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  • NBC passes on new John Mulaney’s comedy pilot, FOX picks it up

    John MulaneyIt makes no sense to me why anyone would pass on a John Mulaney and Martin Short combo but lucky for comedy lovers FOX snagged it up. Yes, believe it or not, NBC decided to pass on, SNL writer, John Mulaney’s new untitled comedy pilot staring both Mulaney and Short, while Fox on the other hand showed interest. FOX has given a pilot order and could potentially order up six more episodes. As we previously reported, the new and untitled show will be loosely based on Mulaney’s life.

    Mike Lawrence, ‘Sadamantium’ (review)

    Sadamantium ReviewIt has been a good year so far for comedian Mike Lawrence. This year alone, he’s appeared on Totally Biased, filmed his first ever Half Hour special for Comedy Central and now his debut stand-up album, Sadamantium is now out on the market. The name of the album certainly makes sense for Lawrence, who is a huge comic book fan; and for those of you who may not get the reference, adamantium is an indestructible metal alloy that Wolverine from the X-Men has bonded to his claws. Sadamantium is well, the sad version of that for comedians.

    Lawrence is one of those guys that doesn’t mind making fun of himself and his interests. He opens the album talking about how much of a nerd he is and how he got picked on as a kid, but never understood why he was being called “Sloth.” Lawrence explains, “The worst part about that was I hadn’t seen The Goonies at that point so I had to go home and rent the reason why I was being made fun of.” Lawrence is very adamant about how nerdy he is but admits he is not a fan of the Star Wars movies because he saw Spaceballs first. “When I saw Star Wars, it was just unfunny Spaceballs to me.” Read More

    This Week In Comedy: With Homer Simpson’s dream car

    • If sitcoms were Celebrities. [America’s Comedy]
    • Read comedian Cameron Esposito’s essay about DOMA and her process of coming out. [Part 1] Also, here’s a note from her father. [Part 2]
    • There is still hope for Craig Robinson’s TV show. [Deadline]
    • Someone finally made Homer Simpson’s dream car, The Homer. [Homer Car]

    Read More

    Kurt Metzger talks about rape jokes and bloggers (video)

    I’ve always appreciated Kurt Metzger’s stance on current events. Every time one of his status updates/rants surface on Facebook he usually has a solid point or idea about whatever the subject may be. Currently, a hotly debated topic in comedy is the rape joke. While many words have been written about the subject and heels dug in on both sides there aren’t many that have changed their mind on either side. Metzger was the guest on Official Comedy’s “One Question With Sean” where he was asked if anything is off limits behind the mic and Metzger got right down to it with some great insight from the comedian point of view.

    Laughing at Last Week June 27th: Did Iron Man rob a bank?

    This week’s episode of Laughing at Last Week, Phil taps on a black bear attempting to break into a zoo, a woman calling 911 over the food chain, and California names streets after aliens. Oh and did Iron Man just rob a bank? Phil also brings you some fresh things going on within the comedy world. Please comment and tell us what you would like to see more of!

    Portugal. The Man pays tribute to ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ live

    After teaming up with Glenn Howerton of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Portugal. The Man has decided to pay tribute to the show once again. At Bonnaroo, the group covered the classic track “Dayman” from the show. The alliance between IASIP and Portugal. The Man began when the two joined to perform the “Eternal High Five” sketch. Read More

    Off The Vine: with Bryan Callen, Bo Burnham, Pete Holmes, Anders Holm, Andy Milonakis

    Off The Vine

    Welcome back to Off The Vine, The Laugh Button’s weekly dive into the world of social media. Each week we round up some of the funniest people and videos from the popular social App Vine which allows people to create 6 second videos and share via Twitter. Here’s what we unearthed this week. Read More

    Jon Stewart checked in with John Oliver on last night’s ‘Daily Show’

    Last night was the final episode of The Daily Show before they go on their 2 week summer hiatus. It also allows for us the chance to reflect and see how John Oliver has been holding up as a host of the show since Stewart is out of town. Last night, a bearded Jon Stewart skyped in on the opening of the show to check in on Oliver and things. He also gave his report on how Oliver is doing and Oliver filled Stewart in on what he was missing, which happen to be all of his favorite things like the NY Mets and Bruce Springsteen.

    Gilbert Gottfried delivers Walter White’s monologue, ‘I am the one who knocks’

    It’s Friday! Yay! After a very long week of writing about the comedy world this gem comes across our desk. It’s Gilbert Gottfried delivering the iconic Walter White speech from Breaking Bad, “I am the one who knocks.” While White’s speech is steely and shakes you to the core with it’s intensity, Gottfried’s is downright hilarious.

    Eddie Murphy wants to party all the time with Snoop

    30 years ago, Eddie Murphy was on top of the world. A star at both the box office and on Saturday Night Live, he also had a hit album with Comedian, one of his stand-up specials. 20 years ago, Calvin Corodozar Broadus, Jr., better known as Snoop Dogg or Snoop Doggy Dogg, was also on top of the world. His debut album, Doggystyle, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, selling nearly one million copies in its debut week.

    Which brings us to today. Murphy, who had pop success in 1985 with the Rick James-produced “Party All the Time,” hasn’t had a hit non-animated movie in years, and Snoop Dogg is now known as Snoop Lion, having put out a reggae album and making countless guest appearances on albums. This time, he’s stopping by on Murphy’s “Redlight,” a reggae single from Murphy. As you can see from the video, Snoop is no Rick James, but he looks game. Is Murphy making a full-on conversion to reggae like Snoop? If so, we can think of a song of his that’s long overdue for an update. Read More