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  • Marc Maron to interview Lorne Michaels for his WTF Podcast

    Lorne MichaelsAn interview with Saturday Night Live head honcho, Lorne Michaels isn’t an easy get. Michaels does them, but not frequently. In fact, Marc Maron is following up his historic interview with President Barack Obama with an interview with Michaels. This weekend at the New Yorker Festival Maron revealed that he has an interview with Michaels scheduled for today.

    Maron was asked by the magazine’s Kelefa Sanneh who would be tougher to book on the podcast, the President or Lorne Michaels. Maron responded, “Turns out the president is easier to book than Lorne Michaels.” But Maron later added that he was in fact going to talk to Michaels and that it was set to happen today on Monday.

    Maron has famously told his story about being considered a replacement for Norm Macdonald on SNL’s Weekend Update in the 90s and we’re sure this will be something the two discuss on the interview. Maron added about the situation. “I’m set up for something to be horrible. I don’t have the right attitude for this interview.” Adding, “I have like some daddy sh*t to work out… The best and worst thing Lorne Michaels can do is when the topic comes up is say, “I have no recollection.” Maron added, “That would be so amazing. I would cry.”

    The Los Angeles Podcast Festival announces 2015 dates, Audible sponsorship

    2015 LA Podcast FestivalThe Los Angeles Podcast Festival announced it will take place September 18 – 20. Additionally, it’s also bringing in a big podcast sponsor, and that is Amazon’s Audible. The first major sponsor the festival has had since launching in 2012. Audible Presents The 2015 Los Angeles Podcast Festival is happening at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills and featured more than 35 live podcast recordings, panels, and nightly parties. On Saturday night there will be a stand-up show featuring the comedians appearing at the fest.

    The podcasts appearing at this year’s festival will feature live tapings of some of the biggest comedy podcasts in the land including ones from Marc Maron, Aisha Tyler, Doug Benson, Kumail Nanjiani, Jen Kirkman, Todd Glass, Greg Proops, Jimmy Pardo, Janet Varney, and Jackie Kashian. You can check the full schedule here for taping times from podcasts like WTF? with Marc Maron, Girl on Guy, Doug Loves Movies, Never Not Funny, The Smartest Man in the World, The Dork Forest, The JV Club, Stuff You Should Know, Thrilling Adventure Hour, The Todd Glass Show, Dinner Party Download, The Indoor Kids, Fitzdog Radio, I Seem Fun, and two podcasts hosted by the brothers McElroy – My Brother, My Brother and Me and The Adventure Zone.

    The podcast festival was founded in 2012 by Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini of the podcast Comedy Film Nerds, Dave Anthony of The Dollop, and Andy Wood of Probably Science. Additions to the lineup will be announced throughout the summer. Visit the Los Angeles Podcast Festival’s website for program updates and tickets. Access to live video streams of all podcast tapings and panels will also be available for purchase.

    Marc Maron to interview President Barack Obama on his WTF? Podcast

    Marc MaronIf this isn’t an indication that podcasting has hit the mainstream, I don’t know what is. This Friday, Marc Maron will interview President Barack Obama. That’s right, the sitting U.S. President will be guest one of the most celebrated podcasts the medium has. Maron tapes the podcast in his garage and that’s where he will sit with Obama and have a frank conversation.

    “This is a big day for our country, for me and for my cats. I’m looking forward to a respectful conversation with the President. I’m calling it the WTF Summit. I hope he’s cool with that,” said Maron. The podcast tapes this Friday (June 19th) and will be available on Monday, June 22nd where Maron’s podcast is usually available.

    Some might remember that in his life before podcasting, Maron had roots in the political talk genre as a host of the Air America, morning show Morning Sedition.

    Joe DeRosa is ending his podcast, clarifies details about Anthony Cumia beef

    Joe DeRosaJoe DeRosa broke the news about the future of his podcast, Down With Joe DeRosa this week, saying that he was ending it. For those that subscribe to the podcast know that he’s strayed away from his format of one guest, one topic, one hour quite often lately. Choosing rather to incorporate crossover episodes with other podcasts and exploring ideas for Emotional Hangs podcast with fellow comedian and friend, Kurt Braunohler.

