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  • Cool Thing to Buy This Week: Bill Bellamy’s ‘Ladies Night Out’ on DVD

    Ladies Night OutThe man who made the phrase “booty call” famous brings his uncensored comedy tour to DVD. This is the second consecutive year of the Ladies Night Out tour that features Bill Bellamy with special guests, Ali Siddiq, Jay Reid, and D’Lai. The tour is scheduled to air on Showtime later this year. Bellamy is already associated with Showtime as his very own comedy special, Booty Call, became one of the network’s top rated shows after his debut on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam. His official television debut came as a featured guest on Showtime at the Apollo, where he was able to not only win over the toughest crowd in comedy, but Russell Simmons and Bernie Brillstein as well, which led to the appearance on Def Comedy Jam.

    The DVD that spans just under an hour and a half in length, is available here for only $14.95. BUT, if you add about 10 bucks to your order, you get free shipping too. Doesn’t get much better than free shipping. Now I’m no lady, but I would imagine a typical ladies night out would cost must more than 15 bucks. So maybe instead of going out, why not have your next ladies’ night inside and enjoy some comedy from some of the biggest up and coming names in comedy? Don’t worry fellas, there is plenty of humor in here for everyone. Guy’s night to watch Ladies Night Out, anyone? Read More

    The Laugh Button Inquisition: What’s The Most Ridiculous Thing You’ve Done Just For Laughs?

    The Laugh Button Inquisition

    Welcome to The Laugh Button Inquisition! An interview series where we ask comedians one question and one question only. This time around we traveled to Chicago for Just For Laughs and set up shop during their press junket to get to the bottom of the tough questions.

    The question this time: “What’s The Most Ridiculous Thing You’ve Done Just For Laughs?”

    Nobody expects The Laugh Button Inquisition! Read More

    The shark camp continues! Move over ‘Sharknado’… look out for ‘Ghost Shark’

    With the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week right around the corner, it seems like Syfy has definitely gotten into the holiday spirit. A little more than a month after the release of the instant cult camp hit Sharknado, Syfy has yet another shark-related B-movie up its sleeve, Ghost Shark. That’s right. Ghost Shark.

    There’s nothing terribly new about the idea of a ridiculous, cheesy shark movie. But in the past few years it seems to have picked up. In the past four years alone we’ve had Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Sand Sharks, Super Shark, Sharktopus, Two-Headed Shark Attack, and Mega Shark vs Crocosarus. And with Sharknado already reaching the pantheon of cult status, who can blame Syfy not trying to fix what isn’t broken? A shark who manifests its ghostly form in beaches, pools, car washes, and slip ‘n’ slides will be right at home.

    The movie premieres August 22nd on Syfy and stars Mackenzie Rosman, who you may remember as Ruthie from 7th Heaven. Watch the trailer and wonder just how many twitter jokes will be made about the movie on the night it’s released. Have a holly jolly Shark Week. Read More

    Adult Swim has something to say about FOX’s ‘Animation Domination High-Def’

    FOX ADHDIt’s a classic story, a kid has his first day at a new school and a bully comes right up to let him know the rules: You’re on my turf now. In this case, the new kid is FOX’s Animation Domination High-Def (or ADHD) and the bully is [adult swim]. Last Saturday FOX premiered ADHD, thereby stepping into the ring of late night animated short comedies. Most would agree that it was a good move for FOX: they certainly have enough animated series for it. However, Cartoon Network’s [adult swim] did not agree with the idea and certainly let Fox know how they felt.

    During the premiere [adult swim] made the sly move by buying local adds without FOX’s knowledge. Read More

    Exclusive: Broken Lizard’s Jay Chandrasekhar, ‘Super Troopers’ sequel is, ‘Looking better than it’s ever looked’

    Jay ChandrasekharThis weekend at Just For Laughs Montreal we got the chance to speak with Broken Lizard’s one and only Jay Chandrasekhar who was in town as part of his current one-man stand-up show telling jokes and tales from sets of the many films he’s directed. In addition to running him through The Laugh Button Inquisition we had to inquire about the status of the sequels to Super Troopers and Beerfest.

    Chandrasekhar stated “Super Troopers is looking better than it’s ever looked. I would put the probability of it around 90% that we’ll make it.” Adding, “We’re going to wait until the snow melts and then shoot it next year.”

