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  • “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” announces first week guests including Clooney, Scarlett Johansson and Amy Schumer

    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    The list is in. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s debut week will include some big names in the world of TV, Film, Music, and Comedy. Everything gets underway Tuesday September 8 with George Clooney, Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush and a musical performance by Jon Batiste and Stay Human. Wednesday sees Scarlett Johansson, SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk join the show with an interview and musical performance by Kendrick Lamar. Thursday will bring Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Toby Keith with Amy Schumer, Stephen King and a musical performance by Troubled Waters closing things out on Friday.

    Jon Stewart attacks John Cena with steel chair at SummerSlam, turns heel

    Jon Stewart SummerSlam

    Jon Stewart would be the lead story today on The Daily Show and not for reasons one would expect after leaving the chair he sat in for the last 16 years. Instead, he occupied a chair by different means. Stewart hosted last night’s WWE extravaganza known as SummerSlam. This year it took place in Brooklyn New York. He opened up his monologue by playing favorite to the crowd, “No. Sleep. Till.” he said. The crowd with a resounding “Brooklyn” got the party started. Stewart has had an ongoing feud with WWE Champion Seth Rollins for quite some time now and it was all coming to a head at the Barclay’s Center. His hosting duties were fulfilled and then some as Stewart interfered with the marquee match-up of the evening by turning heel and putting a steel chair to the gut of Rollins’ opponent, John Cena. In case you missed it, here is Stewart’s opening speech and the moment that changed everything. I think it’s safe to say, Stewart sure is enjoying retirement. Read More

    Nightmare Gig: Keith Alberstadt should’ve vetted his college gig better

    Keith Alberstadt

    Every working comedian has at least one of those moments in their career. That moment when they take the stage and things just do not go as they wanted. Weather it be a bad venue, audience, or bad jokes, the show turns from bad show to a nightmare. Nightmare Gig is when The Laugh Button asks a comedian to describe their most horrific stand-up moment. This time we asked comedian Keith Alberstadt to tell us his story, turns out sometimes one needs to vet the show they’re performing at before they agree to perform. Read More

    Watch “The Final Girls” horror comedy trailer starring Workaholics’ Adam DeVine and Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch

    The Final Girls

    It’s about that time of year when the horror comedy films start rolling out and this year is no exception. Joining the pack is The Final Girls, a story of a young woman grieving the loss of her mother, a famous scream queen from the 1980s, who finds herself pulled into the world of her mom’s most famous movie. Reunited, the women must fight off the film’s maniacal killer. Metta, yes. Fun, yes. Funny, we’ll just have to wait and see. Enjoy the trailer starring Workaholics‘ Adam Devine, Silicon Valley‘s Thomas Middleditch, and Malin Akerman of Childrens Hospital: Read More

    Watch Natasha Leggero’s rap video “Diamond Pussy”

    Natasha Leggero

    Rather than just rolling into her latest stand-up special, Live At Bimbo’s, Natasha “Natty Legs” Leggero, kicked it off with a rap music video, “Diamond Pussy.” The video shows Leggero’s decadent lifestyle and the hard work she puts into taking the comedy stage. Read More

    This Week on TV: “The Carmichael Show” premieres on NBC

    Photo by: NBCUniversal

    It’s time to test the waters again at NBC with their next comedy endeavor, this time with The Carmichael Show. The six-episode comedy series finds comedian Jerrod Carmichael playing a version of himself. You may recognize Carmichael’s voice from Lucas Bros Moving Co or Axe Cop. Or maybe you caught him in last summer’s blockbuster comedy Neighbors. Well, his stock is definitely on the rise as he’ll be a part of 2016’s comedy-drama The Meddler where he is included in a cast that includes Rose Byrne, Susan Sarandon, J.K. Simmons and Saturday Night Live‘s Cecily Strong. Back-to-back new episodes of The Carmichael Show will air for three straight weeks. Read More

    Bill Burr’s comments on Caitlyn Jenner that have social media talking

    Bill Burr on Conan

    Bill Burr has a way of framing things in a way that often makes people say, “yeah, he’s got a point.” That happened during his most recent appearance on Conan. Burr was there to promote his November Madison Square Garden show (Nov 14th as part of the NY Comedy Festival) and he told Conan about his thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner which summed up, state he needed a moment to process the entire situation and say goodbye to Bruce. Burr is never one to shy away from charged topics and those that instantly got upset about his words on social media inadvertently prove his point. Read More

    Sam Morril on Conan, “I saw a dad in a coffee shop quizzing his kid on dinosaurs”

    Sam Morril on Conan

    Almost a year after his last appearance on the show, Sam Morril swung by Conan for a tight 5, and tight it was. Morril’s jokes about everything from crystal meth, dinosaurs, basketball, relationships and how a broken phone can help end one. It’s all finely honed material. Morril is a beast! He has both a new comedy album and Comedy Central Half Hour coming up. Be sure to not sleep on those. Read More

    Cool thing to buy this week: Liza Treyger “Glittercheese”

    Liza Treyger: GlittercheeseLiza Treyger Glittercheese
    Direct | Amazon | iTunes

    This week’s CTTB is the first of 6 new releases that Comedy Central Records is putting out for their 2015 roster of The Half Hour. Glittercheese was recorded at the Up Comedy Club in Chicago, is a debut album for Treyger. Boisterously candid. This “casual feminist” leads her audience down a chaotic path in her signature laid-back style as she reflects on treasured times such as handing out beer from her car after open mic nights to make friends, ruining a Miley Cyrus concert for teenage girls, and going to jail maybe one too many times. You’re sure to fall in love with Liza’s searing but playful charm… Unless you’re a pregnant woman. Or a man with a ponytail. Read More

    The Fat Jew speaks: “I should have been providing attribution for all posts”

    Photo by Tamara Beckwith (NY Post)
    Photo by Tamara Beckwith (NY Post)

    Over the last several months there have been a lot of hot button topics boiling to the surface in the world of comedy. From all things Cosby to political correctness commentary as well as safety in clubs to the most recent topic of joke thievery. Comedy has been leaking into mainstream media now more than ever. This all came to a head back on August 13 when The Hollywood Reporter released the news that Josh Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jew, had signed a representation deal with CAA. This hit the comedy community hard as Ostrovsky had been repeatedly accused of stealing other comedians material straight up with no accreditation. By this time, it has been almost overly exposed through spreadsheets, side-by-side comparisons, as well as photo documentation. And you know once Patton Oswalt has something to say about it, changes will come. Oswalt himself has had his work lifted word for word that even included a mispronunciation back in 2010. Clearly there was no longer anywhere for The Fat Jew to hide. Well, Ostrovsky has finally come out to speak in response to the situation and here’s what he had to say. Read More