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  • How to craft a good joke, from one of the masters, Jerry Seinfeld

    If you claim to be a writer or have never picked up a pen in your life, everyone can learn something new from the comedic powerhouse Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld, was interviewed by The New York Times about how he crafts his jokes and the strategies he uses to formulates his ideas.

    Spoiler Alert: Jerry brings out a joke he’s been crafting for two years and shows us the specific tactics he used to make his Pop Tart routine work. Typically, Jerry can create material in two days which is more the reason why it makes this two year joke that much more special to hear.

    As he explains, he feels the comedy writing scene is somewhat of a secretive society that not many people talk about and for this, we couldn’t agree more. Here are ten pieces of advice about comedy writing explained by master Jerry Seinfeld. Read More

    This Week In Comedy: Big games with mannequin hands

    • Youtube will start charging for certain subscription channels this spring. [Ad Age]
    • Jimmy Fallon and Jason Batemen’s “Real people fake arms” needs to become a series. [Youtube]
    • Now that we live in a post 30 Rock world, what does the TV sitcom landscape look like? [Huffington Post]
    • Doug Stanhope went on the BBC and explained to them why America is great. [The Comedy Bureau]
    • Eric Andre shares his favorite fake band names. [Uproxx]

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    Animation and Stand-up Comedy

    Eddie Murphy AnimatedIt seems ever since the show Shorties Watching Shorties, animation in comedy is growing into a creative outlet for stand-up comedians to express their stories and experiences. By no means is an animator replacing stand-up comedian, it’s more or less complimenting the roles through a different digital landscape.

    The ability to provide graphic transformations for the audience or viewer can provide an exciting and unpredicted experience. The field of animation continues to grow as the approach to traditional schooling has also adapted over the years.

    Schools such as Columbia or Tribeca intertwine courses that include the art of animation in hopes of better preparing students for the real world of entertainment. In that world, there are cross channel collaborations which result in unorthodox forms of storytelling and jokes. Watch for more short animations to blossom in the near future as these funny cartoons provide quick hit humor in a visually captivating and easy to access fashion. Read More

    Big episodes from Billy On The Street

    Bill on the Street

    We know you love game shows. We know you love Julia Roberts and Spock. We know you will love the Julia Roberts Obstacle Course from Billy on the Street.

    Taking place in New York City, the comedic host Billy Eichner guides comedic and entertainment superstars Rachel Dratch, Will Ferrell, and Zachary Quinto (just to name a few) through a funny series of obstacles, questions, interactions and ultimately man on the street input.

    The new episode involving Zachary Quinto (who plays Spock in the new Star Trek movie, released May 14, 2013) is pretty funny as they run around the building asking people if they care if “it’s Spock.” Read More

    Using humor in Super Bowl commercials

    Once a year companies open up their checkbooks and fork over tons of mullah for a short commercial to air during the Super Bowl. This year, the costs ring in at roughly $4 million for a 30-second timeslot during the big game. It might seem like a crapload of cash and you’re correct, it is. The risk and possible reward is enticing to any company as their advertisement can possibly reach over a billion people.

    On the positive side of the coin… if the advertisement is done well thus the product is not forgotten, the big boys win. That’s why humor is such an important part of these commercials and why the average Joe remembers certain spots. That won’t change this year as the majority of commercials will continue to follow this comedy model of success. It is no longer just about a football game. It is a prime-time arena for advertisers. Read More

    Artie Lange and NFL Homosexuality

    What a better guy to put on the field with the players of the NFL Super Bowl XLVI than the one and only Artie Lange.

    Artie took his show to the teams media day and interviewed Chris Culliver. The professional football player wore his NFL jersey thus representing himself, his team and overall the league.

    The story took a twist when Artie asked about homosexuality in the NFL and specifically on the San Francisco 49ers. You can see the strong view point from the Culliver as it seems The Artie Lange Show unveiled a touchy subject among jocks playing football.

    Eight ways the classic comedy Groundhog Day influenced the world

    February 2, 2013 is the dirty groundhog’s 127th prognostication. In Punxsutawney, Phil was been the “true” weather forecasting groundhog since 1886. Now, we are sure a few generations of the little rodents have come and gone over the course of the years, yet the tradition reaches over a dozen decades long.

    We dug deeper to discover how the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray left its impression on different parts of the world. In doing so we compiled the Top Eight ways this classic comedy made an mark in today’s society. Like the groundhog itself, the movie morphed into many different meanings over the years. Read More

    It’s Your Choice Neo…

    Okay, you decide.

    RED PILL) The cold will not keep you from going outside to watch live comedy at Stand Up NY this weekend


    BLUE PILL) You think it is too cold outside so you decide to stay inside and watch new videos from a project called Stand Up NY Labs

    OR… another twist…

    PURPLE PILL) With a lisp, you have pride in swallowing both pills.

    Well, if you’re a purple people eater than you are A-okay in our book! Read More