitutes, and other struggles that ended his marriages. “Normal” describes recent things he’s learned about his mother, why he hates Whole Foods, and talking to his current girlfriend about having children together. Outside of three “near death” experiences, this is Maron turning over a new page. The problem with Maron’s memoir arises because it would seem he never really achieves normality. Rather, he has found his place in the world of comedy, but he has not found peace with much of the world around him.

    This memoir culminates with a moment where the comedian finally examines his life so far to reach some sort of conclusion. The conclusion being his keynote address at the 2011 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, what he sees as a turning point in his career. This is the end of the story for now, another connecting of the dots. It’s what he does with every episode of his podcast, his new IFC show, and his latest record. He’s doing none of it for you, or anyone else who may be listening. He’s certainly not doing it for an industry he playfully mocks. He’s not doing it for any of his ex wives. Read More

    Oderus Urungus’ Favorite Sketch: Monty Python’s Flying Circus, “The Undertaker”

    If you’ve ever seen their over-the-top, blood and semen-packed live show, then you know that GWAR has a sick sense of humor. So where did the immortal scumdogs get their absurd wit from? Well according to the mighty Oderus Urungus, you can thank Monty Python’s Flying Circus. “Monty Python was one of the first things we looked at when were defrosted from our Antarctic slumber,” Oderus told us recently. “If it hadn’t been for the immediate influence of Monty Python, I don’t think GWAR would’ve been anywhere near as humorous as we are.” When asked to name his favorite Monty Python skit, Oderus quickly picked “The Undertaker.” Why? Well as Oderus explained, “It goes along with GWAR because of its morbid sense of humor, and the fact that [in the sketch] a man has his dead mom in a sack and ends up eating her.” Watch the Monty Python classic above, and remember to pick up a copy of GWAR’s new album Battle Maximus on September 17.

    Mike Lawrence helps The Creek and The Cave celebrate 11th anniversary

    New York City comedy club The Creek and The Cave will be celebrating their 11th anniversary this coming Saturday (31), and they’ve invited comedian and Creek regular Mike Lawrence to deliver the keynote address for their second annual awards ceremony. Lawrence, whose debut album Sadamantium was released this year, is not sad about it. “I wouldn’t be a success if it wasn’t for the Creek letting me have a fun place to fail for years,” he commented.

    “Watching Mike’s career unfold has been an absolute pleasure,” club owner Rebecca Trent says. “No one has a clearer point of view or a stronger work ethic. I can’t think of anyone more appropriate to address this community.” The awards will be hosted by Mark Normand and Nick Turner, and photographer Mindy Tucker will be premieringher installation of portraits of comedians that have played in New York in the past year. The Creek and The Cave opened in 2002 as a live venue and DJ club, but by the end of 2007, the space became a full-on comedy club.