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  • Let’s all have an Arrested Development Thanksgiving

    It’s Thanksgiving and we all know what that means, it means lots of travel, too much food, and way too much family interaction. Drunk uncles, strange aunts, creepy cousins, estranged brothers, grandma who smells, grandpa who might be slightly racist; sound like anyone you’ll be sharing a table with this weekend? Unless you’ve sensibly decided to spend the holiday by yourself on a beach, you can probably answer that question with a “yes.”

    You might think that you are the only person on this planet with a dysfunctional family but everyone has a few black sheep in the family. This got us thinking… what family is more dysfunctional and loveable than The Bluths from Arrested Development? George and Lucile’s brood is pretty much dysfunction personified.

    So before you belly up to the table with uncle Jimmy and aunt Carol for some mashed potatoes and turkey, let’s take this time to realize that it can always be worse and have ourselves an Arrested Development Thanksgiving. Read More

    Chevy Chase departs “Community,” effective immediately

    Community, Community, Community… you’ve been through a lot this past year. Renewal woes, changing up of your showrunner/creator, up and down relationships with Chevy Chase whose been very vocal about his character’s direction, delayed season premieres…

    Well it appears that Chase and the new showrunners have come to a mutual agreement that he will depart the show effective immediately. Most of season 4 of the show has been shot already including the finale so his departure might not be addressed in season 4 at all. The show is also shaky on ratings and perennially on the cancellation bubble so there’s also the chance that his departure is never address if there’s no season 5. Read More

    Rory Scovel working on new sitcom for ABC

    We might see more of comedian Rory Scovel on the small screen for he’s inked a deal with ABC to develop a multi-camera sitcom called Big Children, centered around a thirtysomething (played by Scovel) who is an only child who must move home with his parents to tend to them after they retire and they revert to acting like children with too much time on their hands. The show is co-produced by Scott Marder (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

    21 Comedians in Commercials

    When word broke earlier this week that Maria Bamford’s Christmas Champ was not going to be resurrected for Target ads this year, I have to admit… I was a little bummed. Not because I like advertisements, rather I dug Bamford’s completely off the wall weirdness and buffoonery toward the commercials. They were a welcome change to all the mushy holiday cheer that we’ll be subject to for about a month.

    With that being said, with the magic of the internet and the power of Youtube we have the chance to dig up those commercials some comedians hoped would never surface again, others made instantly classic, and those that are somewhere in between.

    Here’s a list of 21 commercials that were made better with the presence of comedians. Read More

    Bobby Collins on politicians and the dumbing of America

    A veteran comedian like Bobby Collins has seen and done everything in his 30 years as a comic. But some of his most fascinating ideas are on the government, politicians, and the dumbing of America. He’s been to the White House, been asked to play basketball with The President so we spent a few minutes with Collins to find out just what he thinks about the people that make up this country and our political system.

    In what should be no surprise to anyone, he had a lot to say about the topic. Read More

    Kyle Kinane’s “Whiskey Icarus” premieres November 24th, let’s watch some clips (video)

    Uncle BBQ is going to tell some dumb dumb stories on November 24th. That’s right, gather up Miller Time and The Boss for Kyle Kinane’s first ever hour-long stand-up comedy special Whiskey Icarus will air this Saturday, November 24th on Comedy Central.

    Kinane is the stand-up comedian equivalent of your favorite drunk uncle. Your parents might be worried about you hanging out with him, but 14 year old you has a a total blast with the man. Case in point, preview clips from the special!

    I know what you’re thinking… where do I know this guy? Well eager reader, you might know Kinane as the voice for the bumper ads that run on Comedy Central in between shows. Kinane also hosts a digital series called 30 Seconds Over Washington for the Indecision blog. On the series, Kinane mocks political ads from campaigns past and present. Read More