Zooey Deschanel Hosted Saturday Night Live: Bein' Quirky In Vintage Dresses

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  • Zooey Deschanel Hosted Saturday Night Live: Bein’ Quirky In Vintage Dresses

    Zooey Deschanelle - SNLWhen news broke that Zooey Deschanel was going to host Saturday Night Live fanboys around the world went crazy. For Deschanel is an idol of sorts with her pixie-like looks, vintage dresses, perfectly cut bangs, and big dooey eyes (swoon). She has some serious fans. Add onto the fact that Zooey is able to sing, dance, and act her skills could be put to good use on the show. Her latest foray into television with New Girl has kept her as the current “it” girl for the last 5 years. Would an appearance on SNL extend her indie-rock-alterna reign? Let’s put on our best vintage suit, tighten the suspenders, and have ourselves a picnic while we find out.

    The cold open wasn’t as great as last week’s Newt Gingrich open. But then again, maybe it was so meta that it was awesome? Hear me out… many accuse Mitt Romney of having no personality, perhaps Jason Sudekis is portraying Romney so greatly that the goal is to have all skits with him in it be sucked of life? Just a thought.

    Oh look Zooey got herself a ukelele. For we all know the Ukele is the dreamiest of all dream instruments that can be played by dream women. This monologue was quick and easy with a simple song about guys forgetting about Valentine’s Day. Oh…us guys and our forgetfulness!

    Bill Hader kicked off the first of what would be three commercial spoofs of the Clint Eastwood Chrysler ad that ran during the Super Bowl. It’s tone was great, and I’m pretty sure there’s not a single character that Bill Hader can’t impersonate. He also delivers one of the night’s best lines, “Get a Chrysler and get off my damn lawn!”

    Since the Super Bowl was last weekend, we’re in for a long stretch of mockery about the game and this bit addressed all the halftime entertainment. Sudekis and Fred Armisen as LMFAO were more entertaining than the real-life band. The introduction of a decency strap, Cee-Lo dressed as Janet Jackson’s boob, and the tightrope man pretty much ensured this was hands down the most entertaining episode of Piers Morgan’s show we’ve ever seen.

    When I first saw they were resurrecting the French Dancing skit with Zooey, I thought, “Emma Stone is going to be pissed!” But it makes sense to have Zooey do this bit because she’s a perfect fit for it. But it didn’t matter ’cause she was outshone by The Artist Jean Dujardin when he showed up for some black & white dancing. But the presence of both of these didn’t mean anything until Andy Samberg’s last minute drop in got me to chuckle.

    I think I liked this commercial even better than the first. Mainly because we’ve reached the point where Eastwood’s ridiculousness takes over. And, it’s pretty obvious the writers of the clip had his character in Gran Torino when they tossed in the fairly racist line “Hey Wang Chung, I hope you like eatin’ tire!” Didn’t make it any less funny.

    This clip was a great juxtaposition about the way fast talking people were portrayed in early films and TV shows. Marla Sneeds doesn’t get it. I don’t know why but for some reason this sketch gives off a John Mulaney-wrote-it vibe. Not sure if that actually is the case but that’s my vibe.

    Here’s the final one and the best line of this was, “Te gusta losing numbnuts!?”

    Karmin is a girlfriend/boyfriend duo that rose to internet fame by releasing quirky covers of popular songs and netted them something ridiculous like 150 million youtube views. Now they have a record deal and are performing on SNL a few weeks before their first major label release. On paper it’s similar to the Lana Del Rey debacle that happened a few weeks back. And while I will not claim that this was any better than simple pop music, I will say that there’s at least some solid stage presence by our performers and a hair hat is fun to look at. It also makes sense that they’d try to book this duo on the same night Zooey D’s fans would be tuning in.

    Weekend Update is usually pretty strong but this one was just okay, well that was until it was time for the latest installment of “Get In The Cage with Nicolas Cage.” Our guest this week, Nicolas Cage! It’s always fun when the real-life character meets the cast member playing them and Nicolas Cage was a great sport about Andy Samberg’s impression. The duo delivered a memorable moment that let out such great lines as, “like that of a Silverback gorilla in a form-fitting leather jacket” and “We’re going to have a three way with the Declaration of Independence.” It almost made me want to see Cage’s Ghost Rider sequel this weekend, almost (Nic, you’ve burned me before).

    SNL often tries to make moments where the host interacts with themselves. And more often than not it ends up great, so why not do it some more? I did like the idea of “Bein’ Quirky with Zooey Deschanel” and Abbey Elliot impression of her is passable. But the whole sketch comes together when Kristen Wiig drops her always fun Bjork impression into the mix and leaves extra room for “dreams and visions.” And I think it’s fitting that they all worship at the altar of Mayim Bialik.

    Can you make heads or tails out of all the tech lingo that invades your life these days? Well neither can your grandparents. And with this ad, we’ve officially seen more of Bill Hader in commercials this week than anything else this week. In fact, Bill wasn’t on stage for the final curtain call tonight. Maybe he taped everything on one day and took a week off?

    Seemed like there was a lot of queue card readin’ on this one Zooey.

    And we have ourselves a quick drop-in of Whitney Houston with Mary Katherine Gallagher as we head onto our next bit. With the timing of the news of Houston’s passing, I’m surprised they had any time for any sort of tribute to her.

    Wait a second! This is another sketch they did with Emma Stone. Two in one episode! Did the writers think they were writing for the same person? Anyway this sketch had the same lasting effect on me that it had the first time and that is “none.”

    Here it is! That edgy white girl rap song we were promised all night… the hair hat was still in good spirits I see.

    The last sketch of the night was just a mess, there were random jokes with terrible ideas of men, then a weird Prop 8 twist at the end. I guess the moral of the story is that if the Victorian women waited 100 years and moved to California they could wed each other instead of toothless men?

    And that’s the end of the night folks. Things didn’t end strong with the last few sketches but overall the night was a success. Zooey was more than capable of handling the night and with a strong female to handle lots of sketches they didn’t seem to rely on many of the other women cast members other than Kristen Wiig. Abbey Elliot, Vanessa Bayer, and Nasim Pedrad all had relatively light weeks. And though Andy Samberg had a solid week, we’re still waiting for the return of the Digital Short in 2012.

    Next week former SNL’er Maya Rudolph will host and her alumni class is known to run in packs so let’s not be surprised if there are any Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, or Rachel Dratch appearances. Let’s also not be surprised to see a Whitney Houston sketch come from the writers with the timing of Rudolph’s hosting and her being known to do a great impression of the recently deceased singer.


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