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  • Seventeen minutes of “Parks And Recreation” bloopers will make your day

    If you aren’t a fan of curses or fun well then don’t watch this clip. It’s a rowdy NSFW 17 minutes of bloopers from season 4 of Parks And Recreation. There are some pretty glorious moments including Aubrey Plaza performing dog ventriloquism, Louis C.K. loosing it. The usually proper Rashida Jones dropping a curses on us. But perhaps the most interesting is the amount of genius Chris Pratt work, lines, gaffaws and facial expressions. In fact after watching this clip I’ve come to the conclusion that Pratt is underutilized on this show. Read More

    The Burn with Jeff Ross and an example of why I love Todd Glass

    This week’s episode of The Burn with Jeff Ross hosts one of the strongest dais we’ve seen so far on the show – Natasha Leggero, Anthony Jeselnik, and Todd Glass. While the entire episode was hilarious, Glass wasn’t just happy to be a participant, rather he chose to run amok the only way Todd Glass can. Case in point, this speed roast when Ross heads into the audience to pick on willing crowd members. Glass uses a calm and hilarious demeanor but then flips the switch around the 2:45 mark and launches into the stratosphere.

    How did everyone find out I have cancer?

    “When I got off stage and went home that night, I emailed Ira and said, ‘I think I got something you could maybe use [for This American Life].’ Then I went to bed, and when I woke up, there were 10 million emails, ­messages, texts, book-deal offers. I was like, ‘What in the hell is going on? How did everybody find out I have cancer?’”Tig Notaro talks to Entertainment Weekly about her now-legendary “I Have Cancer” stand-up set.

    Collecting Michael Clarke Duncan’s funniest moments

    It’s always sad to hear when someone who entertained us is no longer with us. The recent passing of Michael Clarke Duncan was a bummer to hear, especially considering his relatively young age. As soon as we heard the news, lines like “You must dominate the swordfish,” and “Mr. Roundtree!” were all that ran through our heads.

    And while Duncan was not a comedian in the true sense of the word, there are many times he’s made us laugh over the years. So for a man responsible for some pretty hilarious moments in movies and TV shows such as Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, The Slammin’ Salmon, School for Scoundrels, The Whole Nine Yards, and Two And A Half Men in addition to providing his deep voice talents to many animated shows like Family Guy andKing Of The Hill we figured we’d honor his career with a collection of some of his funniest moments in film and TV. Read More

    Ranting with Andy Kindler (video)

    Half the fun of interviewing a comedian is sometimes just letting them know discuss anything and everything they’d like to. The one and only Andy Kindler is a pro at letting you know what’s on his mind as he’s thinking of it. Kindler was in Montreal for the Just For Laughs festival where he delivers his annual and hilarious “State of the Industry” address where he dissects everything and anything in the world of comedy.

    But don’t think that we were in the clear. Kindler found ways to mock us, our phones, and our website name. Even the pitbull of comedy himself, Bobby Slayton caught some action and he was just passing through. Kindler gave us some insight into his comedy writing process and how he gets into character to do is voiceover work on cartoons like The Life And Times of Tim and Bob’s Burgers. Read More

    Aubrey Plaza learns about sex and stuff in “The To-Do List”

    The new trailer for Aubrey Plaza’s new flick, The To-Do List (originally called The Hand Job) just hit webernets. The film isn’t due out until Valentine’s Day but the general premise of the film is to bring together pretty much every person you can think of from young and funny comedic actors – Donald Glover, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Alia Shawkat, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

    The film takes place in the 90’s as Plaza’s character is trying to cross some things from her sex-bucket list. Needless to say, teenage hilarity ensues. Read More