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  • Andrew Garfield to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ on May 3rd

    Andrew GarfieldThis weekend NBC announced that Peter Parker himself, Andrew Garfield will host the next episode of SNL with musical guest Coldplay on May 3rd. This is Garfield’s first time as the show’s host. It will also be opening weekend of the second installment of The Amazing Spider-Man which Garfield also plays the title role. Coldplay will be returning to the show for the fifth time to teach us about things like conscious uncoupling.

    Here’s time-lapse footage of all the set changes in an episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’

    Ever wondered how Saturday Night Live handles all of it set changes in Studio 8H over the course of one live show? Well, here’s your answer. SNL put together a time-lapse clip from it’s most recent Anna Kendrick-hosted episode allowing fans to see just how it works. Most of the show’s action takes place on the main stage and stage left while the area reserved for the band performances remains unused for pretty much only the band performances. When the room gets dark, a pre-recorded sketch is running.

    Anna Kendrick hosted Saturday Night Live for a night of dancing and singing about dongs

    Anna Kendrick SNL bumpersWhat’s not to like about Anna Kendrick? She’s clearly the theater geek from High School that never really gave that big an eff about the drama and would blow off class with to smoke cigarettes with you; an anti-Rachel Berry if you will.

    With that being said, her debut on Saturday Night Live was destined to be chock full of musical numbers that show off her talent and her charm. Singing and dancing were the mood of the evening. But it definitely ran the gamut of subject matter, from Disneyfied monologues to songs about dongs. I’ll call it a win since we saw a Good Neighbor sketch early in the show and Kendrick was great throughout the evening. Though at times when the writing wasn’t the strongest, charm pulled out the win. Read More

    Louis C.K. hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ for an awkwardly great evening

    Louis C.K. on SNLUpon learning Louis C.K. would return as the next host of Saturday Night Live, the excitement level shot through the roof. C.K. is an incredibly talented man and when he made his debut in 2012 he was part of an instant classic sketch spoofing his popular TV show Louie. Therefore, we went into this evening hoping for more of C.K. lovable awkwardness.

    Yes, believe that C.K. has incredibly awkward moments, he’s not the best actor and he definitely benefited from cue card reading last night. Somehow Louis makes it all work for him, you cheer for his bald, middle-aged manness, and you do it a lot. Some of the night’s sketches were incredibly great, and later slid into a lovable weirdness with sketches about action figures in butts, private eyes, and romantic speeches.

    Depending on where you land on the weirdness scale, you’ll love many of said sketches, or it might just not be your thing. There wasn’t a standout sketch like “Lincoln” did during C.K.’s first turn as host though I personally enjoyed the episode, between Louis’ great monologue to some laugh out loud moments the evening provided, it was a solid night of sketch comedy. Read More

    Let us watch these Louis C.K. ‘Saturday Night Live’ promos

    Rejoice for Saturday Night Live is returning this week, and it’s with one of our favs. Louis C.K. is hosting the night with musical guest Sam Smith. Last time Louis hosted, it was just days after Hurricane Sandy hit New York and we got the now infamous “Lincoln” sketch. So yeah, less hurricanes and more sketches that perfectly spoof our 16th President.

    Anna Kendrick and Seth Rogen are the next hosts of ‘Saturday Night Live’

    Anna and Seth SNLToday Saturday Night Live announced that both Anna Kendrick and Seth Rogen will host the show in April. On April 5th, Kendrick will make her first host debut as Rogen will host on April 12th for the third time and his first in 2009, five years? Really?

    Pharrell will be the “happy” musical guest for the Kendrick episode as Ed Sheeran will be the music man for Rogen’s. The show returns to the air next week as the before mentioned Louis C.K. and Sam Smith run amok in studio 8H.