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  • The Best Of Workaholics…


    Time to get WEIRD! Season 3 of Workaholics premieres tonight on Comedy Central. So it’s time to pack up the wizard suits and bear suits and S’go with Adam, Blake, and Anders to see what kinda catch phrases they have in store for a tight butthole of a season.

    Here are some of our favorite moments from the first two seasons to help you get fully torqued before the premiere tonight. Read More

    Chazz Palminteri on Comedy, Chris Rock, and Richard Pryor

    One of the perks of doing Comedy Matters TV is getting to see movies before they hit the theatre. That’s still as much fun to me as when I go into The Comic Strip and make my own drink with the soda gun at the bar. I never get tired of doing that!

    I’ve been a fan of Academy Award-nominated actor Chazz Palminteri for many years, or at least since I saw A Bronx Tale, which came out as a film in 1993. It had actually been a stage play before where Chazz acted out all 18 parts by himself. Read More

    Watch Andy Samberg Make A Speech At Harvard

    Andy Samberg was the guest speaker at Harvard’s Class Day. Class Day is not the formal graduation for the college, as it appears to just be a time for some good speeches.

    Without giving away much of Samberg’s speech, he seems to have appeared under false pretense thinking he was the recipient of an honorary degree. This led to a few barbs at the dean between a few impressions by his most famous Saturday Night Live characters Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Wahlberg, and Nicholas Cage.

    The speech is about 20 minutes long, but there are shittier ways to spend the 20 minutes.