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  • Talking Comedy with Gilbert Gottfried (video)

    We had the chance to catch up with comic legend Gilbert Gottfried for a wee bit of a chat. About what you ask? Well, Gilbert told us about his latest stand-up special and book as well as some dirty jokes (which makes the video a bit NSFW). He also talked about how he became an apologist on Twitter and how his demo ranges from old dirty sailors to young children due to his voice actor work. The man gets around. For NYC locals, next month Gilbert will be part of a star-studded lineup benefit show for NY Public School PS 11 that includes W. Kamau Bell, Artie Lange, Dave Attell, and Susie Essman. Pick up tickets here and help the kids.

    Finally as you watch the video clip, pay extra attention to the intro music. It’s an instrumental version of the song, “Everything Is New With You” and was written for The Laugh Button by the musical production wizards at NY Tune Saloon. Thanks Gents!

    There’s a battle for the best Chappelle Show sketch ever

    Chappelle ShowThis is a topic I’ve spent many hours debating with friends. Just what exactly is the best Chappelle Show sketch of all time? It’s not an easy question to answer and I’ve seen tears shed and blood spilled over the topic.

    Whel, now our prayers have been answered by the folks at Grantland, who pulled together the collective knowledge of Chappelle Show and pitted 64 top sketches (not episodes) and pitted them together in a sports bracket style to battle them off as to what the best episode was ever. Though they don’t claim to be experts on the subject, well they do declare a PhD in “Ashy Larry”.

    Then over the course of 5 rounds they break down the competition until there’s a final four and then only one winner.

    He’s Axe Cop, and he’s a total badass (video)

    Animation Domination High-Definition, or ADHD is FOX’s attempt to sway the stoner eyeballs from watching late night cartoons on [adult swim] with blocks of animated 15 minute shows. It’s flagship show, Axe Cop is based on the popular web comic (created by a 5 year old kid) is set to premiere this July. What does Axe Cop do you ask? He carries around an axe and rides on the back of a dinosaur, which of course, is decked out in twin gatling guns (you gotta love 5 year olds). Here’s preview footage of the show with the cop voice supplied by Parks And Recreation’s Nick Offerman.

    If, for some reason your brain can’t comprehend all of the facts I just threw at you, just remember this… Nick Offerman, cop with an axe, dinosaur with machine guns is his transportation, stoners. There, you got it.

    Seth MacFarlane live action sitcom gets ordered by FOX and other piloty news

    Seth MacFarlaneI love pilot season, and for a few reasons…

    First, we get to talk about all the new comedy that could make it to the air this upcoming fall season. Secondly, we get to take guesses as to what will make it. Thirdly we can wonder out loud what the heck networks were thinking when some of these plots were pitched. Crazy plot ideas, like a sitcom based on the Geico Cavemen. Remember when someone actually greenlit that thing? We barely do either.

    Here’s the latest. Read More

    Dropping in on Tom Shillue and his 12 albums in 12 months project: Lateral Thinking Puzzlers

    Tom Shillue Lateral ThinkingComedian Tom Shillue began an interesting project on November 6, 2012. Instead of releasing one traditional comedy album, Shillue decided to release 12 albums in the next 12 months. This month’s release is his third and titled Lateral Thinking Puzzlers.

    This ambitious project seems to be working out for Shillue. A regular around the NYC comedy scene, Shillue can be seen out most nights working on new stories and material. He always seems to be working on something and the ability to release material every month is a good way to get a lot of content out. It also helps these aren’t full albums, let’s call them EPs with each one around a topic.

    Lateral Thinking Puzzlers’ first track, “Coining; Tenting,” introduces the theme of the album. Lateral thinking is the process of solving a problem through creative thought and approach. This first track kicks the album off perfectly with a good majority of audience participation. The set ends with quite a nice little surprise from the barbershop singing Shillue. Read More

    Comedy Central Radio to launch exclusively on Sirius/XM

    Comedy Central LogoComedy Central has teamed up with Sirius/XM to develop a brand new comedy channel that will air on the satellite radio giant. The channel, dubbed Comedy Central Radio will debut this March as a 24/7 channel airing material from the vast library of programming Comedy Central has to offer.

    Expect to hear classic stand-up from shows like Premium Blend and Comedy Central Presents. In addition they also plan to air moments from their Roasts and the hour specials they’ve accumulated over the years. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they also aired clips from the records they’ve released over the years.

    But they aren’t just planning to tread on previously recorded material. They also plan on to have guest DJ spots, behind-the-scenes material from events and broadcasts, as well as shows put on by their new club initiative which brands comedy clubs across the country.

    8 Comedians to watch in 2013


    We get exposed to a lot of comedy up here in the TLB Towers and over the years we’ve gotten the chance to watch some comedians rise and become bigger and bigger each year. Now that the beginning of 2013 is upon us we came up with a list of comedians that we think you must keep your eye on in 2013. Why are they on this list? Could be we think they’re the next one to breakout. Could be we think they’re going to have big year. Could be we’re excited about an upcoming special they’re releasing. Could be we just like them and want to offer them up some more cyber ink. Each are all at varying levels of their respective careers and each of them are comedians to keep an eye on in 2013.

    With every list we make there’s someone that’s not going like what we do. But that’s what the comments section is for, use it. Or as others might say, write me or fight me! Read More