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  • This Week In Comedy: With Sandler and his birthdays

    • Community will parody The Hunger Games in its season premiere. [EW]
    • Lose some hours of your day with a Facebook group, “Passed Out Juggalos”. [Uproxx]
    • John Mulaney talks about Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech. [Huffington Post]
    • Nick Offerman did a Reddit AMA. [Reddit]
    • Happy Birthday Adam Sandler. [The Laugh Factory Tumblr]
    • Comedy super couple, Amy and Will are no longer but we now have Colbie and Taran. [EW]

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    Really?! They decided to make a sequel to A Christmas Story

    A Christmas Story was released 30 years ago. From the 24 hour marathon on television during the holidays to it’s completely quotable dialogue, it’s hands down one of the most beloved movies of the holiday season. You know what’s not beloved? A sequel.

    That’s right, Hollywood finally thought it was time to squeeze a few more bucks outta the franchise and make a sequel to A Christmas Story and release it this fall. Watching the trailer it appears all the parts of the movie we love are there but ya know, not nearly as great as the original. Director Brian Levant (Snow Dogs, Jingle All the Way) is on hand to keep the flick festive.

    The story revisits Ralphie and his family a few years after the events of the original film but instead of a Red Rider bb gun, Ralphie wants himself a car… teens. Read More

    After a series of escalating dares Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are splitting up

    The first couple of comedy (is that a thing?) is calling it quits. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are ending their marriage after 9 years that also produced two young children. The couple confirmed with US Weekly and that the separation is amicable.

    The couple has shown up together on TV and movies including Blades of Glory, Monsters vs. Aliens, 30 Rock, and even a marriage arc on Arrested Development. They are also both currently staring in their own TV shows – Parks And Recreation for Poehler, Up All Night for Arnett. Read More

    Comedy just got 15% sexier: Cee Lo Green is getting into the sitcom game

    True story time. Post-Goodie Mob, pre-Gnarls Barkley Cee Lo Green was a wild beast. Not really a mainstream artists after releasing two solo albums, but a wild beast nonetheless. I caught him live during this time in his career and the most striking thing about the tattooed budda-esque man on stage was his decision to forgo a shirt altogether, squeeze into a pair of leather pants and utilize a long pink boa to accentuate his closet freakiness. Cee Lo didn’t care if you thought he was sexy, he knew he was sexy. And that ladies and gentlemen is how A) someone gets pregnant, and B) sitcoms get sexier. Read More

    Want to know who the 10 sexiest men in comedy are?

    This one is for all the ladies! **gives DJ point to the air expecting high-pitched squeals** The folks over at have compiled a list of who they think are the sexiest men in comedy. I was thinking that I’d have a fighting chance getting on this list but 1) I’m no comedian and 2) I’m still trying to lose all this water weight. So I guess you’ll have to oggle over these hotties as a consolation prize.

    The real question is who did they forget on this list. Amiright!?

    Mike Lawrence talks comedy, family, and chasing a Marc Maron record (video)

    Mike Lawrence is one of our favorite bearded comedians. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s damn funny and looks dapper in an Avengers t-shirt, but that could be just us! We caught up with Mike at Just For Laughs Montreal to talk about where he draws his comedic influences, his mother the comedian, pleas a case for the Juggalo fanbase, and his ultimate goal to beat Marc Maron for the record of most single tickets sold to his shows.

    Jon Stewart’s Night of Too Many Stars 2012 returns this October

    Jon Stewart is bringing back Night Of Too Many Stars. The Biennial autism benefit is set to tape at the Beacon Theatre in NYC on October 13th and air on Comedy Central on October 21st.

    Stewart is pulling in all his buddies to entertain the Beacon crowd including Hannibal Buress, Bill Burr, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen in addition one of the oddest couples if they happen to be on stage together, Bill O‚ÄôReilly and Tom Morello. Something that might realistically happen since the theme of the evening is “America Comes Together.”

    There will also be celebs on hand to man the phone banks during the October 21st live event including Fred Armisen, Andy Cohen, Jack McBrayer, Bob Saget, Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Sudeikis.

    Be sure to tune in, for last time this went down, Chris Rock cursed out an ex to the highest bidder and that sh*t was hilarious.

    The only thing left to say is get some tickets for the charity. Do that here.

    Seventeen minutes of “Parks And Recreation” bloopers will make your day

    If you aren’t a fan of curses or fun well then don’t watch this clip. It’s a rowdy NSFW 17 minutes of bloopers from season 4 of Parks And Recreation. There are some pretty glorious moments including Aubrey Plaza performing dog ventriloquism, Louis C.K. loosing it. The usually proper Rashida Jones dropping a curses on us. But perhaps the most interesting is the amount of genius Chris Pratt work, lines, gaffaws and facial expressions. In fact after watching this clip I’ve come to the conclusion that Pratt is underutilized on this show. Read More

    The Burn with Jeff Ross and an example of why I love Todd Glass

    This week’s episode of The Burn with Jeff Ross hosts one of the strongest dais we’ve seen so far on the show – Natasha Leggero, Anthony Jeselnik, and Todd Glass. While the entire episode was hilarious, Glass wasn’t just happy to be a participant, rather he chose to run amok the only way Todd Glass can. Case in point, this speed roast when Ross heads into the audience to pick on willing crowd members. Glass uses a calm and hilarious demeanor but then flips the switch around the 2:45 mark and launches into the stratosphere.