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  • The inside scoop on The James Franco Roast

    While Comedy Central’s roast of James Franco wont air till Monday, September 2nd, it was actually taped last night in Los Angeles. The roast went off without a hitch as roasters dug into Franco with every comment. Their blistering attacks ranged from his brutal Oscar hosting in 2011, his paintings, and of course, they ripped on him for playing gay characters. Not to mention, Jeff Ross even ripped on his grandmother, who was in attendance.

    USA Today was able to catch up with Franco after the show, “It didn’t hurt.” Franco said, “If you’re going to do this kind of thing you should just be ready for whatever. It’s not like I haven’t heard criticism about my performance at the Oscars. Or jokes about my choice of gay roles.” Franco continued on saying, “I feel great and I feel everyone was awesome.”

    Also in attendance to get their “roast on” were Aziz Ansari, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, Nick Kroll, Natasha Leggero, Andy Samberg, Sarah Silverman, and roastmaster Seth Rogen. Of course in typical Jeff Ross fashion, he made quite the entrance. Ross arrived looking like Franco’s Spring Breakers character with corn-rows, gold teeth, and four young girls in bikinis around him.

    From what we’ve read about the show, it sounds like it was able to hold up to expectations. Set your DVR for September 2nd at 10pm, you won’t want to miss this.


    The Hot Streaks of Seth Rogen

    Welcome to Hot Streaks. A look at the times when comedians at the height of their power. Comedy comes in waves, and with it comedians ride the success of public adoration and creativeness. During these times (usually around 5 years), comedians are putting out some of their most successful projects. So with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the hot streaks some of the best comedians have out there.

    Up this week: Seth Rogen Read More

    Weekend box office: ‘The World’s End’ debuts as ‘Millers’ continuing to clean up

    It was a pretty slow weekend at the box office, as the typical late-summer weekends tend to be. Moviegoers tend to be not be going to movies as the Summer draws to a close, and this weekend was no exception. The top two movies were unchanged from last week, with Lee Daniels’ The Butler and We’re the Millers holding down #1 and #2. Millers is a bona-fide hit, having raked in an additional $13.5 million in its third week for a $91.7 cume. It should cross $100 million in the next week or so.

    As far as newcomers, the third film in Simon Pegg and Nick Frost‘s trilogy, The World’s End, had a solid #4 debut, taking in $8.9 million. To put it into context, Shaun of the Dead, the first film in their loosely connected trilogy, only made $13.5 million domestically in its entire run, while 2007’s Hot Fuzz made $23.6 million. The great reviews and 90% favorability on Rotten Tomatoes suggests that this will outgross both of them.

    Elsewhere, Andrew Dice Clay continued his renaissance, as the Woody Allen film he costars in, Blue Jasmine, finally expanded into the top ten, having grossed $14 million in its 5th week of release. Jim Carrey, on the other hand, sees his fortunes decline, as Kick Ass 2 falls to #10, only grossing $4.2 million in its second week. On the animated side, Disney’s Planes, which features Dane Cook as the voice of a, um, plane, remains top five, while a little lower down, Despicable Me 2 crosses the $350 million mark, sitting just behind Iron Man 3 as the most successful film of the year.


    Amy Schumer to write, star in Judd Apatow film

    It’s documented that Amy Schumer and director/producer Judd Apatow are fans of each other’s work. Now it appears that they’re going to be working together. While onstage at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ last night, Schumer told the crowd that on Monday, she would officially announce that she wrote and will be starring in a movie for Apatow. Deadline confirmed earlier today that it’s indeed happening, and will be produced by Apatow for Universal, via his Apatow Productions.

    While it had been known that the two were working on a script together, the specifics, including that Schumer will be starring in the film, had not been known. While Schumer has been doing stand-up for nine years, having appeared on Last Comic Standing in 2007, her career really took off in 2011, when she appeared on Comedy Central’s Charlie Sheen roast. That led to a special on the network, and her own show, Inside Amy Schumer, that premiered earlier this year. According to Deadline, Apatow will be working on Schumer to develop the story and shape the script.

    [Thanks Ben!]

