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  • Kyle Kinane showcases his mountain biking enthusiasm in new web series, “Outside Comedy”

    There’s a great web series we just learned about called Outside Comedy. It’s the brainchild of Thomas R. Wood where he talks a documentary-style approach to comedians as those comics discuss their hobbies and interests when they aren’t on stage. In the most recent episode of the series, Wood features Kyle Kinane who is an avid mountain biker when he’s not a stand-up comedian. Read More

    Verizon adds CollegeHumor original to its streaming service arsenal

    Fatal DecisionAnd now for Verizon’s turn in the stream wars currently under way. Just last month in October, Verizon launched G090 free video service. It kicked off with just about 8000 TV shows and clips. Said content includes exclusives from Vice and now CollegeHumor is in the mix.Fatal Decision, which is loosely based on a web series that CollegeHumor did back in 2008, stars Zeke Nicholson, Pam Murphy and Andrew Pifko, and comes with celebrity cameos from Geoffrey Arend, Jake Busey, MC Gainey, Christina Hendricks, Nathalie Kelley, Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, and Reginald Veljohnson. Read More

    Enjoy this spot-on, “The Fault In Our Star Wars” parody trailer

    According to recent marketing data, most Star Wars fans are men, but to try to bring in the biggest possible audience Disney is specifically targeting young women. This new trailer does a good job of sending the message that Star Wars is for everyone.

    DGital Media’s Comedy Voices signs Upright Citizens Brigade to audio network

    UCBDGital Media has signed an exclusive audio deal with Upright Citizens Brigade to join its Comedy Voices audio network according to Variety. DGital Media will work alongside UCB to produce, distribute and market existing podcasts as well as create new content. “I love podcasts, I’ve been doing mine for nine years,” Matt Walsh of UCB has said. “Digital technology makes it so easy to produce them and on-demand is the way people get their entertainment today.” As for DGital Chief Content Officer Chris Corcoran, “We are honored and thrilled to partner with such an influential and important brand in the business of comedy. The UCB is all about creativity, discovery, and influence and it will headline our Comedy Voices on-demand audio platform.” Current UCB podcasts that will be included are Bear Down with Matt Walsh and screenwriter Scot Armstrong, Hooray Show with Horatio Sanz, Revenge of the Podcast with comedian Griffin Newman and critic David Sims, and The UCB Digital Podcast which is a behind-the-scenes look at the comedy business with writers of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, Key and Peele and more. And that’s not all the UCB are up too. They are launching Seeso, the comedy subscription channel alongside NBCUniversal.

    Here’s your trailer for indie comedy “Bad Roomies” starring Patrick Renna and Tommy Savas

    A roommate comedy about two guys who are searching for a third roommate and finally they settle on an apparently harmless and beautiful girl. All goes well despite a simmering rivalry until one mistake that starts them on a downward spiral. A hilarious game of roommate vs roommate. Available on demand on December 1.

    W. Kamau Bell set to tape new special in December, Morgan Spurlock attached to direct

    Kamau Bell

    W. Kamau Bell just announced via twitter he’ll be taping his brand new special next month on December 2 in New York City. He also listed documentarian Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock Inside Man). The taping will take place in Brooklyn, NY at Roulette. Bell’s prior taping, SXSW Comedy With W. Kamau Bell, aired earlier this year and was split into two parts for Showtime. W. Kamau Bell is a socio-political comedian who is the host of the upcoming CNN travel show, The United Shades of America. Currently, Kamau may be best known for his critically acclaimed, but criminally short-lived FX comedy series, Totally Biased. Chris Rock called Kamau, “One of the funniest guys out there.” And Robin Williams called Kamau “ferociously funny”. While Denzel Washington said “That brother that’s always talking about me.” Among the places Kamau has been seen or heard are Comedy Central’s @midnight, HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Conan, Meet The Press, WTF with Marc Maron, The Rachel Maddow Show, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, Henry Louis Gates’ Peabody Award Winning documentary Many Rivers To Cross, and This American Life. Kamau’s writing has appeared on,,, Buzzfeed, and The LA Review of Books. Read More

    Watch “Barbershop 3: The next cut” official trailer

    Barbershop 3: The Next Cut stars Ice Cube, Common, Anthony Anderson, Nicki Minaj, and Cedric the Entertainer. It hits theaters April 15, 2016.

    Workplace comedy pilot “Corporate” greenlit by Comedy Central

    Comedy CentralComedy Central is stepping up its pilot game as shows on the network have either called it a day or are coming to a close an end. Comedy pilot Corporate has received the greenlight from the network. Penned by Matt Ingebretson (Bane the Telemarketer with Chris Kattan) and directed by Jake Weisman and Pat Bishop (Women sketch group), Corporate is described, according to Deadline as, “a dark, satirical workplace comedy that follows Matt and Jake, two junior executives-in-training who are forced to do the dirty work of the higher-ups at one of the world’s largest corporations, Hampton DeVille.” Comedy Central also recently released it’s Winter lineup including two new shows Not Safe w/ Nikki Glaser and Idiotsitter.

    H. Jon Benjamin to release Jazz album on November 27 by way of Sub Pop Records

    Jon Benjamin Jazz DaredevilH. Jon Benjamin, known for iconic animated roles in Bob’s Burgers, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, Archer, Home Movies, as well as roles in Master of None, Upright Citizens Brigade, Wet Hot American Summer, and Human Giant has dropped a comedy bomb on the music and comedy worlds. He will be releasing his debut jazz album Well I Should Have…Learned How to Play Piano November 27 on Sub Pop Records. No one saw this coming, except for Benjamin of course. When asked about the idea and motivation behind the album, Benjamin states, “‘Well, I Should Have…*’ is the culmination of hours (almost 3) of conception with the goal to bring something, in the tradition of the great vanguard jazz artists like Miles Davis, Roach, Mingus, Monk, et al, close to pure spontaneity. Jazz is the ocean… I am just one wave forming one curl, crashing once onto some remote beach somewhere in time.” He then adds, “I do not play piano and I made this jazz album.” He even put together a short documentary entitled Jon Benjamin: Jazz Daredevil which was shot the same day as the recording of the album. You can watch it here: Read More

    Bob Odenkirk sells indie film, “Girlfriend’s Day” to Netflix

    Bob OdenkirkThe hardest working man in comedy Bob Odenkirk is headed back to Netflix again with Girlfriend’s Day. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Mr. Show mastermind sold his noir comedy film to the streaming service. In an attempt to ramp up their movie efforts, Netflix purchased the flick and another called Mercy from Chris Sparling (The Sea Of Trees, Buried). Following the success of With Bob and David, which is currently streaming now, the media giant scooped up Odenkirk and Eric Hoffman’s script. Michael Stephenson is set to direct the release, which will be made available the same day that it appears in theaters. In Girlfriend’s Day, Odenkirk plays Ray, a washed-up greeting card writer in a society that elevates greeting card writers to the status of artists. Ray ends up in a “web of deceit and murder” after collaborating with fellow good-natured wordsmiths to create the ultimate greeting card. Amber Tamblyn will co-star alongside Bob as a card-writer groupie intent on helping Ray reclaim his former glory.