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  • “Rush Hour” comedy action pilot ordered by CBS

    rushhourYes, that Rush Hour. CBS announced three pilot orders on Monday, one being a series remake of the popular blockbuster comedy. The hour-long action comedy will follow a similar plot as the popular 1998 film starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Centering around a stoic, by-the-book Hong Kong police officer assigned to a case in Los Angeles, where he’s forced to work with a cocky black LAPD officer who has no interest in a partner. The series will be written and produced by Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Ground Floor, Cougar Town). The original film’s director, Brett Ratner (Rush Hour 1,2,3, Tower Heist), and producer, Arthur Sarkissian,( are also attached to produce. The writers intend to keep the new comedy close to the story line of the original film. Casting for the new series is under way now.

    John Leguizamo tapped to play lead in CBS comedy pilot “Taxi-22″

    JohnLeguizamoCBS has teamed-up with John Leguizamo (Ice Age, Ride Along), who will play the lead in Taxi-22, a single-camera comedy project that had been shepherded by the late James Gandolfini. Based on the hit French Canadian comedy, Taxi-22 centers on a politically incorrect NYC cab driver, played by Lequizamo. In addition to starring, he will co-executive produce alongside his managers, Jeff Golenberg and Sam Maydew.Leguizamo has 11 other projects already in production or announced, including Experimenter with Jim Gaffigan, out January 25th. As of 2009, Leguizamo has produced over 10 films, starred or co-starred in over 75 films, starred on Broadway in several productions winning several awards, and has made over a dozen TV guest appearances.

    Tommy Johnagin family comedy pilot gets ordered by CBS

    tommy johnaginCBS joins the ranks of networks with their first pilot order. A multi-camera comedy starring stand-up Tommy Johnagin and executive produced by Bill Lawrence. CBS has been consistent in looking to launch another comedy fronted by a stand-up, ordering a Jim Gaffigan pilot the last two seasons. The untitled Tommy Johnagin project was written by Johnagin and Surviving Jack and S#*! My Dad Says creators Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker. It stars Johnagin as a stand-up comic raising a family in a small Midwestern town. Until he moved to Los Angeles four years ago, Illinois-born Johnagin lived in southern Illinois and St. Louis, launching and building his career from there. Lawrence and Jeff Ingold executive produce, with Johnagin co-executive producing for WBTV and Lawrence’s studio-based Doozer banner. The pickup Johnagin project is a nod to the storied TV tradition of comedians headlining comedy series inspired by their stand-up, which has produced such mega hits as Cosby, Roseanne, Home Improvement, Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. 

    Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” start date has been determined

    Stephen ColbertAlright, we have ourselves about eight months to wait until the late night television return of Stephen Colbert. Today Colbert’s late night debut date has been announced, and it is Tuesday, September 8th according to CBS.

    The eye network is currently working on giving David Letterman the proper send-off on May 20th. Then we have ourselves a summer break until Colbert takes over.

    Esther Povitsky on The Late Late Show, “There is sexism in dating”

    Esther Povitsky was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Drew Carey last night. The comedian is at the age where she’s beginning to grow up but still clinging to childhood. Take it away Esther.

    Reggie Watts will be the ‘Late Late Show’s’ new band leader

    Whatever your feelings about James Corden being the new host for the Late Late Show are, you have to be pretty happy about the show’s newest addition. Today, CBS announced that comedian Reggie Watts will become the new band leader next year. Watts will assume the gig when the Corden takes over on March 23rd. Watts is well known for blending music into his act, often employing beatboxing and looping. Watts had been playing sidekick to Scott Aukerman on Comedy Bang! Bang! since 2012 and created the theme songs for shows like Key & Peele.

    In addition to Watts, THR reports a few other new hires to the late night program. Ben Winston will take the role as showrunner, while Rob Crabbe (The Tonight Show) has signed on as executive producer. Tosh.O creator Rob Gibbons will serve as co-executive producer and head writer along with Sheila Rogers (Late Show) and Josh Cliffe (One Night with Robin Williams) as fellow producers.

    Jim Gaffigan, Judd Apatow and more will serve as interim ‘Late Late Show’ hosts

    On December 19th, Craig Ferguson will be stepping down as host of CBS’s The Late Late Show. New host James Corden will step in to take over on March 9th, and until then the show will run by a string of guest hosts.

    According to Deadline, Jim Gaffigan, Judd Apatow, Will Arnett, Wayne Brady, Drew Carey, Thomas Lennon, Billy Gardel, lesbian videos Sean Hayes, John Mayer, and Kunal Nayyar will fill in. Carey will book-end the fill-in schedule hosting the first week, January 5-9, and the last week, March 2-6.

    With both CBS’s late night shows turning over a new chapter this year, many people called for more diversity in late night. These guest spots could serve as “future auditions” for possible late night gigs, so it is unfortunate to see a continued lack of diversity in lesbian porn these guest host gigs. CBS is diversifying their line-up a bit with Hayes, Brady, and Nayyar but didn’t line-up any women for a hosting gig. Also, John Mayer?

    This week on TV: great comedian, bad sitcom

    Millers MulaneySome moves were made this week. Another sitcom bit the dust this week as CBS announced that the Will Arnett / JB Smoove comedy The Millers would cease production. Ending the show in its second season. Arnett and Smoove are comedy titans that work well when given the right roles. But even at its best, The Millers was passable as a sitcom. Other sitcoms in gay videos trouble include John Mulaney’s FOX sitcom Mulaney, which swapped time slots with Bob’s Burgers this past week so it would air in the before prime time slot. The show is consistently in the bottom of the ratings pile and seems to be on its way to cancellation.

    These two scenarios are troublesome because they are perfect examples of “great comedians, terrible shows,” a troublesome phenomenon that feels like talent is is being squandered. John Mulaney is arguably one of the best young comedic talents working today, he’s also surrounded by a cast that should work, so why isn’t it? Arnett and Smoove are responsible for breathing life into some of the most quotable and funny TV characters of the last decade. So why are they struggling when other, bland sitcoms are soaring? It’s a question that deserves a deeper dive than this column allows for, but unless we start to see networks and audiences nurture these shows, the short answer could just be Gotham gets the hero it deserves, but not the one it needs. Read More

    “The Late Late Show with James Corden” premieres on March 9th

    The changing of the guards will soon be taking place. With Craig Ferguson stepping down as host of CBS’s The Late Late Show, much buzz was milf videos generated about who would take his place. British actor and writer James Corden was named Ferguson’s successor milf porn in August. According to THR, Corden’s reign will debut Monday, March 9th.

    The Late Late Show with James Corden will be taped at the CBS Television City lot in Los Angeles, and has named Ben Winston as showrunner. Read More

    This week in comedy: Tracy Morgan’s comedic future remains uncertain

    Tracy MorganThis summer, comedian Tracy Morgan survived a horrendously dangerous car crash that took the life of his close friend and mentor James McNair. This week brought some rage-inducing developments in his lawsuit against the Walmart driver who caused this accident, and updated us about a potentially bleak future for Morgan. Thankfully, this week’s other comedy news was more on the bright side.

    – Behind the gay porn wheel of the giant Walmart truck responsible for the accident that put Tracy Morgan into critical condition was the intensely sleep-deprived Kevin Roper, but apparently this guy isn’t the one to blame. In a classic corporate move of sociopathic proportions, Walmart insisted in court that Morgan’s failure to wear a seatbelt caused the accident. This, coupled with the news that Morgan’s injuries might prevent him from ever performing again, simply felt like a rude, undeserved slap in the face to Morgan, his family, his friends, and his fans. Read More