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  • Stephen Colbert tells Letterman, “I’m going to do whatever you’ve done on Late Show” (video)

    David Letterman had his successor Stephen Colbert on Late Show last night. It was a nice glimpse of what we’ll see in the years to come as Dave allowed Colbert to run point. Both helping introduce Stephen to the audience and showcasing the camaraderie. Colbert asked for pointers, and in typical Letterman fashion, didn’t get much help. Colbert and Dave discussed Colbert’s trying out for an internship and finally getting the chance to read a top 10 list writing sample he submitted to the show 17 years ago. Read More

    How is CBS’ Monday comedy block doing since ‘How I Met Your Mother’ ended?

    How I Met Your MotherAny time a major network says goodbye to one of its biggest shows, there’s usually a void left for a bit. However the question always is, how big of a drop are we talking about? The series finale of How I Met Your Mother brought in a record high, 13.13 million viewers when it took a bow last week, making it a tough act to follow. CBS’ new show and potential HIMYM replacement sitcom Friends with Better Lives was slated right after HIMYM’s finale. Friends with Better Lives raked in about 7.6 million in its first run, not bad for a first show but that also means the show shed 6 million viewers, presumably at least half of that 6M taking to the internet to complain about Ted Mosby’s future.

    Last night was the first time CBS’s Monday night lineup didn’t have HIMYM as an anchor. So how did the lineup do?
    2 Broke Girls took over the 8pm timeslot from HIMYM and struggled, posting a series low 2.2 while HIMYM averaged 3.4.

    This also didn’t help Friends with Better Lives as it dropped to 5.72 million viewers, at 1.8 and down 31% from its premiere. Read More

    Stephen Colbert addresses late night move on ‘The Colbert Report’ (video)

    The internet went bonkers yesterday when the announcement that Stephen Colbert would replace David Letterman as the host of Late Show. We think this is a great call and we’re excited about the move, in addition we couldn’t wait to see how Colbert would address the news on his show, in character on The Colbert Report. Well, last night he did just that at the top of the show. Read More

    Stephen Colbert is CBS’ frontrunner to replace David Letterman

    Stephen Colbert

    Rumors are getting louder that Stephen Colbert is CBS’ frontrunner choice as the replacement for David Letterman when he retires next year. The rumors also state that Colbert is into the idea as “people familiar with both sides of the discussions” are revealing this to be the case. While at this point it’a all speculation at best and the “people” close to the conversation could be a publicist or someone leaking news to gain leverage in negotiations.

    When these situations come up, they’re so rare that there is no doubt CBS has probably had conversations with a few people long before Letterman announced his departure. For example, both of Colbert’s Comedy Central pals, Jon Stewart and John Oliver were reported names that CBS had talks with as well. But as we broke down earlier, Stewart might want his next career to be behind the camera and and Oliver was decided HBO was best for him. Read More

    This week in sitcom cancellations and renewals

    TV SmashedThe information comes fast and furious this time of year in terms of television. We already broke down (in great detail what’s happening with pilots and greenlights.

    However, this still leaves the question, what’s going on with shows currently on the air? Who is getting the renewal and who is getting the axe?

    Sometimes it can be tough to keep track of it all. That’s where we step in. We’re here to hook you up and give you the latest on what sitcoms are coming back, who is on the bubble, and who is done for good.

    Here’s what’s what thus far… Read More

    Your guide to the new 2014 TV comedy pilots

    2014 Comedy Pilot SeasonThe pilot season is a time of year where ideas earn budgets. It’s a time where there is an abundance of life and excitement. It could be the start of a career in Hollywood, the end of others, the circle of life is good. The majority of this life is in LA and just like many things in the city of angels, things can get sketchy quick!

    Before you know it, many of television ideas and pilots are tossed away. Discarded rather than flying high and dreams are dashed. But for right now… times are pretty. Oz is in color and not on fire. Things are okay as it is officially pilot season.

    It is time to put yourself in the executive seat and make the important decisions.

    Get comfortable, light up your Cuban cigar, pour some single malt whiskey and decide who gets to be on TV this year. Read More

    ‘I Love Lucy’ Christmas special coming to CBS in color

    I Love LucyIf there’s one thing Lucille Ball was known for aside from her comedic talent, it was her bright red hair. Unfortunately, since the widespread adaptation of color television was nearly a decade away, viewers of I Love Lucy had to watch the show, which ran from 1951-1957, in black and white. On December 20, CBS will be airing the Christmas episode of I Love Lucy – in color. Yahoo has a snippet of the special online, and it looks great. While some purists have already complained about a classic episode they grew up watching changed by the addition of colorization, it makes sense. For many viewers that might not have ever seen I Love Lucy, seeing any programming in black and white could be an instant channel-changer. Having a nearly 60 year-old TV show airing in prime time featuring timeless comedy is a win, and anything that the network can do to get more viewers, the better.

    “The I Love Lucy Christmas Special” will air on December 20 at 8pm on CBS.