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  • Just For Laughs 2014: The Green Room with Paul Provenza

    Paul Provenza’s Green Room show has always been an intriguing one for any comedy fan. While the show had a very short life on Showtime television, however it’s found new life, showing up at various festivals since then and it’s been just as compelling ever since.

    At Salle Claude Leveillee, Provenza hosted a panel of comedians to discuss comedians that left us too soon. Provenza hosted Bill Burr, Dom Irrera, Dave Attell, Robert Kelly, and Darrin Rose and led a roundtable discussion about comedians we lost a bit too soon. Every comedian on the panel had a touch point about the comedians we lost and the conversation was riveting. While it was abundantly obvious all comedians had great respect for the comics they discussed, it didn’t stop them from cracking jokes at them and making fun of them. Read More

    Adult Swim debuted the “Mike Tyson Mysteries” trailer at Comic-Con (video)

    This weekend at Comic-Con, [adult swim] revealed the trailer for its upcoming late night cartoon, Mike Tyson Mysteries, and it’s a nostalgia blast galore! The show takes on a Scooby-Doo vibe in animation style, the presence of a mystery machine-like van, and gang getting into antics. The big difference is, of course, the presence of Mike Tyson and pigeons solving crime. Wait what? Also, you’ll recognize the voices of Jim Rash and Norm MacDonald in this clip.

    Just For Laughs 2014: Jim Norton’s keynote address, “I Insincerely Apologize” (audio + full transcription)

    Jim Norton was the keynote speaker of this year’s Just For Laughs Festival. In the speech, Norton gets brutally honest about the business of comedy. Offering his story coming up in business, self esteem, and career in comedy. He also gives his take on the current culture of the community, offering up his point of view as someone who found himself in the whirlwind of the, “I’m offended” culture that’s been cultivated of late. From his debate on late night about rape jokes, to recent fallout from the Twitter rant of his SiriusXM co-host Anthony Cumia, Norton offers his insight and even pulls inspiration from none other than Joan Rivers. Read More

    Just For Laughs 2014: Chelsea Peretti is an American treasure

    On Wednesday night in Montreal, stand-up and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti headlined a solo show, “Chelsea Peretti: American Treasure,” at L’Astral. “You can name your show anything you want,” said Peretti as she took the stage. Unlike a few other JFL shows that night, the intimate theater filled up before the show’s scheduled start time. The crowd loved Peretti. About the only thing that wouldn’t get a laugh was her (admittedly) joke-less crowd work. “I don’t even have a joke for that, I’m just repeating what I heard.” Peretti had a hairpin trigger to any external noise that night, and her playful jabs at her lack of commentary on any of it earned her the laugh the original riff didn’t get for a quick save. That’s always a mark of a good comic, being able to successfully riff on yourself and recover from a flat joke. Read More

    Just For Laughs 2014: New Faces highlights

    Just For Laughs Montreal is unmistakably the biggest comedy festival of the year. It’s a privilege to perform here, and every year many, many comedians vie to be one of the fest’s “New Faces of Comedy.” As announced Monday, twenty-one up-and-coming comedians were chosen for 2014′s New Faces showcases. Many JFL headliners first entered the festival as a “new face;” it’s sort of you’re introduction to the industry. On Wednesday night, the comics were split up into two groups, for two showcases. While some seemed (understandably) nervous, or a little over-rehearsed, there were four comedians that really shined in their moment under the spotlight. Read More

    #TBT to a most “Silly Time” with the boys of WOMEN Comedy

    Every Thursday, TLB participates in #TBT by scrounging around the internet for precious web gems of yore. Here’s one of our favorite videos that deserve some extra attention.

    The WOMEN sketch group has been pumping out little web gems for about three years now, and this has to be my personal favorite. I’m not sure what it is that makes “Silly Time” my favorite. Is it Dave Ross and Allen Strickland Williams’ delightful, gleeful romp around the room that I enjoy so much? Or is it the final twist that makes this one incredibly hilarious sketch? I mean, overall, it’s just a silly good time.