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  • A Few Thoughts On The Latest Joke Controversy, Daniel Tosh Edition

    Daniel Tosh has found himself in a bit of hot water, and for all the wrong reasons. Here we go again.

    The comedian was recently on stage at The Laugh Factory where he got on the subject of trying to make fun of evil things in the world like gang rape, an anonymous and offended participant in the crowd felt it was her place to speak her mind rather than realize she’s watching a comedian tell jokes. Read More

    Enter to Win ComicPro Passes to Just For Laughs Montreal

    The Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal is easily the largest comedy festival in the world, and this year the festival celebrates its 30 year anniversary. The festival is offering up the chance for comedy fans to gain entrance to some of the best panels, podcasts, and showcases of the fest with their ComicPro passes. We’re giving away a pair of ComicPro passes that will allow you and a friend access to the action. All you have to do is enter your info below and you are halfway there. We’ll pick a winner in a week and they’ll be on their way. Read More

    Your Guide To Comedy At Comic-Con 2012

    It’s that time of the year again: The San Diego Comic-Con is only days away now, and hopefully you scored your tickets already because the event that brought a total of 125,000 visitors to California last year has been sold out for quite a while now. Apart from the usual fan favorites, you should definitely check out these comedy panels at this year’s geek galore. For this very purpose, we compiled a list of the laughs you should not miss out on throughout these four unforgettable days in sunny San Diego. Read More

    Review: Lee Camp “Pepper Spray The Tears Away”

    Lee Camp is a pretty angry man. But not in a Lewis Black-type of crotchety old man. More like a Howard Beale, run-to-your-window-and-yell-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-type of guy. Camp has endless rants about taking on big business and sticking up for the little guy.

    If you are a follower of his Moment Of Clarity video podcast you’re probably familiar with his style and nature already. In fact, I’d rekon along with like-minded comedian Jamie Kilstein, Camp comes across as the unhinged ID of the “Occupy” movement.

    Camp opens up Pepper Spray The Tears Away shot out of a cannon! In fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t take an inhaling gasp until the the album’s third track (about 7 minutes if we’re counting). There’s no setup punchlines. Read More

    This Week In Comedy: Hug Your Jokes

    • In his Vulture profile, Marc Maron is compared to being a therapist for comedians [Vulture]
    • R.I.P. Ernest Borgnine, here’s your hands-down funniest moment [Youtube]
    • It’s Casey Wilson’s turn to make music with Reggie Watts [Uproxx]
    • Chris Rock makes joke about 4th of July on Twitter. People forget that’s what comedians do and freak out. [ABC News]
    • John Oliver’s Stand-Up NY is returning in a two weeks [Comedy Central Tumblr]

    Read More

    Matt Braunger Shows Off His Shovel Fighting Skills July 17th

    In addition to being one of the top comedian sidekicks on TV Matt Braunger will premiere his one-hour stand-up special, Shovel Fighter next weekend (July 14th) on Comedy Central. It’s Braunger’s first hour special and follows up his tremendous 2009 album, Soak Up The Night.

    A few days after the special premieres on Comedy Central, it will be available in stores on July 17th as both a digital CD or DVD. Two different ways to sooth your comedy needs away.

    By the way Matt, what the heck is a shovel fighter exactly? I guess we’ll have to check out the special to find out. Check out some previews!

    Listen To Tina Fey Rap On Childish Gambino’s New Mixtape

    Today, Donald Glover released a free mixtape as his rap Altar-Ego Childish Gambino. The album has names of some of rap’s royalty like members of the Wu-Tang Clan the RZA and Ghostface Killah. Hell, there’s even a few drop-ins from the great white hope himself, Beck. But perhaps the most interesting guest rapper is the one and only, Tina Fey!

    Fey raps the final bars on the album’s last track, “Real Estate.” While she’d probably be the first to admit she’s not going to leave her day job for a rap career, she does manage to drop a few great lines and well-placed curses. Read More

    Details About Rick Newman’s New Comedy Theatre In Manhattan

    Rick Newman, the man responsible for Catch A Rising Star, which he opened in Manhattan at the end of 1972, has been a good friend of mine for many years, and he gave me this inside scoop which I will share with you Laugh Button readers.

    Rick and his partner, Peter Martin, have undertaken a complete overhaul of what was The Triad Theatre on West 72nd Street, (which has been owned by Martin for the last 16 years), to come up with a place “non pareil” in New York nightlife, (in other words, that can not be compared to, for you non-linguists), which will tentatively be called “Variety 72 Theatre.” Read More

    Kenny Powers On “Eastbound & Down” Renewal For A Forth Season

    News broke this weekend that Eastbound & Down was renewed by HBO for a 4th season. It’s awesome news for any fan because it means more Kenny Powers in our life. The problem is this… it’s been long-rumored and though (by pretty much everyone) that the show’s 3rd season would be its last. Hell! The show’s writer’s even must’ve thought so since the ending on the most recent season put a nice bow on the character of Kenny and the show. Read More