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  • This Week on TV: Key & Peele Super Bowl Special on Comedy Central

    This week on TV, gear up for Key & Peele Super Bowl Special on Comedy Central. If this trailer is any indication of what’s to come, we’re in for a treat. These two are unstoppable when it comes to sketch comedy. And their football sketches have been some of the best over the course of the show’s four seasons. Who can forget McCringleberry’s excessive celebration. Or the East/West College Bowl. And lastly, Quarterback Concussion. They’ve struck the comedy vein of football and there will be plenty more where that came from when The Key & Peele Super Bowl Special premieres Friday, January 30 at 10/9c. Here’s the rest of the week’s line up Read More

    Blake Shelton hosted Saturday Night Live: he brought a wishing boot and spread some magic

    Blake Shelton SNL Bumpers

    Blake Shelton seems like a nice guy which is one of the reasons we found ourselves rooting for him when he hosted Saturday Night Live last night. Considering we aren’t too familiar with his music or his time as a judge on The Voice but damn that guy has a nice smile! Blake came into studio 8H to with some of his guitar and Southern charm, and put it on heavy. While Shelton was his charming self, some of the sketches felt like half-baked premises rather than fully realized sketches, but we did however get to see Leslie Jones laugh, a wishing boot, tested Pete Davidson’s sexuality, and Riblet, Riblet forever! Read More

    The Laugh Button Podcast: Pawnography with Christopher Titus and Rick Harrison

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    The Laugh Button Podcast is up and running! We’re happy to announce that we’ve joined up with our pals at Riotcast and will be delivering you a weekly podcast where we cover all the news in the comedy world. For this episode our pal Christopher Titus stopped by the studios to discuss the news of the day. After the his FOX show ended, Titus has forged a stand-up career that’s worked mostly outside of the comedy mainstream. He’s maintained the rights to his specials and along the way made decisions to keep creative control of his art. Titus’ currently hosts the History Channel TV show Pawnography which also stars the cast of Pawn Stars. Titus brought along Rick Harrison from the popular TV show. We discussed everything from comedy heroes, new, and scotch. Rick just launched a new app, Rick Harrison’s Trivia Challenge that he filled us all in on. Titus is currently on tour to promote his new special, Angry Pursuit of Happiness and his tour. All of which can be found on his website. Read More

    This week in comedy: we loved “The Nightly Show”

    The Nightly ShowAs expected, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore began excellently this week, with this time-lapse video of the studio during its premiere providing an unusual but fun perspective on things. Later in the week, the show got a bit more serious, hosting a roundtable discussion on one of comedy’s biggest current issues: the Bill Cosby scandal. At both of these extremes, the show seemed like a fitting replacement for the dearly departed Colbert Show. Elsewhere in the comedy world this week:

    – Kevin Hart kicked off SNL‘s new year in style, hosting an episode with topics ranging from Justin Bieber to Bushwick. Later in the week, a cut sketch from the episode appeared, and was just as funny as everything that played on countless American TVs. This weekend, we’ll get to see Blake Shelton as host; for even more greatness in the world of SNL, check out J.K. Simmons hosting next weekend, with musical guest D’Angelo(!!). Read More

    The trailer for “Adventures In Comedy” has arrived, let’s watch

    A few months back, comedian Tom McCaffrey crowdfunded a mocumentary movie about his trials and tribulations through the world of comedy. Along the way McCaffrey has some Spinal Tap moments happen to his career. The movie also features a lot of other comedians you know such as Jim Gaffigan, Aisha Tyler, Janeane Garofalo, Michael Che, Joe DeRosa, Margaret Cho and more. We previously reported that the film will be available on the Comedy Dynamics platform beginning February 20th but now here’s the trailer.

    Kyle Kinane’s special, “I Liked His Old Stuff Better” premieres tonight, watch some clips

    Kyle Kinane

    Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the premiere of Kyle Kinane’s new stand-up special, I Liked His Old Stuff Better. Kinane is easily one of our favorite comedians working today and his third time laying down an hour is one of his strongest yet. So before you snuggle up and watch some great stand-up here are some clips to get you going. Read More

    The Birthday Boys quit their IFC TV Show [UPDATE]

    The Birthday BoysThis morning, the sketch comedy troupe, The Birthday Boys announced that they are stepping down as hosts and not returning for a third season of their sketch comedy show on IFC. In a taped message to their fans, the crew stated that putting together the show was a lot of work and they’re really proud of what they did, but are not continuing. They also said they’re not sure of the status of the show’s future, offering up scenarios that maybe they’ll be replaced if IFC didn’t simply cancel the show. The pessimist in us believes maybe it’s a preemptive move to save face ahead of cancellation? But the optimist in us knows that sketch comedy is difficult and The Birthday Boys are by no means the first to end a sketch show because of the grind of creating it (see Nick Swardson or Nick Kroll). Read More

    The story of the rise of Cleveland’s independent comedy scene is captured in “Make Fun”

    Make Fun is a crowd-funded, independent comedy special that takes the form of a documentary concert film. It shows the growth of Cleveland’s independent comedy scene mixing vignettes, interviews and footage from one live show featuring some of its major players. The project was funded through a kickstarter campaign, and most of its backers were the very people in the audience. Make Fun gives viewers a look at the less-exposed world of standup comedy in a smaller city, where the talent level is high and the performers rely on their community, instead of an industry. Jim Tews, a native of Cleveland, now New York based comedian, was the man in the directors chair for the project. Also a writer, has had an eventful 2014. Read More

    Will Ferrell nails cheerleader in the face at New Orleans Pelicans game

    Yes, you read that right. And with the price of admission these days to sporting events across the country, you feel just a little bit better when you get to see something special. Whether it’s a record being broken, extra game play with overtime, or maybe it’s one of the best half-time shows in america. Yes, I’m talking to you Red Panda. I can’t believe you are calling it quits! Well, if you were fortunate enough to be at the New Orleans Pelicans – Los Angeles Lakers NBA game recently, you got to see Will Ferrell take to the court in an attempt to make a half-court shot only to throw a basketball directly in the face of a cheerleader. This of course was staged. But you know there was at least one person in the crowd that day doesn’t know that and will tell the tale of what he witnessed passing it on for generations to come. The incident was part of a film shoot that took place for the upcoming film, Daddy’s Home” which also stars Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini and comedian Hannibal Buress. Read More

    John Leguizamo tapped to play lead in CBS comedy pilot “Taxi-22″

    JohnLeguizamoCBS has teamed-up with John Leguizamo (Ice Age, Ride Along), who will play the lead in Taxi-22, a single-camera comedy project that had been shepherded by the late James Gandolfini. Based on the hit French Canadian comedy, Taxi-22 centers on a politically incorrect NYC cab driver, played by Lequizamo. In addition to starring, he will co-executive produce alongside his managers, Jeff Golenberg and Sam Maydew.Leguizamo has 11 other projects already in production or announced, including Experimenter with Jim Gaffigan, out January 25th. As of 2009, Leguizamo has produced over 10 films, starred or co-starred in over 75 films, starred on Broadway in several productions winning several awards, and has made over a dozen TV guest appearances.