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  • Guess what we learned about the Impractical Jokers during a Tenderloins Podcast taping…

    Most people likely know Sal, Joe, Murr and Q as the maniacs behind the hit TruTV show, Impractical Jokers. Also known as The Tenderloins comedy troupe, what makes Impractical Jokers so lovable aren’t just the pranks they pull on each other in front of unbeknownst strangers (as hysterical as they are), but rather the chemistry shared between the four (they have, after all, been friends since high school). It’s clear that this bond seen on screen is purely genuine within seconds of seeing the four perform together onstage (something I had the joy of witnessing last year at the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square). That’s why it was especially extraordinary to see them perform one of four shows at New York’s Highline Ballroom this weekend. While the Jokers’ signature ribbing on each other was in full effect during the night, the four were specifically testing out new material in the intimate setting for their upcoming tours (revealing stories that even their fellow troupe members never heard before). It was a rare opportunity to witness a group beloved for their seamlessly quick wit further generate humor on the whim. Read More

    Jim Gaffigan deconstructs the beauty myth on debut episode of Sara Schaefer’s new podcast “LIES”

    As teased in our interview with Sara Schaefer, the comedian has long been working on a new podcast. Entitled LIES, the podcast debuted today on WNYC and Nerdist. But this isn’t your normal interview show. Everything you are about to hear is a total lie. That’s the rule: everything guests say has to be a lie. LIES is 100% improvised and honesty-free. The show “finally gives public figures a chance to reveal absolutely nothing…and perhaps everything at the same time.”

    The show’s debut guest is comedian and author of Dad is Fat, Jim Gaffigan. However, Fat Dad wasn’t always so fat. Gaffigan sits down with Schaefer to deconstruct the beauty myth; talk gymnastics; takes a call from a fan of his yoga videos; and reveals the difference between “this and that” and “that and this.” You can listen to Gaffigan’s episode, here.

    LIES will also be coming to this year’s New York Comedy Festival with a special live recording at Jerome L. Greene Performance Space at WNYC on November 6th. Get your tickets, here.

    The amazing colossal interview with Gilbert Gottfried

    Gilbert GottfriedIf you’re not aware, famed comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried recently released a new podcast entitled Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast! where he and his co-host Frank Santopadre discuss old Hollywood with celebrities the likes of Dick Cavett, Larry Storch and many more. To get the scoop, we spoke with him about why he wanted to start a podcast, what he has in store for future episodes and much more!

    First off, congratulations on the success of the podcast, it’s doing great. What was the catalyst for wanting to do a podcast in the first place?

    Well it’s Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast and you can listen it on gilbertgottfried.com and subscribe to it on iTunes. I still am behind the times. I mean if you asked me what a podcast was, I would have a hard time telling you. I just knew that everyone else was doing them. I figured I wanted to talk about something that I had some interest in and my interest was always really old Hollywood, like old movies and TV shows and obscure facts about them and obscure actors. So I started doing that, and we got Dick Cavett because he’s interviewed John and Yoko, Groucho (Marx), Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis, and Carlo (Rizzi) from the Godfather. According to him, he’s killed three people, or at least three that he can admit too. I guess the statute of limitations has run out on those murders and if he’s lying, I’m certainly not going to say it to his face. He claims he’s had sex with Marilyn Monroe and so far Marilyn Monroe hasn’t come forth to dispute it, so I have no reason to doubt it. The Kennedy’s haven’t spoken up about it, or Joe DiMaggio. Read More

    Andy Haynes tells Pete Holmes about getting arrested for fighting a racist

    In lieu of a traditional monologue and studio audience, the last two episodes of The Pete Holmes Show aired footage from this year’s SXSW’s live You Made It Weird podcast recording. In Austin, Pete Holmes sat down with audiences and comedians Jim Breuer, Matt Braunger, Nicole Byer, and Andy Haynes for last night’s part 2 of the podcast.

    At SXSW, Haynes recalls a story about one of six times he has been arrested. As Holmes noted, Haynes does not look like the kind of guy who’s been arrested six times but rather, “the guy I call from prison.” Haynes’ best arrest story comes from a fist fight he got in with a racist in Lake Tahoe. He’s sort of a hero… sort of. It’s a great story and Braunger’s line at the end is perfect.

