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  • James Franco hosted “Saturday Night Live”: addresses Sony hacks, yelled at a 4 year-old kid, and grew a guy

    James Franco is an interesting guy. He does some truly weird things in the name of art and to follow his muse. He’s also, in what seems by total accident, a pretty funny guy when he’s in pretty funny moments. On the other hand, Saturday Night Live, well any sketch show really, has its ups and downs. For every sketch you tell your friends about, there’s ones you just plain forget because it didn’t stick with you. Most of season 40 of SNL has been like this, some moments you talk about, and some groans about others. It’s this exact reason it’s silly to romanticize specific eras of the show or declare one cast as better than the other. SNL works best when it’s commenting on politics and the buzz of the times. Because of this, a risk in one generation seems silly to the next. Keep saying “in my day,” and see where that gets ya grandpa.

    Season 40 has been a microcosm of the last 40 years of SNL. Ups and downs between weeks and even between sketch to sketch. Franco turned in a fine performance for us all, when he had good material to work with, he was great, when he didn’t, it was painfully obvious. The writers turned in a solid episode last week and were hoping to return with Franco for his third go ’round of the show. Franco was down to play ball, brought his The Interview co-host and BFF Seth Rogen along for the ride and for the most part they were a lot of fun. While Nicki Minaj continues to make me question why she’s famous because, I still don’t get it. Read More

    James Franco, Martin Freeman, and Amy Adams to host “Saturday Night Live” December episodes

    Saturday Night Live LogoThis weekend Cameron Diaz hosts Saturday Night Live. Then its all about finishing the year strong with guest hosts. Today SNL announced to wrap out 2014 they’ve recruited an Alien, Bilbo Baggins and Lois Lane to finish strong.

    That’s right, on December 6th James Franco will host with Nicki Minaj, then Martin Freeman and Charli XCX, followed by Amy Adams and One Direction on the 20th. If you asked for a bunch of British boys to syncronize dance for you for Christmas, well SNL has you covered. Read More

    John Mulaney explains why he didn’t replace Seth Meyers on the SNL “Weekend Update” chair

    John MulaneyJohn Mulaney is the latest guest on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast in addition to lengthy conversations about his alcoholic past, past drug use, and some of his favorite Saturday Night Live guests. The two also discussed Mulaney’s sitcom, which the young comedian stated that he is aware the show is in trouble ratings-wise and honestly unsure if it will be cancelled or not. Mulaney did joke that if the show was canceled and Lorne Michaels asked him to return to SNL, he’d be “in no position to turn down work.”

    While on the topic of Saturday Night Live Maron asked Mulaney about taking over for Seth Meyers as anchor at the Weekend Update desk. As the rumor was Mulaney was to replace Meyers. “There are no heirs apparent in show business,” Mulaney said. But he would’ve loved to have gotten the job but it was never offered. Read More

    ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ makes the most meta Aaron Sorkin parody

    Aaron Sorkin, creator of such hit shows like The West Wing, was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers. It seemed only fitting to accompany Sorkin’s appearance with a Sorkin parody sketch. The Late Night crew created the most meta-parody sketch about whether or not they should make a Sorkin sketch. All the tropes where there: ping pong dialogue, two characters clearly in love argue as a form of flirting, talking and walking, and then some. The sketch was written by Seth Reiss and directed by Chioke Nassor.

    Chris Rock will host “Saturday Night Live” on November 1st with musical guest, Prince

    Chris RockSarah Silverman, Bill Hader, and now Nat X Chris Rock! Saturday Night Live seems to be on a roll with bringing back some of its famous alums for season 40. Today they announced that Chris Rock will be returning for the November 1st episode after a 2 week hiatus. The musical guest will be Prince.

    As with Sarah Silverman, Rock didn’t really explode during his tenure on SNL, rather success for him came after his time at studio 8H. But he’s more than made up for his time in the years since becoming one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time. Set the DVRs.

    Pat Bishop gets a very important package in new WOMEN sketch “”

    LA sketch group WOMEN released their new sketch today, “” This time, the seldom seen Pat Bishop gets to be the star (Bishop often directs sketches). Poor Bishop has ordered a very important package from Amazon and patiently, or impatiently, waits day after day for it’s delivery. The wait is long, but it’s all worth it in the end. Also, Allen Strickland Williams is just a joy and the friend we all need in our lives.

    Let’s watch a cut sketch from this weekend’s SNL “Coal Miners”

    If you haven’t read our recap of it yet, we felt Bill Hader’s hosting gig of Saturday Night Live this weekend was one of the best we’ve seen in a while. Which is unfortunate when we heard that the show hit a ratings low, Gotham gets the hero it deserves sometimes. But pay no attention to that arglebargle because the Hader hosted episode was fantastic for all the right reasons, just enough nostalgia with plenty of new fun moments. In this sketch that got cut after dress rehearsal, Hader tried his best to keep it together when using small wiener metaphors as a “Gossipy Coal Miner.” Our guess as to why it was cut is probably because knowing he’d crack during Stefon, producers didn’t want too much of Bill Hader losing it in one episode.

    Sarah Silverman hosted “Saturday Night Live,” with Joan Rivers roasts, Ebola, River Sisters, and blenders

    Sarah Silverman SNL bumper

    When a former Saturday Night Live cast member shows up to host, it’s usually a round of reviving old characters they portrayed on a nonstop nostalgia tour. However, we’re in an interesting predicament with Sarah Silverman at the lead. Silverman was only on the show for one season and she didn’t appear in much, something she does reference in her monologue. So rather than worry about that, we got to see Silverman work her magic in sketches that mostly felt underwritten or executed. Silverman has plenty of sketch experiences that shined when she was given something great to work with (pre-recorded sketches) or was on her own (monologue). Read More