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  • Jon Hamm interrupts Jon Stewart to show a clip of his best musical moments on “The Daily Show”

    Jon Hamm, Jon Stewart

    As Jon Stewart winds down his hosting duties of The Daily Show the sendoff montages are becoming a bit more frequent. Last night as Jon Hamm guested on the show, he decided to take the stage a bit early to introduce a sizzle reel of Stewart’s best singing moments on the last 16+ years of the show. Hamm stating that Stewart’s voice was “like Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, and Luciano Pavarotti had a threesome and then gave birth to the perfect set of vocal cords — yours, Jon. So tonight, I would like to celebrate what you really wanted all along: to teach the world to sing.” Read More

    Paul F. Tompkins is ending his web series “Speakeasy” which is really unfortunate

    Paul F. TompkinsWell this news bums us out. Paul F. Tompkins has announced that he’s ending his excellent interview webseries Speakeasy. Tompkins kicked off the Made Man interview series in 2012 with Ty Burrell conducting in-depth with comedian friends and interesting entertainers over some drinks at a bar.

    Tompkins broke the news today in a tumblr post. Stating that the logic was that he needed to focus on other projects and it was becoming increasingly difficult to juggle all balls. His final interview, with comedian Hannibal Buress will also be the last of the series. What a great one to go out on. Read More

    Cool thing to buy this week: Uncabaret Presents: Taylor Negron

    Taylor Negron

    PURCHASE: Amazon | iTunes
    At the top of the year comedian and actor Taylor Negron passed away from liver cancer at the age of 57. While that news is crushing in and of itself, Negron was always “that guy from that thing.” Appearing in movies like Fast Times At Ridgemont High and The Last Boy Scout to TV shows like Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. In a nearly 30+ year career in the entertainment business. A large portion of Negron’s life was spent making people laugh as he performed stand-up. So it’s nearly impossible to realized that Negron never released a proper stand-up comedy album.

    In an attempt to correct this oversight, Comedy Dynamics has put together a new stand-up album, UnCabaret Presents: Taylor Negron, which is available at all digital retailers. Negron was a regular at LA’s series UnCabaret, clocking in hours of stand-up comedy at the long running live show. Those hours have been combed through and this album puts together some of his best material as an audience favorite. Read More

    Watch this preview sketch from the fifth season of “Key & Peele”

    An audience member at a town hall meeting experiences an awkward case of mistaken identity in this preview sketch for the upcoming season of Key & Peele returning to Comedy Central July 8. We can’t wait for season 5!

    Here’s your first look at “Difficult People” starring Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner

    Difficult People

    Here’s your first look at Difficult People starring Julie Klausner (Bob’s Burgers) and Billy Eichner (Billy on the Street). The story revolves around best friends living in New York City with their behavior landing them in awkward situations. Watch the trailer here: Read More

    Take a look as Paul Feig sends “Ghostbusters” fans into a frenzy by releasing pics of new uniforms and proton packs


    Paul Feig dropped some knowledge on Twitter by releasing the first look at the outfits and redone proton pack the new cast of Ghostbusters will be sporting. Feig and the crew have been up in Boston where shooting has been going on for a couple weeks. He threw in a nice Easter Egg on the proton pack. See if you can spot the heart. Read More

    Check out the trailer for “Sleeping With Other People” starring Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie


    Twelve years after a one-night stand, a man (Jason Sudeikis) and a woman (Alison Brie) run into each other and try to maintain a platonic relationship despite their mutual attraction. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay produce. Read More

    The Upright Citizens Brigade sits down with the Today show to celebrate its 25th anniversary

    UCB Today Show

    All four founding members of the now legendary Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre sit down with the Today show to celebrate the UCB’s 25th anniversary. Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh tell their story of how it all began to how they got to become one of the most respected outlets in comedy. Watch the interview here Read More

    Watch the trailer for the Chris Farley documentary, “I Am Chris Farley” due out on July 31

    Matt Foley

    The first official trailer for the Chris Farley documentary, I Am Chris Farley has hit the web.

    It documents the late comedian’s life through childhood home videos, stage appearances, Saturday Night Live footage, and interviews with those who knew him. The doc secures some interview with big players in the comedy community who knew him like Adam Sandler, Bob Odenkirk, Jay Mohr, Will Sasso, Molly Shannon, David Spade, Dan Aykroyd, Tom Arnold, Bob Saget, and Lorne Michaels. It also features interviews with sketch and movie co-stars like Christina Applegate, Bo Derek, and his brother Kevin Farley. Read More

    Watch the first trailer for the Netflix doc Tig starring Tig Notaro

    Comedian Tig Notaro had a devastating year. Having just recovered from a life-threatening infection and still in mourning over her mother’s sudden passing, Notaro’s subsequent discovery of bilateral breast cancer left her no choice but to turn profound pain into an ongoing punch line, both on and off the stage. Netflix original documentary, Tig tells the incredible story of her search and discovery of humor and love amid devastating news.