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  • IFC released a teaser trailer for Marc Maron’s new TV show (video)

    A while back comedian/therapist/podcaster Marc Maron inked a deal with IFC to bring a TV show loosely based on his life to the channel. Yesterday, IFC released this teaser trailer for Maron which will make its premiere this spring. We haven’t seen the show yet (yo IFC! Hook that up!) but we’re pretty sure his cats will be featured heavily in the show as well as Ed Asner playing his dad.

    Cool thing to buy this week: Eugene Mirman “An Evening of Comedy In a Fake Underground Laboratory”

    An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground LaboratoryEugene Mirman just released his new Comedy Central CD/DVD, An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory.

    Known as the voice of “Gene Belcher” in the animated comedy Bob’s Burgers, Eugene has always been involved in one form or another of comedy. Eugene has also been recognized in other shows such as HBO’s Flight of the Conchords as well as [adult swim]’s Delocated and Home Movies.

    Eugene was named Best New York City Comedian by the Village Voice, one of the “50 Funniest” by Time Out New York and one of the ten best comedians of the last decade by Paste Magazine.

    He is also named by Rolling Stone as a “Hot Twitterer” because of the 238k followers he amuses daily. Eugene created the funny self-help book The Will to Whatevs: A Guide to Modern Life and was a pioneer of the weekly comedy variety show “Pretty Good Friends” which sells out most every Sunday at Union Hall in Brooklyn. Read More

    The Top 5 funniest Super Bowl commercials (possibly the only ones)

    Walking Dead Super Bowl AdThe debate rages on and on. What were your favorite commercials from the big game last night? Super Bowl ads are usually broken down into a few categories – “Kids,” “Animals doing human-like things,” “Men being buffoons,” “Serious,” and “‘Merica!”

    While we’re glad the trend of penis pill ads has slowed there was a noticeably smaller amount of funny ads last night. Budweiser is usually good for a few chuckles but instead opted to plug some Hipster/craft beer. Many car commercials got serious. And there weren’t any monkeys. Oh yeah, and CBS took every opportunity it had to tell us they were the #1 national network, that was nice of them. Read More

    The Whitest Kids U’ Know announce US tour

    The Whitest Kids U' KnowTV-sketch heroes, The Whitest Kids U’ Know, will be stepping away from the camera to bring their sardonic flavor of comedy to the live stage.

    Championed for their edgy and hilarious commentary on complacent suburbia, the New York City comedy troupe will be performing at various theatres around the country. While only East Coast dates are available for purchase right now, the troupe plans to add Midwest, South, and West Coast dates according to their website.

    The Whitest Kids U’ Know camp have been relatively quiet since their IFC series finale in 2011 and their feature film, “The Civil War on Drugs,” set in the Civil War era which is pretty much about a homeless kid trying to get Abe Lincoln to legalize weed. But we’ve been hearing rumblings of more and more activities happening from the crew lately so expect more of news as the year progresses. Read More

    Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Super Bowl commercial only seen in one market (video)

    Were you one of the few lucky viewers to see the exclusive Super Bowl commercial with Will Ferrell this weekend? As he did last year, the comedian filmed and had an Old Milwaukee commercial shown in one very small TV market. Making for some Monday morning viral video fun.

    We love the manly Will when he has a full mustache and makes out with foreign ladies.

    Russell Brand will return to the radio airwaves

    Russell BrandThe London XFM studios will be getting a good taste of Russell Brand as he returns to the station where he started his radio career. Joining forces with Noel Gallagher and the two will release a series of shows from March 19th to 24th. The week of shows are also before a series of concerts he organized in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

    Brand began his radio career at XFM in 2002 yet was fired for what was allegedly pornographic material live on-air. The team also included producer Matt Morgan and has been off the air for seven years. Russell is said to miss radio and is excited to get back together with his old team.

    Brand returned in a similar fashion before and if you’re worried that you won’t see enough of the man on US airwaves, you musta missed the news that his late night TV show, Brand X will go through it’s 3rd revamp, expanding to an hour-long talk show and will now air live on FX beginning February 7th.

    Long Live Liz Lemon and her Ben & Jerry’s yogurt

    Liz Lemon B&JIt’s a sweet ending to a fun run for the cast of 30 Rock as promised Ben & Jerry’s revealed their newest flavor in honor of Tina Fey’s lead character, “Liz Lemon Greek Yogurt.” The surprise was shared at a 30 Rock party in New York City.

    The new flavor is lemon with a blueberry lavender swirl through each batch. The flavor will become available throughout New York City and nation over the next few weeks.

    30 Rock has been nominated for 22 Emmys as its final episode aired last Thursday night.

    This is not the first time Ben & Jerry’s created a flavor for a 30 Rock actor. In 2012 they released a Schweddy Balls flavor in tribute to the skit played by Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live. This batch of ice cream was vanilla flavored with fudge and rum-covered maltballs…baller!

    How to craft a good joke, from one of the masters, Jerry Seinfeld

    If you claim to be a writer or have never picked up a pen in your life, everyone can learn something new from the comedic powerhouse Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld, was interviewed by The New York Times about how he crafts his jokes and the strategies he uses to formulates his ideas.

    Spoiler Alert: Jerry brings out a joke he’s been crafting for two years and shows us the specific tactics he used to make his Pop Tart routine work. Typically, Jerry can create material in two days which is more the reason why it makes this two year joke that much more special to hear.

    As he explains, he feels the comedy writing scene is somewhat of a secretive society that not many people talk about and for this, we couldn’t agree more. Here are ten pieces of advice about comedy writing explained by master Jerry Seinfeld. Read More