My Favorite Sketch: Aaron Black "Escaping the Friend Zone"

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  • My Favorite Sketch: Aaron Black “Escaping the Friend Zone”

    It’s an area of life that seems to trap many males. You get to know a gal, treat her like a princess and when the time comes to take things to the next level, you get shut down. Why? Well, because you are only friends. What crap! Today we share one of favorite sketches of the week which has to do with just that, escaping the friend zone.

    The sketch was created by Aaron Black who is a New Jersey native that is currently pounding the pavement in Los Angeles. He is fighting the good fight of obtaining stage time for his stand-up routine as he continues to chase his dream of being a comedian.

    You can keep up with Aaron to see where he is performing by checking his website. If you know of an open mic or have an extra meal, toss it his way, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. In the meantime, watch his funny video and learn how to escape the friend zone.

    What do you think?