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  • Joe Zimmerman on Ferguson, ‘Shut up brain! You’re embarrassing me!’

    Joe Zimmerman was the guest comedian on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Zimmerman was a former Beard of Comedy and as you can see, he showed up on the show with what I’d classify as, “less than beard.” It was school time as Zimmerman gave us a bit of a science lesson as he talked about stars. Zimmerman then took us to history class and revealed how casting for President Andrew Jackson’s biopic would play out in his head.

    Bill Murray returning to small screen for HBO miniseries

    Thanks to HBO, comedy legend Bill Murray is coming back to the telly. Bill will be playing the role of the local widower Jack Kennison in the upcoming miniseries Olive Kitteridge. The story is based on a novel by Elizabeth Strout. It takes place in a small New England town that seems to be sweeping all sorts of trouble under the rug, from affairs to straight up crime. If you’re still unsure about it, consider the fact that the book won a Pulitzer Prize, so it has to be good.

    Murray joining the cast of the miniseries marks one of the first times Murray’s been on the small screen in a while. He filmed a cameo for the pilot of Amazon series Alpha House, but he’s been focusing on the big screen more lately. A trio of films that he’s appeared in are in post-production, Wes Anderson‘s The Grand Budapest Hotel, George Clooney‘s Monuments Men and St. Vincent De Van Nuys, a film directed by Ted Melfi. So it’s safe to say that wherever you look next year, you’ll see Bill Murray.

    Monty Python reunion happening in July 2014 in London, will be taped

    Monty Python

    As promised earlier this week, the surviving members of Monty Python announced their reunion plans today at a press conference from London’s Playhouse Theatre. A conference which contained Python’s traditional brand of humor and was also presented by Warwick Davis.

    The forthcoming show will feature new material and take place on July 1, 2014 at London’s O2 Arena. If you are planning on making the trip, tickets go on sale at 10am (London time) on November 25th. Right now, only one show is on the books but the group left things open that additional dates are possible. They also stated that there’s a possibility that the troupe would bring the show stateside. Read More

    Becoming a member of The Friars Club

    Phil Rothermich - FriarI recently had the honor and privilege to become a member of the legendary Friars Club. As a young comic who is relatively new to the game, becoming a member at The Friars Club is a huge deal. The history of the iconic club is unmatched and now, I can mark my name down as a part of that history.

    For those of you who don’t know, The Friars Club is a exclusive club for comedians and top notch businessmen. The club was founded back in 1904 and is known for it’s hysterical celebrity roasts. Just about every legendary entertainer that you can think of is a member, including Bob Hope, Jack Benny, President Woodrow Wilson, Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Billy Crystal, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and many, many more. The club works hard to raise money through The Friars Foundation, which takes money and donates it to many different charities. One of the charities includes The Gift of Laughter Wounded Warriors Program which strives to uplift the wellbeing and positive attitude of injured troops.

    My journey to join this prestigious club started back in April, when I was covering the Friars Club Film Festival. At the time I was still very fresh to the New York scene, having moved to the big city in August of 2012 and I didn’t know much about the club. I was contacted by a gentlemen who had read a few of my articles and was interested in me covering the festival. Being a big film lover, I was stoked, I quickly said yes and began looking through the schedule to see how many films I could fit into each day. I enjoyed the festival but also looked forward to one night when they were holding a after party at The Friars Club. While I still didn’t know much about it, I had heard how rich the history was and looked forward to experiencing the club. Read More

    ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ trailer here; why isn’t it April yet?

    After taking a 12 year break from the big screen 2011’s The Muppets was a welcome return for the franchise, appealing to both kids and the now-adults that grew up watching Kermit, Fozzy, and the rest of the posse. Jason Segel was a welcome presence as well. While he’s not going to be in the next film, a trailer has been unveiled, and it looks just as fun. Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey star in the film, which sees the Muppets in Europe when an evil doppelganger assumes Kermit’s identity. According to the film’s Wikipedia page, there are going to be tons of cameos in the film, some of which are shown in the trailer. Check it out.

    Muppets Most Wanted will be coming to theaters in April.