    Brooklyn Comedy Festival: Friday, 8/23

    In it’s next to last night, the Brooklyn Comedy Festival wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, both of the events were well beyond sold out. Earlier in the evening, Brooklyn bar, Over The Eight played host to “T.G.I. Friedman.” The show, scheduled for 7:30 didn’t actually start till around 8:15  due to over crowding. With every chair the bar and restaurant owned packed into the back room, there wasn’t even standing room left. Those who performed were Jon Friedman, the Lucas bros, Jermaine Fowler, Kevin Allison, Hari Kondabolu, Calise Hawkins, and Chris DiStefano. The packed crowd was awesome and appreciative, creating a fun atmosphere for the comedians.

    Late night was no different. Usually hosted on Thursday at East Village bar Kabin, Comedy as a Second Language had another great night in a different venue (Brooklyn’s Brick Theater) and borough (Brooklyn, duh). Host Chesley Calloway oversaw about two hours of comedy, with Beer (Brooklyn, natch) and Tito’s Vodka drinks lubricating the capacity crowd. Among those performing were “Modern Seinfeld” Twitter co-creator Josh Gondelman, Scotland Green, Jeffrey Joseph, Last Comic Standing finalist Rob Cantrell, and Neil Stastny. When we say it was past capacity, we’re not exaggerating. There were people sitting on the floor on either side of the stage. Hey BCF bookers: you’re going to need bigger venues next year!

    Brooklyn Comedy Fest: Very Funny Characters Welcome Who Know Comedy

    At a bar called “The Flat,” The Brooklyn Comedy Festival hosted “Very Funny Characters Welcome Who Know Comedy” on Thursday night. The bar had a very classic Brooklyn vibe to it, very dimly lit and a little crowded. As the night went on, the bar became more and more full. Those who preformed were Josh Rabinowitz, Michael O’Brien, Kevin Barnett, a UCB group called Boat, Jermaine Fowler, Kevin Barnett and The Oakwood Boys hosted the show.

    While everyone did great, the standout performers of the night were Jermaine Fowler and Kevin Barnett. Fowler discussed his parents who had him at a young age, which caused Fowler to be the best man for his dad at his parents wedding. Barnett approached things a little differently, the first thing he did was admit that he was a little drunk and then went into a story about his friend spiking a drink with molly (a pure form of ecstasy). He continued on talking about his old roommate who was racist towards Cubans, which was awkward since his other roommate was Cuban.

    All in all, it was another successful night for The Brooklyn Comedy Festival. Check our their website for details on the final evening’s events.

    Laughing at Last Week 8/23: Ben Affleck is Batman?

    Did Madonna really just cover her mouth in medal? Is Ben Affleck really the new Batman? This week Phil covers both these topics, as well as, which college football teams are most likely to succeed. Finally, Phil brings it all together with a couple stories about P. Diddy and a couch that doubles as a gun safe. What are you waiting for? Get watching!

    Off the Vine: with Bo Burnham, Patrick Walsh, Marcus John, Eric Stonestreet, and Jason Nash

    Off The Vine

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    Sean Donnelly on Letterman, ‘Wanna be a big shot? Take $100 to Old Navy’

    Last night, Irish comedian Sean Donnelly made his network TV debut on The Late Show with David Letterman. Among the topics he touched on were Old Navy, Netflix, conversations with his mom and sex with his wife. If you like what you heard and you’re in the New York area, he’ll be performing at The Stand tonight.

    Pete Holmes: Definitely a better Batman than Ben Affleck

    So, have you heard that Ben Affleck is going to play Batman in the Superman/Batman crossover movie coming in 2015? Of course you have. As soon as it was announced, the internet blew up and the Twitterverse spontaneously combusted. In fact, hours later, #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck is still a trending topic on Twitter. And while the Daredevil/Gigli star will be in the film regardless, we’d like to humbly suggest someone that filled out the cape and cowl a little better: Pete Holmes. The comedian was the star of Badman, a recurring College Humor series. Sure, maybe Holmes is a little more off the cuff, and, well, hysterical than Affleck/Christian Bale/George Clooney/Val Kilmer/Michael Keaton, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching the entire series. Above, we find out how Batman, er Badman, got his voice. We also like the one in which he faces off with Patton Oswalt as the Penguin.