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  • Rob Delaney’s “Live at the Bowery Ballroom” to be released on November 13th

    This past September comedian Rob Delaney self-released his own stand-up comedy special, Live At The Bowery Ballroom. Fast forward a few weeks and the audio version of the album will be released digitally via Comedy Central Records on November 13th.

    What does this mean for you? Well that means you can get yourself some Delaney as you do your chores, go out for a jog, or commute to and from work. All while Delaney drops some knowledge on you about his sex life, being married, and perhaps a bit too much about his bodily fluids.

    A list of comedy benefit shows to help Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts

    Way too many people on the East Coast are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Some just lost power, some flooded, while others lost literally their entire homes and memories. As they’re prone to do, the comedy community is rallying to help out those still hurting from the storm. From the big, well-known comedians to the ones banging out spots in clubs all around the city, everyone is trying to help.

    In order to keep track of it all here’s a running list of Sandy benefit shows comedians are putting on in the area. Buy a ticket, head out, laugh your ass off and help out. Oh and if there’s a show not on this list, just leave details in the comments and we’ll work to keep it as updated as possible. Read More

    Anne Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live and Rihanna brought her green screen (recap)

    I learned something last night and that was that Anne Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live 3 times since she first did back in 2008. Hathaway has always struck me as a team player. Probably coming to a head when she had to carry James Franco as he slept his way through the pair’s Oscar hosting duties a few years back.

    But Hathaway is a great mix of fun and easygoing as she also seems to seriously care about doing a good job while at the wheel of SNL. Because of all of this, I enjoyed last night’s SNL as I’d much rather watch someone be present and go “for it” rather than fumble their way through the night. Hathaway brought a high level of energy to the night so we had an episode that flew by with dancing and singing numbers and a pinch of being vomited on by a baby for good measure. Read More

    The Laugh Button Live! with Comedy Central Records (photos)

    2012 New York Comedy Fest, The Stand, Comedy Central Records

    The 2012 New York Comedy Festival is in full swing and part of said swing involved us! We teamed up with Comedy Central Records to put together a badass stand-up comedy show as a kickoff to the festivities. With a blizzard outside many braved the elements and gathered into The Stand for a lineup highlighting some of the roster of the CC Records label including Nick Vatterott, Myq Kaplan, Andy Sandford, and Mike Lawrence. Read More

    T.J. Miller’s Mash Up Audiofile hitting the shelves on November 13th

    T.J. Miller is back. And by back, I mean never left the game. His show Mash Up has been a pretty great breath of fresh air to the Comedy Central lineup featuring comedians acting out their jokes as Miller’s offbeat sensibility keeps the show flowing.

    Miller is releasing the audio from the show on November 13th called Mash Up AudioFile. It’s a collection of all Miller’s stand-up moments from the show. Comedy Central Records will digitally release the album.

    Since Miller is also a fan of music, the album also has a few remixes of comedian who did guest stand-up moments including Hannibal Buress and Pete Holmes. Musician Steinski and Second City’s Jesse Case who also worked with Miller on his The Extended Play EP [TLB Review].

    Before we go any further… can we just picture this album art hanging on a wall, with those eyes following us? Read More

    Denis Leary to host Comics Come Home 2012 on November 17th

    It’s time once again to ship on up to Boston. Denis Leary’s annual stand-up comedy benefit Comics Come Home is happening on Saturday, November 17th at the Agganis Arenea in Boston.

    In it’s 18th year, it’s one of the longest running comedy benefit show we have in the US. The night benefits The Cam Neely Foundation which was launched in 1995 by Boston Bruins legend Cam Neely and his brother Scott after the passing of their parents from cancer related illnesses. It is made up of The Foundation for Cancer Care, The Neely House, and The Neely Fund which all exist for one reason; to help cancer patients and their families during their treatment.

    To date the Comics Come Home has sold out every show and raised over $4 million for The Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care. Leary teamed up with Nealy who was looking for a way to raise money for the foundation and the rest is history.

    Leary will host this year’s performers include Artie Januario, Tom Papa, Greg Fitzsimmons, Lenny Clarke, Adam Ferrara, Darrell Hammond, Don Gavin, and Robert Smigel.

    Last but not least, for more information on the foundation head over to or purchase tickets here.

    The Secret Society of Comedy is now formed (video)

    Official Comedy just launched a new web series called Secret Society of Comedy in which NY-centric comedians gather (I’m assuming in an underground lair just off a the West 4th subway stop) and talk about things. In the inaugural episode Janeane Garofalo, Brooke Van Poppelen, and Dave Hill, come together to discuss roommates, snoring, and gambling addictions. In the immortal words of Mitch Hedberg, “well this club is formed.”