    Andy Haynes will also be releasing his first comedy album Andy Haynes: Greatest Hits on May 27.

    Dan Harmon speaks on “Community” cancellation

    Dan HarmonAfter arguably devastating news on Friday afternoon that Community had been officially cancelled, creator/showrunner Dan Harmon was in Portland recording an episode of his Harmontown podcast at Bridgetown Comedy Festvial. We can only assume the news dropped when it did to make his show the hottest ticket in town and we were there to get the news first hand.

    During the taping, Jeff Davis accused Dan of being drunk since breakfast. Dan quickly explained, “I was hungover, we all know what happened yesterday.” They spent an obscene amount of time talking stripclubs and bar fights before Jeff brought up the obvious, “Your show got cancelled yesterday!”

    Jeff told the story of being picked up from the airport. Once in the car, the driver mentioned having to pick up Dan later in the day and asked if he knew his show got cancelled. Shocked, Jeff said, “I didn’t know that, when did that news drop?” The answer was, recently and there was a chance that Dan was in the air when that news blew up on Twitter. Not the case, he explained, “I was on my way to LAX and somebody from Sony called me.” Read More

    New Podcasts on the Block: Three new comedy podcasts worth a look

    Podcasts“Everyone has a podcast.” Well, that’s not true you walking cliche… but we’re getting there and good for us. Podcasts have become a very popular outlet for comedians and comedy nerds alike. With new podcasts popping up here and there all the time, sometimes the news gets lost in the dust. Just recently over the past month, a slew of  new podcasts have debuted from some of comedy’s favorite up-and-comers.

    Get the jump on these three new, unique additions now so when they blow up you can have the ultimate hipster brag you’ve been dying for, you weirdo. Read More

    Artie Lange reunites with Nick DiPaolo on podcast, reveals details about his hospitalization, show cancellation

    It’s been a trying few weeks for Artie Lange. A packed schedule left him run down to the point where he ended up being hospitalized in Detroit after going into diabetic shock. Then just as Lange was out of the woods and settled back into his groove, his DirecTV talk show, The Artie Lange Show was abruptly cancelled with 5 months left in his contract. Lange made the shocking announcement on his show Monday.

    The first move Lange made after his show’s end was right to his longtime friend Nick DiPaolo’s podcast to talk about these current events. The duo first co-hosted a talk show on DirecTV before DiPaolo departed in a similar, unexpected manner. DiPaolo’s podcast now calls Riotcast, home.

    Very quickly, Lange and DiPaolo slipped back into their comfortable routine, as longtime friends, their conversation slipped into talking about sports, pop culture, and news stories of the day. Including the current scandal surrounding LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. DiPaolo eventually got down to the task at hand and asked Lange questions to find answers to it all. Read More

    The Comedy Cellar to broadcast new weekly show on SiriusXM

    Comedy CellarToday SiriusXM announced a new addition to its recently revamped Raw Dog channel which now includes Ron & Fez. That new show is a show live from one of New York’s most renowned comedy clubs, The Comedy Cellar.

    Tomorrow, April 10th at 7pm ET The Comedy Cellar Show will launch on Raw Dog SiriusXM Comedy Hits channel 99 and air weekly every Thursday. The show will be hosted by Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman and comedian Dan Naturman.

    If you aren’t familiar with the show, it first started start as a podcast on the Riotcast Network as Comedy Cellar Live From The Table. In it every week Noam and crew would hold candid conversations amongst comedians touching on topics of the day. The SiriusXM show’s first guest will include Dave Attell and be expanded to include stand-up sets from comic performed the same night at the Cellar. Read More

    SXSW 2014: Comedy Bang! Bang! still just as absurd as you want it

    Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang! Bang! is an exercise in the sublimely weird. Aukerman has always had a way to offer a twisted skew on all things comedy with his guests. At a (completely full for an early 4pm recording), Aukerman brought the fun and charm of the podcast to the live stage at SXSW. To help him navigate the waters of Austin, Aukerman brought out to other comics to help him out. Jonah Ray (1/3 of the Nerdist podcast) and Adam Cayton-Holland (1/3 of the Grawlix) the three men on stage quickly realized that they should start their own trio of something. With Aukerman deliberately asking the most feigned-of-interest questions to Ray and Cayton-Holland who were more than willing to bat similar answers right back at the show’s host. Read More