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  • Laughcake: Hire A Professional Comedian To Roast Your Friends

    Have you ever wanted to do something special for a loved one? Something like, oh I don’t know, have their favorite comedian send them a personalized birthday video message using all of your favorite inside jokes? Well thanks to the recently launched,, now you can! Founded by NYC-based comedian brothers Todd and Adam Stone, Laughcake allows you to compile a list of juicy details in an online form which is in turn used as “ammunition” for the comedians. The comedian will make notes about the details you’ve just sent, write a few jokes based off of them, and send a joke video or mini “roast” to your favorite pal. Read More

    Andy Samberg Got Into The PSA Business

    With all the madness in the news about the impending Zombie Apocalypse, Andy Samberg decided to use his celebrity and spring into action. So the new Saturday Night Live departee dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to help spread the news about what people should do about snorting bath salts and going all H.A.M. on people’s asses.

    Here’s the clip.

    Jimmy Fallon To Stream Live Performance On Youtube

    This Friday, Jimmy Fallon will perform a YouTube Presents concert that will be live on Youtube starting at 8pm EDT. Fallon will gather at Studio 6B at 30 Rock where he tapes Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and perform a handful of songs from his forthcoming album, Blow Your Pants Off. Which will be released June 12th.

    Blow Your Pants Off features a handful of the song parodies which Fallon has turned into an artform with dead-on covers, spoofs, and guest starring some of music’s biggest names (Timberwho? Springsteen what?). Jimmy will also be answering question so tweet questions to @LateNightJimmy and use the hashtag #AskJimmy. Read More

    Video: Reggie Watts Tackles Van Halen

    Reggie Watts stopped by The A.V. club studios for their “Undercover” series. In it, the editors come up with a list of 25 songs and invite artists to come by and perform a cover of something on the list. Once the song has been covered, it’s crossed off the list.

    Reggie picked the Van Halen classic “Panama” and put his own twist on the song. And by “twist” I mean he passed on the straight up tribute and decided to salute the actual country of Panama while weaving in some lyrics from the original song.