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  • Watch Andy Samberg Make A Speech At Harvard

    Andy Samberg was the guest speaker at Harvard’s Class Day. Class Day is not the formal graduation for the college, as it appears to just be a time for some good speeches.

    Without giving away much of Samberg’s speech, he seems to have appeared under false pretense thinking he was the recipient of an honorary degree. This led to a few barbs at the dean between a few impressions by his most famous Saturday Night Live characters Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Wahlberg, and Nicholas Cage.

    The speech is about 20 minutes long, but there are shittier ways to spend the 20 minutes.

    College Newspaper Responds To Joke In Hannibal Buress Special

    On Hannibal Buress’ new stand-up special Animal Furnace the comedian goes on a lengthy joke about a college gig he performed at Eastern Illinois University a few years back. To advance the show, Buress performed an interview with the school’s newspaper, The Daily Eastern News. The resulting article became fodder for the comedian to mock because of it’s apparent poor construction, revealing of Buress’ fee, and weird ties to racial diversity. Read More