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  • My Favorite Sketch: James Gandolfini Edition


    James GandolfiniLast night, we were stunned to learn that James Gandolfini passed away from a heart attack. While he was a great actor, he’ll undoubtedly be remembered best as Tony Soprano, TV’s most lovable mafia-boss.

    So in honor of him and his most famous character, we decided to compile a few classic parodies on The Sopranos, including ones done by Saturday Night Live, MADtv, The Simpsons, and even former Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton.

    Ever wondered what The Sopranos be like if it was syndicated on TV? The answer, according to MADtv, is heavily edited.

    In SNL’s most recent satire of the HBO mob show, we get to see what Tony and the rest of the gang were like in High School.

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