    Channing Tatum parodies Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Volvo split

    Channing Tatum SplitWith over 36 million views on YouTube, I’m sure you’ve seen Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Volvo commercial. The ad shows the old school karate master doing the splits between two Volvo semis while a voice over plays about Van Damme’s life and, no matter what anyone says, it is really impressive.

    However, Channing Tatum took it one step further. Playing the same music (Enya‘s “Only Time”) and with his own voice over, Tatum shows us the strength of a real man, doing the splits between two lunch carts on the set of 22 Jump Street. The parody is hilarious and a great takeoff of Van Damme’s commercial. If you haven’t seen the original, it’s under this article and thank you for climbing out from under your rock. If you have then go ahead and jump down to Tatum’s, it’s great. BTW, the 21 Jump Street sequel is due in theaters on June 13, 2014. Read More

    Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall discuss why ‘Coming to America’ never had a sequel

    Hard to believe, but this year actually marks the 25th anniversary of Coming to America. I understand that it’s an older movie but it’s still surprising the movie is just as old as me. With the flick being a total classic, many people wanted to know why a sequel was never made.

    Last night Eddie Murphy stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show to talk about a number of things, including how this year is the 25th anniversary of Coming To America and why there never was a sequel. Eddie brought the situation to life, describing how there were a bunch of lawsuits involved and how an African prince even showed up at clubs to yell at Eddie. If that wasn’t crazy enough, Arsenio chimed in saying that the prince, who yelled at Eddie, had originally come to America in pursuit of the girl from Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

    After hearing that wild tale, I would have to say that it’s totally understandable why the movie was never made. However, if they wanted to make a sequel now, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Read More

    Let us watch these Josh Hutcherson ‘Saturday Night Live’ promos

    November is the month of first timers, last week was Lady Gaga taking a stab at the hosting reigns at Saturday Night Live. This week Josh Hutcherson will take his first swing. We’re also currently taking on all bets to how big a percentage The Hunger Games will be referenced this week.

    Exclusive: A behind the scenes look at Comics Come Home

    Comics Come Home 2013

    We’re psyched that we got the chance to team up with the awesome music/comedy/pop culture site Under The Gun Review for this pretty awesome feature where we were offered a backstage look at Comics Come Home up in Boston. Make it a point to visit the team over there at UTG daily, they’re awesome and their site is top notch.

    Each year for the past 19 years Denis Leary has traveled to his hometown of Boston to put on a benefit show Comics Come Home. Leary and his production company Apostle team up with The Cam Neely Foundation and its various offshoots to raise money that will benefit cancer patients and their families. In its 19th turn, Comics Come Home boasted one of its largest lineups as Leary recruited Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan, Tom Cotter, Lenny Clarke, Robert Kelly, Gary Gulman, John Mulaney and Kenny Rogerson to perform in front of a sold out crowd of 7,000 + people at the Agganis Arena. In a joint adventure, The Laugh Button and Under The Gun Review traveled to the Boston Arena and spent the day on scene with their cameras to document the night and give our readers an all access look at the action. Read More

    Ali Siddiq named grand prize winner of Comedy Central’s Up Next talent competition

    Ali SiddiqAfter the votes have been tallied and the laughter died down, Comedy Central’s Up Next has chosen a winner for their Up Next competition for CC: Certified Clubs. The Up Next Fan’s Pick has gone to Ali Siddiq, who wins an appearance on a future Comedy Central stand-up series, a performance slot in an upcoming Comedy Central Live college tour, a Comedy Central Records digital release, placement on the CC: Stand-up site and app, a stint as a guest DJ on Comedy Central Radio (SiriusXM channel 95) and $2,500 cash.

    A Houston native, Siddiq first won in his hometown before moving on to the semi-final showcase at the Chicago improv last month before moving on to New York. Taking place at Caroline’s during the New York Comedy Festival, Siddiq was one of nine comics to perform at the Comics To Watch showcase. Siddiq edged out Tone Bell, Chris Cubas, Randy Liedtke, Nimesh Patel, Joe Pera, Dave Thomason, Aaron Weaver and Jenny Zigrino. You can find out more about Siddiq via his web site. Read More