    DeRosa was a recent guest on Alison Rosen’s podcast, Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend for a taping of one of said crossover podcast episodes. It was there that DeRosa revealed that after 65 episodes of Down With Joe DeRosa, he plans on ending the podcast. His reasoning being that he felt the premise of the show had run its course, he said what he needed to say, and it was time to move on. “I’m not feeling my show,” he stated, adding, “This now will be the episode where I announce to the fans that my show is ending. I haven’t said it yet.” However, this will not be the end of his podcasting era as he plans to continue Emotional Hangs with Braunohler and has desires to begin a podcast about his love of horror and sci-films. Read More

    Anthony Cumia expands his subscription network with Legion of Skanks podcast

    The Anthony Cumia Show

    The Anthony Cumia Show has evolved into The Anthony Cumia Show Network.

    Not even a year after his firing from SiriusXM and his longtime talk show, The Opie & Anthony Show Cumia has turned his one man show into two. Announcing that a second show will join the network’s ranks, that show is The Legion of Skanks podcast. Which is co-hosted by three comedians, Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith. Read More

    Judd Apatow reveals he is co-writing a post-Iraq War comedy on Pete Holmes’ podcast

    Judd+Apatow+Pete+HolmesJudd Apatow was just interviewed by comedian Pete Holmes on his wildly popular You Mad It Weird podcast. And if you aren’t familiar with Holmes’ and the show, it gets… well, weird. He has opened up about everything and no stone has been left un-turned. And now he’s brought Apatow into his fold. During their conversation Holmes asked Apatow what’s left for him and what he’s up to next. “Right now I’m like, ‘I’m not sure what to write about,’ although I’m trying to write a little bit about service, sacrifice, things like that,” he revealed. “I’m writing a screenplay with Phil Klay who wrote this great book “Redeployment” about soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, their time there and what happens when they come home.” “We’ve been writing an original screenplay and that’s been a different experience a comedy with drama or a drama with comedy about those people and what they’ve gone through and hopefully in an entertaining way so it’s not one of these depressing movies you don’t want to see,” he explained. “But it’s just about, what happens to soldiers who return to a country that isn’t even that aware that we’re at war? And different issues that they face that people don’t think about too much.” Pete Holmes is currently on tour at the moment in Florida and is heading up to Boston, MA. Where as Apatow has the much anticipated Amy Schumer film Trainwreck, that he directed, hitting theaters July 17. You can check out their entire interview here.

    The Laugh Button Podcast: Some of us can talk sports, some of us can’t: with Keith Alberstadt

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    This podcast puts Mark and Matt talk about dead comedian holograms, yes those are a thing. The Simpsons will outlast us all and Just For Laughs announces its lineup this year. Later, comedian Keith Alberstadt joins us to talk about his love of sports, the art of stand-up, what its like being a comedy writer, and his uncanny ability to name a lot of college mascots. Read More

    The Daily Show Podcast introduces you to Trevor Noah

    Trevor Noah joins executive producer Steve Bodow and writer Jo Miller for a conversation about Trevor’s comedy roots in South Africa and the international perspective he brings to The Daily Show. You can listen to the podcast in it’s entirety here.

    The Laugh Button Podcast: We podcast with Iliza Shlesinger in Austin

    The Laugh Button Podcast

    Episode #10: Congratulations everyone! We hit double digits on the podcast this week! We’re almost teenagers. To celebrate Mark and Matt deliver all the comedy news of the week which includes all of the developments on the Super Troopers sequel, a new Patrice O’Neal documentary, and Broad F*ckin City. They then welcome Iliza Shlesinger onto the show to talk about life while down in Austin for SXSW. Read More

    Bridget Everett enters the “Dork Forest” and “Ding-Donger with Matt Braunger” has it’s live debut at NYC Podfest

    NYCPodfestThe hardcore podcast listeners were out in full supporting regalia this past weekend at the 3rd Annual NYC Podfest. The festival ran this weekend (January 9-11) at various venues across New York City. The Todd Barry Podcast, The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart, and Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast! were some of the featured shows on hand at this year’s event. On Saturday night at the rock club Fontana’s in the lower east side, Comedian and Cabaret singer Bridget Everett, who’s Comedy Central Special airs later this year, entered Jackie Kashian’s Dork Forest for a live taping. The topic of dorkdom… Barry Manilow. Read More