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  • “Community” lives! Yahoo Screen to air season six, places 13 episode order


    Community#sixseasonsandamovie is still alive and well. Well, ‘cept for that movie part (yet).

    In what can only be described as a totally 11th hour resurrection for a show that’s been DOA more than we can count, Community – which was cancelled by NBC just a few weeks ago – will live. Yahoo Screen has just ordered a 13 episode 6th season of the show.

    In a joint press release between Sony and Yahoo, a lot more references to six seasons and a movie and inside jokes from the first 5 episodes were made. Read More

    Hulu may order the sixth season of “Community”


    CommunityThe show that could, Community just never seems to be one to lie down and die a quiet death. The dream of #sixseasonsandamovie seems to still have a glimmer of hope. Reports are that Hulu is in early talks with Sony to produce a sixth season of the show, which was cancelled by NBC a few weeks back.

    While Netflix was a name instantly tossed out as a possible survivor of the show when the cancellation news came down, that was never a possibility because of a previously-established streaming deal between Sony and Hulu.

    Showrunner Dan Harmon was initially lukewarm to the idea of a revival but now appears on board if it were to happen. This also keeps the fire burning for the potential return of Donald Glover to the show for season six.

    Dan Harmon speaks on “Community” cancellation


    Dan HarmonAfter arguably devastating news on Friday afternoon that Community had been officially cancelled, creator/showrunner Dan Harmon was in Portland recording an episode of his Harmontown podcast at Bridgetown Comedy Festvial. We can only assume the news dropped when it did to make his show the hottest ticket in town and we were there to get the news first hand.

    During the taping, Jeff Davis accused Dan of being drunk since breakfast. Dan quickly explained, “I was hungover, we all know what happened yesterday.” They spent an obscene amount of time talking stripclubs and bar fights before Jeff brought up the obvious, “Your show got cancelled yesterday!”

    Jeff told the story of being picked up from the airport. Once in the car, the driver mentioned having to pick up Dan later in the day and asked if he knew his show got cancelled. Shocked, Jeff said, “I didn’t know that, when did that news drop?” The answer was, recently and there was a chance that Dan was in the air when that news blew up on Twitter. Not the case, he explained, “I was on my way to LAX and somebody from Sony called me.” Read More

    Axed: NBC cancels “Community,” ABC says goodbye to “Super Fun Night,” “Suburgatory,” “The Neighbors,” and more


    CommunityCollective shock around the world, while cult favorite sitcom Community has been flirting with danger for years, NBC finally says goodbye. According to TV Line, NBC canceled Community today after five seasons. While Community has struggled in the ratings, creator Dan Harmon‘s return this year was a sign of optimism. Unfortunately, with the popular Donald Glover leaving (alongside not-at-popular Chevy Chase) Community couldn’t escape the inevitable. But, hey, at least they went out in style.

    Community fans shouldn’t completely abandon hope. There is a good chance the sitcom will follow in Arrested Development and Happy Endings‘ footsteps and get shopped to another network. While nothing’s been said yet, Dan Harmon has had plans for a Community movie. I don’t think this will the end of Jeff and the gang.

    Over on ABC (in a less shocking twist) Suburgatory, Super Fun Night, and The Neighbors have all been axed. Suburgatory lasted three seasons, while The Neighbors struggled through two. Rebel Wilson led freshman show Super Fun Night doesn’t make the cut alongside fellow newbies Trophy Wife and Mixology. It’s getting brutal out there.

    Update: Over at CBS they’ve pulled the plug on 3 of its freshman comedies The Crazy Ones, Friends With Better Lives, and the adaptation of the movie Bad Teacher.

    Enjoy Joel McHale and Jim Rash’s spoof of ‘True Detective’


    There’s a whole lot of hype circling around HBO’s True Detective staring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. People can’t seem to get enough of the show with theories about what the King In Yellow metaphors mean, or trying to figure out out who the killer is. Enter the world of comedy to make fun of it. As the first season wraps this weekend, Community’s Joel McHale and Jim Rash dropped their own version of the new drama on McHale’s other show, The Soup. I could describe it to you but let’s be real, its only 2 minutes and it hilariously spoofs the “tone” of the Southern crime drama.

    Here’s the trailer for Dan Harmon’s ‘Harmontown’ documentary


    Here’s the trailer for Harmontown a documentary that’s set to premiere at SXSW next week. The documentary follows Dan Harmon, the creator of Community and his trek across the country as he takes his podcast of the same name on the road. It’s a bit reminiscent of Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop. A comedic mind getting antsy after losing a job he loved, so he decides to take the show on the road. This trailer features a lot of other funny people including Matt Braunger, Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Steve Agee, Brandon Johnson, and John Oliver.

    NBC pulls Michael J. Fox show from it’s lineup, is now 3 for 3 for new sitcom cancelations


    Michael J. Fox ShowThere you have it folks NBC has once again struck out with its Thursday night sitcom lineup. Just yesterday the peacock network announced that it was pulling the Michael J. Fox Show. This is on top of the departure of its other two new Thursday night sitcoms it was hoping would revitalize interest on Thursdays. Welcome To The Family, dead on arrival and cancelled after two episodes. Sean Saves The World, cancelled a few weeks back. Sean and Fox should prove to the network that you just can’t hope the success of two former sitcom darlings can come in on any vehicle and it will be a ratings bonanza.

    What does this mean for NBC? Well it means that we’ll probably see more of its unscripted shows like The Voice and Hollywood Game Night fill in on Thursday. It also means they’ve been really struggling with it’s half-hour sitcom programming. While they’ve found success in small loyal followings with shows like Community and Parks & Recreation, the network has not had a monster comedy to compete with CBS and ABC’s flagship sitcoms The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family in a long time. Read More