    He also added some details to Potfest stating that not only was Willie Nelson going to be involved but other world famous stoners like Cheech Marin, Snoop Dogg, and jokingly Michael Phelps adding, “we gotta stop getting so high and finish the damn thing.” Read More

    New Patrice O’Neal album to be released on August 20th, listen to a track now

    Patrice O'Neal UnreleasedThe loss of stand-up giant Patrice O’Neal still resonates with the comedy community nearly 2 years later. Luckily the comedian already recorded and planned to release a new album of stand-up material, Mr. P. Providing for a somewhat respite at a low moment for fans.

    The recording sessions for Mr. P proved to be fruitful allowing for not only that album but a 20 minute single, Better Than You a few months later. Now, on August 20th, a new full-length album of unreleased material called, Unreleased will be available for download with a physical copy in stores on October 1st. The proceeds from Unreleased will benefit the late comedian’s family. The album artwork was done by graffiti artist David Choe and is available for pre-order now.

    The album allows for O’Neal to showcase his incredible crowd work, something he was known for. You can check out an audio preview with this widget and listen to O’Neal take aim at a lady in the audience eating. Read More

    Ricky Gervais’ David Brent character is getting a record deal?

    David BrentRicky Gervais’ most famous creation is being bombarded with offers from record companies all over the world about a record deal for The Office UK’s David Brent.

    The comedian revealed today that he has been inundated with “offers flying in from around the globe” to make the album utilizing the titles which have included “Life on the Road,” “Ooh La La,” “Spaceman Came Down,” “Free Love Freeway,” “Ain’t No Trouble” and his latest song, “Slough.”

    The YouTube hit series, Learn Guitar with David Brent, has received over 18 million views and is the reasoning behind the potential record deal. Speaking about the series, Gervais said, “It’s been so much fun bringing back David Brent and have him philosophize on YouTube, and spend all his hard earned repping money on still trying to become a pop star. It’s funny and sadly true of today’s X Factor culture.”

    In the tutorial of his newest project, Slough, Brent says he is thinking about forming a new band to fill the big shoes of his previous Foregone Conclusion band members, Reggie Mental, Flange Warrior and Mammogram.

    Gervais told Radio Times, “The internet has already been a game changer with things like iPlayer and 4OD being a significant part of programming. TV habits are nothing like they were even a few years ago and things like Netflix and YouTube are the future. I’m having fun and experimenting with original content. It’s a great way to get feedback directly from the viewer and part of the fun is not knowing where this could lead to.”

    Don’t know about you, but any David Brent album would get an instant pre-order from me.

    NBC would like to keep Jay Leno around after he leaves ‘The Tonight Show’

    Jay LenoWhile there’s no exact plans or how Leno will stay or what he’ll do, NBC says they want to keep him aboard. Bob Greenblatt (NBC Entertainment Chairman) said “We’d Love him to stay on NBC in some capacity. Nothing would make us happier than to have him, a la Bob Hope, still be a presence on the network.” Greenblatt continued, “He has done an incredible job for more than two decades. I take my hat off to him.”

    Will there come day when Leno won’t be at NBC? Probably not, the only real question is, what way will we see Leno continue his run of royalty at NBC. Will he host another show, be a producer, or will he end up stealing The Tonight Show back from Jimmy Fallon? Only time will tell and when it does, we’ll report it.

    The Hot Streaks of Chris Rock

    Chris Rock

    Welcome to Hot Streaks. A look at the times when comedians at the height of their power. Comedy comes in waves, and with it comedians ride the success of public adoration and creativeness. During these times (usually around 5 years), comedians are putting out some of their most successful projects. So with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the hot streaks some of the best comedians we have out there.

    Up this week: Chris Rock. Read More

    Eddie Murphy and Paramount are going to make another ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ movie

    Beverly Hills CopWell, this seems like a change of events. With the heavily buzzed pilot for the Beverly Hills Cop TV series getting passed on earlier the year, we thought the news about the return of Axel Foley was done. But now that doesn’t seem to be the case, for Paramount and Eddie Murphy are trying to turn that hype into something else, and that’s the fast tracking of a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie.

    Paramount is looking to have Murphy reprise his role of Foley and Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec to write that script.

    We hear the newest installment in the film franchise was fueled by the interest sparked by the Beverly Hills Cop pilot this past season. The project, written by Shawn Ryan and executive produced by Murphy and Ryan, ignited a bidding war before landing at CBS last fall where it went to a pilot starring Brandon T. Jackson as Axel’s son. Murphy reprised his role in a scene-stealing turn that had people talking. It showed that the character and Murphy’s portrayal are still pretty potent. [Deadline]

    And there you have it, a TV series that CBS thought wasn’t good enough to make it to TV is now going to be a movie. But who are we kidding? Nostalgia alone will more than likely put some buts in seats.