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  • W. Kamau Bell on “The Unbearable Whiteness of Late Night”

    W. Kamau Bell“But the people who run late night don’t need us blacks to host anymore. Once Arsenio left, late night picked the bones of his show. They picked them so clean that when he came back there wasn’t enough to make it feel as different as it had been the first time. Late night didn’t need a black host because it had all the black host’s guests.”

    – W. Kamau Bell’s op-ed on Buzzfeed about why we will not see much diversity in late night television because it’s taken everything it needs from black pioneers like Arsenio Hall.

    It turns out that David Letterman enjoys being yelled at by Billy Eichner

    Last night Billy Eichner paid visit to David Letterman. It’s kinda fitting to see this happen as Eichner was a comedian whom Joan Rivers backed and repeatedly told Late Show bookers that they had to check out and get on the show. So Eichner being on the show is a final, subtle tribute to Rivers in a way. But it didn’t take long for Billy to earn his way back on the show as he entertained the crap out of the late night host and played games with Letterman who demanded some yelling. The games included “Celebrity Child or Kentucky Derby Winner?” and “Dead or Boring?” Yelling, which Letterman got particularly animated for. Billy Eicher and Dave Letterman yelling at each other is pretty much the best thing. Read More

    9 Documentaries about comedians you can find on Netflix, and one you can’t

    There are a lot of comedy documentaries out there in the world. Some of them are endlessly fascinating and offer a behind the scenes look at what comedians think about a topic. Others focus on one comedian’s origin story/search/climb/obstacle overcoming something. While others sometimes are just fun because a bunch of your favorite comedians talk about favorite things.

    With that being said, we decided to come up with a list of comedy documentaries that specifically focus on a comedian instead of a topic in comedy. You can find Nine of these documentaries on on Netflix, one, you will not find (but its freely available on the internet). They’re worth putting in your queue and watching the next time you’d like to dive into comedian history. Read More

    Nick Offerman tells Jimmy Fallon about his sexual codes

    College is a wild time for everybody. Sir Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) of course was no different. On last night’s The Tonight Show, Offerman shared with Jimmy Fallon his sexual coding system he devised with his roommate to let the other know how long to stay out of the room. Ties on doorknobs, yamakas, all the basic essentials. Offerman also talks about his infamous woodworking skills and doles out some advice to viewers. Read More

    Donate to charity for a chance to play video games with Will Ferrell

    Everyone knows Will Ferrell (or “Pharrell”) is an excellent gamer. If you want to see if you can compete with the master, donate to Ferrell’s new Indiegogo campaign. In an effort to raise $375,000 for children with cancer, donations of $10 or more will be entered in a drawing to win a trip to San Francisco for an evening of video games with Ferrell that will be broadcast on Twitch TV. There’s also the promise of a half-eaten bag of Skittles… so you’re going to want to jump on that. To donate, go to

    Bill Burr to release “Live At Andrew’s House” on vinyl September 30th

    Bill Burr - LAAHOn September 20th, Bill Burr will release a vinyl album, Live From Andrew’s House. Recorded live at Burr’s legendary 2011 Carnegie Hall performance and the folks at Third Man Records are pressing and putting the comedy out for sale. It’s a documentation of Burr’s performance of material that he was working on that went into his third stand-up special.

    “As a stand-up comedian, to get to perform at Carnegie Hall is a milestone; so when I found out that I got that gig I knew I wanted to document the performance,” stated Burr. “Most of the material on this album is the same material that eventually became the special You People Are All The Same and I didn’t want to screw over people by putting out two DVD’s with similar material. So this is a special release of that performance that will be on vinyl only.”

    Live At Andrew’s House was recorded at Carnegie Hall on November 11, 2011, four months before Burr taped You People Are All The Same. The album gives fans the opportunity to experience a landmark performance in Burr’s career and the early workings of a set that became Burr’s critically-acclaimed third special. The Live From Andrew’s House LP will be available for pre-sale September 16th at, and everywhere records are sold on September 30th. Read More

    All About Perspective: A conversation with Ben Kronberg

    Ben Kronberg is one of the most unique and innovative comics today. From clever puns, to rapping along with his iPhone beatbox app, I have time after time curled over from laughter watching him perform. Having recently performed at the High Plains Comedy Festival, I had the pleasure of chatting with Ben about his Denver roots, his most recent TV appearances, and why it’s important to not let the things you don’t have overshadow what you do have. Check it out. Read More

    Hannibal Buress talks to Seth Meyers about specialty jumpsuits and rejected sketches

    Hannibal Buress was a guest on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. It was a reunion of sorts as Buress used to work under Meyers as a writer for SNL. Meyers asks Buress to explain a rejected sketch of Buress,’ “Fedora Basketball.” Buress also talks about what it’s like to perform stand-up wearing a jumpsuit with your own face on it, and video-bombing Jason Segel.