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  • Party Time! ‘Wayne’s World’ cast and creators reunited

    Wayne's World ReunionAfter 21 years and public feuds, the cast and creators of Wayne’s World reunited for a special panel discussion.

    On April 23rd, The Academy presented a special screening of Wayne’s World at the Same Goldwyn Theater in Beverley Hills. Prior to the screening, executive producer and Academy President Hawk Koch hosted a Q&A session with Mike Myers, Lorne Michaels, Dana Carvey, Rob Lowe, and director Penelope Spheeris.

    The gathering was a rare event as rumors have spread over the years about feuds between the crew. Mike and Dana had a falling out after Mike allegedly stole the Dr. Evil character/voice from Dana. Mike was reportedly overbearing in the editing room with Spheeris, which supposedly led to Wayne’s World 2 being directed by Stephen Surjik. Whatever the truth is behind the rumors, the crew seemed like old friends catching up on nostalgic times.

    The panel discussed the creation of the original Wayne’s World sketch, casting, and the use of Queen’s “Boheman Rhapsody” in the movie’s introduction. Read More

    My Favorite Sketch: The Tenderloins ‘The Little Slutty Mermaid’


    You may know them as the guys from Tru TV’s Impractical Jokers. Way before that though, these four high school friends from Staten Island (Sal Vulcano, James Murray, Joe Gatto and Brian Quinn) formed the comedy troupe The Tenderloins. While they still perform live together and post a podcast episode here and there, their focus has been primarily on the TV show. But if you browse their YouTube page, you’ll find some sketch gold like “The Little Slutty Mermaid.” If you ever wondered how four average Joes would react to seeing a hot mermaid in their pool, then watch the skit above.

    If you have a favorite sketch that we should check out, tell us about it in the comments.

    What you need to know about IFC’s ‘Maron’


    Veteran stand-up comedian and podcasting guru Marc Maron is taking his unique brand of humor to IFC this May with his single-camera sitcom, Maron. Created by and starring the comedian himself, the show revolves around his real life and his “day-to-day struggle to maintain relationships other than the ones with his podcast audience and his beloved trio of cats.” The ten episode season comes packed with a bevy of cameos from Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza, Jeff Garlin, Mark Duplass, Bobcat Goldthwait, Denis Leary, Dave Foley, and more. With the premiere episode just a few days away, we were able to get an inside scoop on the making of show from the man himself, Marc Maron. Read More

    A Louis C.K. video parody goes viral

    It’s been said hundreds of times in the past year: Louis C.K. is at the peak of his comedy career and nothing can stop him.

    While I’m sure the view from the top looks pretty great, being the face of stand-up comedy opens one up to criticism and daily scrutiny.  And yes, sometimes even parody.

    Comedian, Impressionist, and Lawyer (yes, lawyer) J-L Cauvin recently posted a YouTube video satirizing C.K.’s stand-up style titled, Louis C.K. Tells the Classics.  Posted on April 23, the video already has over 100,000 views.  The parody finds Cauvin doing a spot-on C.K. impression (make up and all) retelling classic jokes like “Why did the chicken cross the road”, “Why is 6 afraid of 7?”, and even a knock-knock joke.  It plays on the common criticism of C.K. that his jokes are just over analyzed observations of everyday mundane occurrences.  But then again isn’t that comedy is all bout?  Isn’t that why C.K. is hailed as the greatest comic in stand-up right now? It’s his ability to provoke new thoughts and perspectives on social routines that make C.K. so great.

    I’m sure somewhere out there Louie is having one big laugh.

    Jimmy Kimmel toasts the TIME Most Influential People dinner (video)

    When TIME Magazine released its list of 100 most influential people including comedians. Well just the other day many of the people on the list were rallied for a dinner in which Jimmy Kimmel, flanked by his future competition handled the toast with the upmost respect in that take a shot at someone in the room then take a shot of his own. Boom! If he wasn’t a bit tipsy before his speech, he’s clearly going to be there in the very near future, downing about 5 drinks in 4 minutes.

    While on topic, doesn’t watching this clip make you excited about the upcoming competition between Kimmel and Fallon? Watching two dudes who are clearly friends and respect each other could make for some interesting late night hijinks beyond tossing barbs at each other.

    Saturday Night Live is putting it’s entire archives on Yahoo!

    Herlihy BoyIn case you need to get a fix of Sprockets, Matt Foley, or the Hurlihy Boy you can now do it all in one place. For it’s been announced that late night sketch show institution Saturday Night Live is putting its entire archive (38 seasons and counting) online on Yahoo!’s servers.

    The search engine’s CEO Marissa Meyer said in a statement that the partnership will give Yahoo! users exclusive control to all seasons as well as clips from the current season and behind-the-scenes footage and “select” musical performance. The press release states that Yahoo! will build out a digital hub for all things SNL. Yahoo! will begin to air the clips beginning September 1st. Read More

    Recess with The Laugh Button: Big Jay Oakerson

    One of our most exciting moments of our heading to Texas and putting on a Nasty Show was the chance to get the one and only Big Jay Oakerson to be a part of the fun. We were also psyched about Oakerson stopping by Recess Arcade Bar and taping an installment of Recess with The Laugh Button with us. Here’s how it went down.

    New ‘Arrested Development’ poster stills are here and they are awesome

    Today, new poster stills were released for the 4th and Netflix season revival of Arrested Development. May 26th can’t come fast enough! Also, can we please get a trailer already? [Update: Oh shit! Yeah!]

    Read More

    Cool thing to buy this week: Steve Martin & Edie Brickell ‘Love Has Come For You’

    Steve Martin Edie BrickellSteve Martin continues to succeed at being a very accomplished and overall awesome dude!

    Not only is he a comedian, actor, author and playwright, he is now a Grammy-winning and boundary pushing banjoist and songwriter. Love Has Come for You is Martin’s third studio album and this time he teams up with his fellow Texas native, Edie Brickell known from her solo career that started after fronting the New Bohemians in the late 80s. The album includes 13 very impressive compositions that perfectly combine Brickell’s heart-tugging vocals with Martin’s expressive banjo work.

    From long time bluegrass fans to those new to the genre, this is an album that anyone can enjoy. So go pick it up! You won’t regret it. Read More

    The cast of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ hits the road

    Bob's BurgersThe Bob’s Burgers crew is coming to a town near you!

    Bob’s Burger’s Live!, the series’ first-ever comedy tour, will make stops in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco from May 6-11. The tour will play like one big variety show bringing the cast and creators on stage for a blend of stand-up comedy, fan Q&As, Bob’s Burgers table reads, and sneak peeks of upcoming episodes.

    The tour will feature voice cast Jon Benjamin (Bob Belcher, Archer), Kristen Schaal (Louise Belcher, 30 Rock, Flight of Conchords), Eugene Mirman (Gene Belcher, DelocatedFlight of the Conchords), Jon Roberts (Linda Belcher), Dan Mintz (Tina Belcher), Larry Murphy (Teddy) and Loren Bouchard, the show’s creator and executive producer.

    All the cities, dates, and ticket links can be found here.  Tickets are on sale now! You don’t not want to miss this rare event of comedic talent.

    Bob’s Burgers airs every Sunday night at 8:30 EDT on FOX.