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  • Weekend Funny Movie: Identity Thief

    Mild-mannered businessman Sandy Patterson travels from Denver to Miami to confront the deceptively harmless-looking woman who has been living it up after stealing Sandy’s identity.

    It’s a comedy movie kind of weekend and there is a new one now playing called Identity Thief. Staring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, the story tackles the serious problem of just that, identity theft. Bateman plays the role of a corporate financial robot with a wonderful family and perfect life in Denver, Colorado. McCarthy spends huge amounts of money on bills and files a DUI under Bateman’s character whose name in the movie is also Sandy. The sense of urgency for the movie comes in the fact that Bateman must clear up his record within a week or he loses a new promotion at work. Read More

    Take this to help with the post party hangover, take a peek and these fresh video gems

    Liars Bad DayIt’s the flipping weekend and I’m about to have me some fun. Bounce, bounce, bounce.

    The weekends are structurally constructed in the calendar as a time to relax and engage in debauchery. Too bad life is balls busy right now as there won’t be many moments with my feet up on the couch yet I will find a way to sling a few tallboys back later tonight, again.

    This had me saying holy shit and it’s time to get really crazy with The Last Barfighter arcade game/beer distributor. This arcade game gets funnier and funnier for the winner yet shittier and shittier for the loser. Read More

    Comedy Central’s “The Ben Show” previews gangster grannys getting real raunchy (video)

    The Ben Show is planned to debut on Comedy Central on February 28th yet the host, Ben Hoffman, is already creating a buzz and gaining followers. The show will be a sketch comedy television series and in each episode, Hoffman will undergo a different “life journey.” From forming a band to finding religion and from auditioning for a reality show to volunteering, Hoffman creates the sketches that people want to watch. An interesting attribute to the show is that each episode will include advice from people like his father, therapist or ex-girlfriend as they help in guiding him through his entertaining adventures. If you need a sample before the premiere, take down this funny dose of Granny’s auditioning as gangsters.

    Hanging out with Robert Kelly as he visits the Marvel Comics offices

    Robert Kelly - Thor's Hammer

    We often find ourselves in fun situations where we can offer a behind-the-scenes look at what comedians are up to and what they’re doing. With that in mind, we recently got the chance to spend an afternoon with comedian Robert Kelly. Last week Robert was invited over to the Marvel Comics offices in New York City to take a tour of the place and meet some of the staff. Read More

    Tweet from Monty Python’s John Cleese sparks debate

    The comedy troupe of Monty Python became legends in the comedy world due to their twisted, dark and inappropriate humor yet one of the members, John Cleese, is on the defensive from a risky tweet. Just as their newest DVD release A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman excited many fans, the latest message from Cleese is taking the spotlight.

    Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius known as “Blade Runner” as he’s a double, below the knee amputee, was charged with murder in the death of Reeva Steenkamp, his girlfriend and this was the situation which Cleese chose to chime in on. He tweeted the following: Read More

    There is now one less Whitney Cummings TV show on the air, “Love You, Mean It” canceled

    Turns out that one can have too much of Whitney Cummings because after airing twelve episodes, E! announced its ended production of her late night talk show Love You, Mean It. While Whitney herself has many other things happening, her executive produced CBS show 2 Broke Girls is kicking ass, like too much. In fact, ease up on the ass kicking 2 Broke Girls. Meanwhile, her eponymous show on NBC isn’t faring as well and will probably be on the cancellation bubble at the end of the season. The biggest bummer in all of this is that we’ll not be able to check in on Cummings’ Love You, Mean It co-host and comedian Julian McCullough on a weekly basis.

    Joy Koy does the Harlem Shake (video)

    Jo Koy has jumped on the Harlem Shake phenomenon that’s currently sweeping the Internet. But rather than just out another version (though I do appreciate the stuffed giraffe punching in this one) Koy and his crew take the piss out of the web meme. If you aren’t familiar with The Harlem Shake, congrats! You have things to do. For the rest of us we know it involves a helmeted person dancing to the “Harlem Shake” song by Baauer then as the beat kicks in those around said helmeted person get in on the fun. There is a level of Peanuts dancing to all of this.

    The Spit Take’s Julie Seabaugh talks about the site’s one-year anniversary and new book release

    The Spit Take BookOn February 19th the comedy website The Spit Take will release 2012 Best of The Spit Take: A Compilation of Professional Comedy Criticism, a book that showcases the best comedy reviews the site delivered over the course of its first year in business (it just turned 1 on February 6th). We reached out to our pal Julie Seabaugh, The Spit Take’s founder / Editorial Director who also happens to be the editor of the new book. We discussed the first year of the website, the new book, and what it means to be a manager of professional comedy criticism. We also talked about the birthday party/book bash she’s planned in New York City next week to celebrate it all.

    Please tell us about the new book, 2012 Best of The Spit Take.

    My background is arts journalism, then about five years ago I began working with comedians more directly, including PR, management, booking and producing. After connecting at SXSW I began working with Brown Paper Tickets, an indie, artist-friendly, excessive-fee-shunning, fair-trade ticketing company based out of Seattle. As their Comedy Doer, I simply “Do” things that are in need of doing. BPT also employs a Sports Doer, Music Doer, Maker Doer and more; in addition to aiding our communities in different ways, we also work toward specific big-picture goals. How can we help the public perceive comedians as the legitimate artists they are? I say write about them with the highest standards possible. That’s where came from. I’d also always been a huge fan of Da Capo’s annual Best Music Writing, Best Sports Writing, Best Travel Writing, etc. series. Paradisiac Publishing’s Lauren Wood has a shared passion for comedy, and we decided that it would be cool to do something similar within the comedy realm. Read More

    It might not be a happy ending for fans of the show “Happy Endings”

    Happy EndingsNews came late last night that ABC was basically banishing one of its best sitcoms to Friday nights. The terrifically quirky ensemble comedy, Happy Endings will begin airing in the Friday night timeslot on March 29th with back to back episodes starting at 8pm essentially burning off the remaining eps. They’re replacing its Tuesday night timeslot with reality shows about dancing and eating or swapping wives or something.

    For those keeping count, this is the 3rd timeslot move for the comedy this season. While not an outright cancellation like Don’t Trust The B in Apt 23 last month, make no mistake, this is not good news for the show as Friday nights are often viewed as a wasteland on TV. It’s unfortunate because the show has one of the best promising ensemble comedy groups on television led by Damon Wayans Jr. and SNL alum Casey Wilson. It deserves Modern Family numbers which it’s consistently funnier than every week as Modern continues to become a heartwarming sitcom rather than just a funny one.

    Find the funny perspective this Valentine’s Day

    valentines day coverValentine’s Day, hence forth known as V-Day for the rest of this post, can install many different feelings for many similar types of individuals. This hallmark holiday, we hope to share a little laugh with you no matter what situation you’re coming from.

    “Valentine’s Day: the holiday that reminds you that if you don’t have a special someone, you’re alone.” -Lewis Black

    This V-Day must really suck if you have recently been cheated on. Ugh.

    Keep your head up and remember that there are others going through the same thing… also in a rose garden. Read More