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  • 11 possible successors to David Letterman’s late night throne

    It’s been less than 24 hours since David Letterman announced his retirement from late night television. While it’s an iconic moment from a true television icon and we should respect that, it’s at the same time the perfect chance to think who could potentially replace his seat. The late night landscape has changed a lot this last year, Letterman represents the last of the “old guard.” While it’s perfectly natural for these moves to happen, it can’t be denied that the competition of Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, who not only skew younger, but have really helped capitalize on the social/internet aspect of late night. Once Fallon took over The Tonight Show and his ratings boomed, Letterman all of a sudden appeared old and unhip; two descriptions he’s never been labeled. Leno was that guy, that safe bet, Letterman was edgy and was cool. While it can only be rumored that these factors played any part in Letterman’s decision, it’s still his time and he’s still the king.

    Here’s a list of people we think would be worthy successors to his throne. Read More

    Louis C.K. hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ for an awkwardly great evening

    Louis C.K. on SNLUpon learning Louis C.K. would return as the next host of Saturday Night Live, the excitement level shot through the roof. C.K. is an incredibly talented man and when he made his debut in 2012 he was part of an instant classic sketch spoofing his popular TV show Louie. Therefore, we went into this evening hoping for more of C.K. lovable awkwardness.

    Yes, believe that C.K. has incredibly awkward moments, he’s not the best actor and he definitely benefited from cue card reading last night. Somehow Louis makes it all work for him, you cheer for his bald, middle-aged manness, and you do it a lot. Some of the night’s sketches were incredibly great, and later slid into a lovable weirdness with sketches about action figures in butts, private eyes, and romantic speeches.

    Depending on where you land on the weirdness scale, you’ll love many of said sketches, or it might just not be your thing. There wasn’t a standout sketch like “Lincoln” did during C.K.’s first turn as host though I personally enjoyed the episode, between Louis’ great monologue to some laugh out loud moments the evening provided, it was a solid night of sketch comedy. Read More

    Here’s a teaser for season 4 of ‘Louie’ which will return on May 5th

    At the peak of last night’s Louis C.K. mania, FX released a teaser trailer announcing the return date of Louie on May 5th. The show’s return is a welcome one as it’s been on a planned hiatus for the entire year of 2013. Let’s go back to the September 27, 2012, it was a different time; Obama was running for re-election, we didn’t know the phrase “Superstorm Sandy” yet, and C.K. had yet to host SNL. Wow a lot has happened in a year.

    Let us watch these Louis C.K. ‘Saturday Night Live’ promos

    Rejoice for Saturday Night Live is returning this week, and it’s with one of our favs. Louis C.K. is hosting the night with musical guest Sam Smith. Last time Louis hosted, it was just days after Hurricane Sandy hit New York and we got the now infamous “Lincoln” sketch. So yeah, less hurricanes and more sketches that perfectly spoof our 16th President.

    Todd Barry on Conan, ‘It’s the first annual Todd Barry best Walgreens award’

    Todd Barry was the guest comedian on Conan last night. He swung by the late night TV studio for a spot in an effort to promote his new stand-up special, The Crowd Work Tour that was just made available on LouisCK.net this weekend. If you aren’t familiar, last year Barry hit the road for shows, just doing crowd work. He decided to film part of it and his pal Louis C.K. offered to produce it and make available on his website. This brings us to present day. Read More

    Louis C.K. mocked Bradley Cooper five years ago without realizing he did

    Louis CK and Bradley CooperIf you are a fan of the TV show, Inside the Actor’s Studio and Louis C.K. then you are going to like this story.

    Louis was a guest on The Stephen Merchant Show back in 2009 and Merchant asked him about the show Inside The Actor’s Studio. This prompted Louis to make a funny rant stating that nobody in the audience of that show (which is made up of acting students) actually gets anywhere in their careers. Louis mockingly said, the person in the audience that asks Sean Penn a question never turns out to be Juliette Lewis. However, thanks to the internet, someone went back in time to 1999 when Sean Penn was actually a guest on the TV show and sure enough some young actor in the audience asked Penn a question. But it turns out that audience member was young student named Bradley Cooper. You will recognize the great irony here is that Louis just starred along Cooper in the movie American Hustle. Louis C.K. mocked a five-year in the future co-worker by accident. If you’ve seen American Hustle, you’ll realize that Cooper gets back at Louis a bit by treating him like crap the entire film. Read More

    The wait is over: ‘Louie’ starts back up May 5th

    You know him, you love him, he’s Louis C.K. and he’s coming back to FX May 5th with season 4 of Louie. The new 14 episode season (FX asked for 13 but C.K. hooked them up with 14) will push out back to back new episodes every Monday until it comes to a close in June.

    In case you missed the news back in September of 2012, C.K. came out and said he was taking a break from the show. He wanted to make sure it stayed fresh. “The last three seasons have been this surge of fun and work and stories and it’s been great, but I want the show to keep getting better,” C.K. told Variety.“I want season four to go somewhere new, even if it’s only a slight shift.”

    I have to say, while I hate waiting for anything, I do admire C.K’s dedication towards making sure the show consistently grows and gets better. With that being said, the wait has certainly been tiring and I’m excited for this season. To insure you wont have to wait any longer, just go ahead and mark the date on your calendar now.

    May 5th, 10pm on FX. See you then.

    ‘Parks And Recreation,’ ‘This Is The End,’ SNL, Bill Burr, amongst nominees for American Comedy Awards

    This Is The EndJust a few months ago we learned that the American Comedy Awards would be be returning to network TV and air on NBC. A return to its roots of sorts as they once aired on the peacock network. Now, after a round of open nominations from a panel of comedy industry people, (which we must admit, included us) the final nominations have been determined and are open for the public to vote until March 18th.

    The nominations for the 2014 American Comedy Awards have been announced and we have ourselves a terrific selection of nominations to select from. Fronting the pack is the Seth Rogen/James Franco flick This Is The End with 7 nominations followed by the Bruce Dern/Will Forte flick Nebraska with 6. In the TV categories, NBC’s Parks And Recreation pulled 6 nominations while sketch comedy show Key & Peele and the always nominated Modern Family pulled in 5 nominations each.

    Other picks of note, Bill Hader, Vanessa Bayer, and Kate McKinnon all pulled in nominations for their work on Saturday Night Live. Read More