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  • Pete Holmes stopped by ‘Conan’ last night

    Starting next Monday, Pete Holmes will have his own show on TBS. Until then, he has to be content to stop by Conan O’ Brien‘s show to plug his forthcoming show, which will be on TBS following Conan. Among the topics he touched on were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-like concussion he got from a near-car accident and his mom’s disapproval of him dropping the F-bomb on TV. He also dropped in a quick Conan impression that didn’t exactly impress the host. Read More

    Watch Sarah Silverman’s un-aired pilot for ‘Susan 313’

    Yesterday we got a press release stating that Sarah Silverman would be releasing the pilot she shot in 2012 for NBC and boom it’s here today! The pilot was never picked up by the network but she managed to get the folks at the production company, Twentieth Century Fox to let her post it on Jash. So watch up. The show, Susan 313 features Silverman moving back into her apartment after the ending of a relationship with her longtime boyfriend (Jeff Goldblum) and trying to get her life back. The show featured a lot of great people including Tig Notaro, Eddie Pepitone, Harris Whittels, and June Diane Raphael. Read More

    Don Jamieson Twitter reviews ‘The Walking Dead’ episode 4:2

    Don Jamieson Twitter Reviews The Walking Dead

    Another Sunday night, another night not watching The Walking Dead. But after reading everyone’s tweets, here is my review:

    Season Four: Episode Two (Original air date: October 20, 2013)

    Last night’s episode featured dead pigs & rats, a woman named Carol who killed her husband in front of her daughters and was “Cray cray crazyyy as fckkk!”

    The big question on everyone’s mind: Who will be the first to get shot now that Carl has his gun again? Sounds to me like Carl is the George Zimmerman of TWD. Just to be safe, I wouldn’t wear a hoodie or eat Skittles around him.

    Also, Maggie has to keep her shit together. Maggie sounds like the Amanda Bynes of TWD. If at any point Maggie throws a bong out a window or says she wants Drake to murder her vagina, get her into protective custody immediately. Read More

    Watch a preview of Chris Hardwick’s ‘@Midnight’ which premieres tonight

    Tonight is the premiere of the new Chris Hardwick TV show @Midnight in which Hardwick hosts a crew of comedians each night as they break down pop culture, social, and web trends through the means of a game show. Here’s a clip of what to expect.

    And here are the guest comedians for the first week of shows. Read More

    Childish Gambino is performing a surprise show in NYC tonight, hear a new track

    If you are in NYC near Washington Square Park, you should be hearing the smooth sounds of Childish Gambino, the rap altar ego of Donald Glover. Gambino announced a secret/pop up show via Twitter just moments ago. It’s a publicity stunt to promote Gambino’s forthcoming album, Because The Internet which is due out this December 10th. On a Instagram post last week, Glover did state that his label might push the record back but right now it seems business as usual.

    Here’s the album’s first single, “3005” stream it as you head to Washington Square Park. Read More

    Mel Brooks and Conan O’Brien have a nice long talk about Serious Jibber Jabber

    Director and comedy legend Mel Brooks sat down with Conan O’Brien to have a really great and really long conversation about comedy. Brooks as we all know has helped create some of the funniest and memorable moments in comedy ever. The late night TV host and director break it all down in the latest edition of Serious Jibber Jabber from Team Coco.

    Watch the trailer for Wes Anderson’s new movie, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

    The trailer for the new Wes Anderson film has hit the web. The film, The Grand Budapest Hotel centers around the adventures of a hotel concierge Gustave H, and his lobby boy friend Zero Moustafa. Ralph Feinnes stars in this packed cast of characters that have made up Anderson’s films in the past and a bunch of new faces.

    This week in comedy: Badman vs. Superman

    • Pete Holmes in Badman vs. Superman. [The Pete Holmes Show]
    • Pat Cooper has announced his retirement. [Laughspin]
    • Cosmo was duped by It’s Always Sunny’s D.E.N.N.I.S system. [Warming Glow]
    • Andy Samberg’s new sitcom, Brooklyn Nine Nine has gotten a full season order. [THR Feed]
    • CBS renewed all of its new comedies. [THR Feed]
    • Donald Glover clarifies his earlier Instagram rant. [People]
    • The Village Voice named Mark Normand New York’s best comedian of 2013. [Village Voice]

    Read More

    Laughing at Last Week October 18th: America discovered by China?

    This week a weatherman eats cat vomit on live TV, a historian thinks China found America, and a drug smuggler is a little too honest for his own good. Phil hits all these issues as well as the top stories in comedy and much more. Now get to it and get watching!

    My Favorite Sketch: Damien Lemon ‘True Hollywood Stories: Rick James’ from ‘Chappelle’s Show’

    For My Favorite Sketch we asked comedian Damien Lemon (Guy Code) what sketch made him laugh more than any other. He told us that it was this instant classic from Chappelle’s Show that all of your friends quoted way too much when it first aired. Read More