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  • The Comedy Cellar at the Village Underground soft opens this weekend

    Comedy Cellar Village UndergroundLast fall we produced the Cheat book release part at the Comedy Cellar at The Village Underground. It was the first look we got of the Comedy Cellar’s plans to open a bigger stand-up space as the room is larger than the cellar yet the goal is to have the comedian-friendly vibe of the Cellar itself.

    The new room, officially called The Comedy Cellar at The Village Underground will host a soft open this weekend. Located right around the corner from the original Cellar, (130 W 3rd Street off 6th Avenue to be exact), and has the same owner, Noam Dworman who shared this news and description of the room via the Cellar’s email list. Read More

    Mitch Fatel jokes about a sexual encounter in this animated clip, “Candycane” (video)

    Mitch Fatel just released an animated clip from his upcoming album, Public Display of Perversion. Fatel’s lovable demeanor often allows him to talk about pretty filthy subject matter like sex and the female anatomy. The clip, “Candycane” breaks down an awkward situation any man could find themselves in if it’s that time for a woman. You might not want to watch this if you are at work.

    Welcome to the church of comedy, humor in religion (video)

    Church LadyIt’s sometimes avoided but religion has always played a role in comedy. Whether it being a comic discussing a religious upbringing, their questions of faith, or holiness of the subject matter being juxtaposed with a comical nature.

    Religion works because it casts a large net by nature, offering common source material for many where a joke can be built on top of. This week alone late night television is addressing the resignation of The Pope. We ourselves just covered Trevor Moore’s religious spoof, we all know that Walter doesn’t roll on Shabbos (The Big Lebowski), while sketch comedy shows from MADtv, The State, and Saturday Night Live have all found humor in religion over the years.

    In celebration of this, we provide you a diverse field of funny religious clips. Read More

    Michelle Obama takes on the “Evolution of Mom Dancing” with Jimmy Fallon (video)

    Jimmy Fallon, Michelle ObamaFirst Lady Michelle Obama has been on a comedy and entertainment spree as she recently made a unique visit Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Last Friday she not only visited the show but she also participated in a high energy sketch with Fallon dressed in drag. The skit was called “Evolution of Mom Dancing” and was in support of her anti-childhood obesity campaign, “Let’s Move.”

    Mrs. Obama joked with Fallon about Jay Leno possibly leaving the The Tonight Show as she stated she would be interested in putting her name in the hat for the host position. Joking or not, it caught the attention from many viewers that feel she could drastically change late night comedy if she were to adventure down that road.

    Michelle also had all the eyes of the entertainment world on her when she made a guest appearance as an award presenter last night at the Oscars. Later this week she will be on ABC’s Good Morning America as well as FOX’s The Dr. Oz Show. Like her husband, Michell’s become good at utilizing media to spread her message. And if she doesn’t run for any sort of office once her husband’s term ends, she should seriously take a shot at hosting a late night show. Read More

    Megan Mullally sings while Nick Offerman raps about weiners (video)

    As if the Internet needed another reason to love Nick Offerman any more, this video comes to light. Offerman is currently making the rounds on his American Ham tour with opening act Nancy & Beth. The duo consists of actress Stephanie Hunt and Offerman’s wife Megan Mullally. At a recent stop off at the Largo in Los Angeles Nancy & Beth decided to cover the ridiculous Riskay song, “Smell Yo Dick.”

    Yeah, two proper white chicks singing a slow cover of a ridiculous R&B song isn’t really noteworthy but then at the 3:05 min mark the magic happens and Offerman takes the stage to spit a few bars about, what else, his dick and who can and cannot smell it. Then for good measure, Mullally actually goes in for a whiff of Nick Jr.

    Oh did I mention the entire time Offerman is wearing an American flag shirt? Yeah it’s the best video you’ll watch today. It’s also NSFW if you haven’t gotten the hint by this point.

    Post-Oscar drama around The Onion’s tweet directed at kid actress

    The Onion is known to routinely raise the comedic bar through satirical reporting yet can they take it too far?

    The OnionDuring the Oscar’s last night, The Onion tweeted about the young 9-year-old, Oscar nominated actress Quvenzhane Wallis. She was the star in the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild and was the blunt of a joke created by the satirical news source. On Twitter, @TheOnion made a joke that involved calling the child actor a “c–t” as many twitter users were enraged with the message going as far as creating a petition demanding a retraction and apology from the satirical newspaper.

    The staff at the Onion was clearly trying to be funny yet many aren’t sure if they achieved their goal. This morning because of being responsible people, and probably not because of the petition The Onion CEO Steve Hannah posted an apology to the young actress. Read More

    The softer, child side of the Oscars (videos)

    On the Official Comedy YouTube channel released the video, “Kid Oscars,” a great clip of kids re-enacting the movies nominated for Best Picture Oscars and it definitively appeals to the lighter side of life. It’s humor is soft of heart as it captures the kids delivering their take on classic moments from each nominated film.

    The real Oscars were hosted by Seth MacFarlane but in the end these versions of the movies should’ve been the ones celebrated because they offered way more humor a long night of rich and famous people celebrating other rich and famous people by giving them gold statues needs.

    Trevor Moore’s Pope Rap (video)

    Just in time for the resignation of the Pope, Whitest Kid U’ Know Trevor Moore just dropped a Pope-themed rap upon us. Moore will release a new comedy music album, Drunk Texts to Myself on March 26th. The album is a collection of Moore doing what he does best and that’s skewer pop culture, history, his mom, and Tom Hanks (why not?). Read More

    Center Stage: William Kilmer

    William KilmerAllow me introduce you to Mr. William Kilmer, an up and coming comedian from Auburn, Nebraska. I was able to catch up with William last Saturday. I learned a crazy amount about this guy, the quickest lesson being how passionate about comedy he is. He started in sketch comedy, but was finally persuaded by his friends to venture into stand up comedy. At only 20 years of age he was let into the local bar to try his luck at stand up and as he puts it “I was addicted from there on.”

    William has several idols including Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, and George Carlin. William discussed how he started preforming at a young age “My father being a minister, I went to church youth gatherings/camps where they had talent shows. I would take jokes from those comedians and do them. Like Abbott and Castello, my brother and I would do together.”

    William is wrapped up in numerous shows right now around town now and is looking to break out. “I have some shows getting set up right now in Arizona and Iowa, with more states to come too. It’s a work in progress breaking into the Comedy scene, but it’s my dream to do it for a living, to make people laugh and smile” he says. Read More

    This Week In Comedy: With Samberg’s spirit

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    • Let’s watch South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s college short film. [Uproxx]
    • Turns out The Onion is catching some heat for a tweet they made during the Oscars last night. []
    • Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama run through the evolution of Mom Dancing. [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]

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