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  • Stand-up and more from Night Of Too Many Stars

    Night of Too Many Stars

    Last night, Jon Stewart hosted his telethon for Night of Too Many Stars, it was just what it sounds like. An evening where all the stars came out to raise money for the families of Autism. People with deep pockets were in the crowd to big on specialty items, including the chance to have Chris Rock be the spokesperson for your product. Louis C.K. takes you to a curtain call of a Broadway play, the previously mentioned Bob Barker/Adam Sandler redux, John Oliver committing a crime with a bidder, Gilbert Gottfried being Gilbert Gottfried, Sarah Silverman tells bidders things meant for her parents, and Paul Rudd… we cannot stress enough how much the wheel of Rudd was both hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Read More

    People on the street sing Louie’s theme song for season 4

    Louis April 9Real talk time. On more than one occasion we’ve found ourselves singing the theme song to Louie quite often so when we saw this video we thought of ourselves, hard. The next season of the Louis C.K.’s award winning TV show debuts on FX April 9th. To celebrate, someone in marketing reached into our brains and tapped our innermost desires to walk up from the subway stop on West 4th, get a slice of pizza from Ben’s Pizza, and have an adventure at the Comedy Cellar. Read More

    Rare Louis C.K. “One Night Stand” special from 1995

    Louis C.K. is the biggest name in comedy right now, hands down. Sold Out shows at Madison Square Garden, a new hour long special, and a ground breaking television show all happening at the same time. Let’s turn on the way back machine and watch his rare HBO One Night Stand set shall we.

    Louis C.K. just released his new special, “Live At The Comedy Store” for download on his website

    Louis C.K. Live At The Comedy StoreThere’s been rumbling Louis C.K.’s latest comedy special the last few weeks. It was confirmed that he’d taped the special at The Comedy Store. In fact, he did so just days after Ari Shaffir taped his special at the same location.

    For those counting, that’s three specials taped at The Comedy Store in the last year. And continues in the trend of comedians taking it back to the clubs, where they work most often, to tape specials. Oh, and we are just waiting for the think piece from someone about how C.K.’s changin’ the game by shooting a special in an intimate club.

    The special is the same Louis has been handling his specials for a while now, you to go his website www.louisck.net and drop $5 and make your day. Read More

    This Week on TV: Key & Peele Super Bowl Special on Comedy Central

    This week on TV, gear up for Key & Peele Super Bowl Special on Comedy Central. If this trailer is any indication of what’s to come, we’re in for a treat. These two are unstoppable when it comes to sketch comedy. And their football sketches have been some of the best over the course of the show’s four seasons. Who can forget McCringleberry’s excessive celebration. Or the East/West College Bowl. And lastly, Quarterback Concussion. They’ve struck the comedy vein of football and there will be plenty more where that came from when The Key & Peele Super Bowl Special premieres Friday, January 30 at 10/9c. Here’s the rest of the week’s line up Read More

    FX orders “Better Things” pilot from “Louie” star Pamela Adlon; Louis C.K. set to direct

    Pamela AdlonIn more pilot news, FX has placed an order for Better Things, a show created by and starring Pamela Adlon (Louie) and directed by Louis C.K. Adlon and C.K. will write the pilot and serve as Executive Producers, along with Blair Breard, Dave Becky and 3 Arts Entertainment. The pilot is produced by Louis C.K.’s production company, Pig Newton, and FX Productions. In Better Things, Adlon plays Sam, a working actor trying to earn a living, navigate her daughters’ lives, have fun with a friend or two, and also, just maybe, squeeze in some sex once in a while. Adlon has been nominated for two Emmy awards for Louie, and she won an Emmy for her voice-over performance as Bobby Hill on King of the Hill.  Her work on Louie has also resulted in a WGA Award and two PGA Award nominations. Some of Adlon’s other credits include Californication, Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time, and Phineas and Ferb. And if you remember Lucky Louie on HBO, Adlon played the role of Kim. She sure has come a long way since starring on The Facts of Life back in 1984. And it’s been good things ever since.

    Louis C.K. breaks MSG record while FX scores the rights to his next special “Louis C.K. Live From The Comedy Store”

    Louis C.K.Louis C.K. just recently broke a record for being the first stand-up comedian to sell out Madison Square Garden three times in the same month for the same tour. And now he’s just added a fourth show on January 27th in addition to his upcoming gig there on the 24th. Two shows of this record breaking run have already occurred. And now it has just been announced that FX, the cable channel that houses C.K.’s Golden Globe nominated comedy series, has acquired the rights to the Emmy and Grammy Award winner’s next special entitled “Louis C.K. Live From The Comedy Store”. C.K. will make the special available to fans first on his website, LouisCK.net, in coming weeks after his record-breaking run of shows at Madison Square Garden. The hour-long comedy special will subsequently air on FX this spring. C.K. will write and direct the special. C.K. and M. Blair Breard will serve as Executive Producers of the special. The special is being produced by C.K.’s production company, Pig Newton. In addition to this, it’s also been announced that the eight episode fifth season of Louie will debut on FX April 9th at 10:30pm. Louis C.K. Live at the Comedy Store is C.K.’s sixth hour-long standup comedy special and the second to air on FX following Louis C.K. Live At the Beacon Theater in May of 2012.

    Patton Oswalt just won our vote for the 2015 comedy Grammy by taking out the competition on social media

    If you didn’t realize, earlier today the Grammy Nominations were announced. In the comedy category some pretty heavy hitters are being pitted against each other. Patton Oswalt was one of them and now he’s taking to social media to strike the first blow and lobby for the win by taking some fun shots at the competition. All in a day’s work for Patton Oswalt. Is this the death blow or will someone else strike next? Read More

    Howard Stern discussed the eulogy he delivered at Joan Rivers’ funeral, opens up with wildy raunchy joke

    Howard Stern delivered the eulogy at Joan Rivers’ funeral on Sunday, right afterward, many started talking about Rivers’ close friend Howard Stern’s eulogy for Rivers, leading off with a risky opener. Turns out that opener worked and yesterday on his show Stern recalled his eulogy and how he prepared to send off his friend.

    Stern got a call from Rivers’ daughter Melissa who personally asked him to speak, “I had gotten a call from Melissa like a day and half before the service asking me if I would speak. I said to her, ‘Melissa, you are asking the wrong guy.’ I said, ‘I’ll do it, I would do anything for Joan, I will do anything for you.” Read More

    FX orders new Zach Galifianakis and Louis C.K. clown comedy called “Baskets”

    At the top of the year, FX ordered a pilot for a new Zach Galifianakis TV show that was to be produced by Louis C.K. Now, that pilot has a 10-episode series order.

    FX ordered Baskets which was co-created by Galifianakis, C.K. and Jonathan Krisel (Portlandia). It’s set to make its debut sometime in 2016 and stars Galifianakis as the title character, Chip Baskets, who has dreams of being a clown. Read More