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  • This week on TV: a stand-up two shot from Louis C.K. and Nick Swardson

    Louis CK - Live At The Comedy Store

    Happy short week to you! Fresh off a holiday break (which we all needed right?) and just in time to kick off the summer, the stand-up comedy gods have blessed us with two stand-up specials airing on TV this week. First up on Thursday, right after the season finale of Louis C.K’s TV show, Louie on FX, the comedian’s latest comedy special, Live at the Comedy Store will make its television premiere. Then on Saturday, Nick Swardson will make his triumphant return to stand-up with a never-before-seen, brand spanking new stand-up special, Taste It. Swardson’s last special was in 2009, six long years for us Terry fans. Welcome back Nick! Here’s what else is going on this week. Read More

    Louis C.K. is accused of joke thievery in this cut Saturday Night Live sketch

    For some reason Kyle Mooney’s Bruce Chandling sketch always seems to be cut from Saturday Night Live. But that’s okay, because we have the internet where we can see the failed comedian character at work. Case in point, last night’s sketch where Louis C.K. accidentally ends up stealing Chandling’s material. Resulting in another great re-imagining of Louie’s opening sequence. Oh, and Bobby Moynihan drinks ketchup.

    Louis C.K. hosted Saturday Night Live: Season 40 ended on a high note

    Louis C.K. SNL Bumper

    Season 40 of Saturday Night Live must’ve been a particularly grueling one for the cast and writers of the show. Not only managing to actually churn out the show every week, but the super grand SNL 40 episode that by the time this season came to an end, it’s very easy to see them gas out in the final episode. Rather than do that, they knocked it out of the park with easily one of the strongest episodes of the season. The relied on Louis C.K. who has been a super strong host in the three times he’s helmed the wheel. Last night was no different, delivering a monologue most thin skinned will be groaning about the next day and some of the edgiest moments we saw all year. Read More

    This week in comedy: Awards were won, and Mr. Burns is in limbo

    Louis CK Moth AwardAlthough there were lots of developments in the comedy world this week, Louis C.K. in particular had a pretty stellar seven days. He started by talking about his time as one of Conan O’Brian’s writers; check out this video of his trip to Late Night With Seth Meyers for the full scoop. C.K. will also host SNL this weekend, and you can watch promos here. But neither of these is the biggest news in his week: he won an award! He received the surprisingly obscure Moth Award for his excellent storytelling skills. Congratulations are in order!

    Elsewhere in the comedy world this week:

    – Who better than stand-up vet Brian Regan to be the focus of Comedy Central’s first ever live stand-up special? Not your typical pre-recorded jaunt, this one’s got everyone taking note. Regan also swung by Letterman for his last set ever there.

    – For Mother’s Day, Reese Witherspoon hosted Saturday Night Live, and it was mostly good.

    – The NBC fall comedy lineup is notably short on Friday primetime slots.

    – It’s almost summer, so you know what that means: a new season of Orange Is The New Black is just moments away.

    – NBC is recruiting some big names from its hit sitcoms for a new project: Rob Lowe, Megan Mullally, and Jenna Fischer will appear together in You, Me, and the End of the World. Read More

    Watch Louis C.K.’s acceptance speech after receiving the Moth Award

    For those who might not know, The Moth Award is an award given to amazing storytellers as part of the The Moth Radio Hour. Louis C.K. stated during his acceptance speech of The Moth Award, “Stories are the only things you have that are really yours.” He then went on to tell a story about writing for Conan O’Brien and also when he traveled to Russia for the first time. A fantastic story teller and the proof is in the pudding with this speech.

    Here are Louis C.K. promos for the final episode of SNL 40

    Louis C.K. is the host of the final episode of Saturday Night Live’s 40th season. That’s right, the year long celebration that is SNL40 is coming to an end and we have a comedy giant hosting the show. It feels like Louis has hosted every season since he first debuted and that is a-okay because in a few short years Louie makes us feel all warm and fuzzy about our beloved SNL.

    Louis C.K. remembers writing for Conan back in the day on Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Louis C.K. took to Seth Meyers’ couch last night to reminisce about his days as a writer for Conan O’Brien. Particularly a dirty joke he was able to sneak onto the show. C.K. was amongst the writing crew for Conan when he first took over for Letterman on NBC’s Late Night. Coming full circle by telling said story on Late Night 20+ years later.

    Louis C.K. set to direct and star in new comedy I’m A Cop

    louis directingLouis C.K. will be taking his talents back to the feature film director’s chair with indie comedy I’m A Cop. The film will follow the story of a depressed middle-aged man who is a volunteer police officer living in the shadow of his mother, a highly-decorated retired officer. When she dies, her continued influence forces him to become a real police officer, which is something he never wanted to be. It’s been 14 years for C.K. who will be hoping this fares a lot better than his previous attempt at a feature. While his sitcom Louis has enjoyed tremendous success, the last time he was behind the camera on a movie was 2001’s bomb Pootie Tang, from which he was actually removed during editing. The film wound up being some what of a cult hit post theatrical release. Scott Rudin, who also works on Louis and the stand-up specials, will produce. C.K. will next appear alongside Bryan Cranston in Trumbo, a biopic of blacklisted screenwriter Donald Trumbo, and lend his voice to the animated The Secret Life of Pets, both of which are due out in the coming year.

    Louis C.K. set to host season finale of Saturday Night Live

    louisThere are only three episodes left in Saturday Night Live’s 40th season and now we know who will be hosting them. Scarlett Johansson is set to host the May 2 episode in lieu of Avengers: Age of Ultron out May 1. The musical guest for the episode will be Wiz Khalifa. Next up is Reese Witherspoon who will be hosting the May 9 episode. Like Johansson, Witherspoon’s latest movie, Hot Pursuit, also premieres the day before. The musical guest accompanying her will be Florence and the Machine. And finally, the season finale is in the hands of Louis C.K. on May 16. C.K.’s one of the best received SNL hosts of late, and his comedy special, Live at the Comedy Store, will be making its TV debut on FX on May 28. The final musical guest will be Rihanna, who has a couple of new singles and who is scheduled to release a new album some time this year.

    Louie season five: Louie is as Louie does

    Louie Season 5

    If you found the “forced kiss” scene with commitment-phobe Pam uncomfortable in season four (where she tells him “This would be rape if you weren’t so stupid”), you probably squirmed and melted into your seat towards the end of last night’s first episode of Louie. Season five fired off on all cylinders, and that’s not in a good way – but in a “Louie” way. Read More