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  • Host Dakota Johnson and Taran Killam beg her mom to watch 50 Shades in SNL promos

    SNL Host Dakota Johnson and Taran Killam Beg Her Mom To Watch 50 Shades in these new promos for the upcoming February 28th episode with musical guest Alabama Shakes.

    Chris Hemsworth announced to host “Saturday Night Live” on March 7th

    Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth a.k.a. Thor, has just landed his next big gig. The actor has been announced to host iconic sketch show Saturday Night Live next month, in what will be his debut appearance. Chris will join musical guest Zac Brown Band for the show on March 7. The announcement was made on the official Saturday Night Live Twitter account on Tuesday. As his star grows and grows in Hollywood, so do his list of credits. Later this year he’ll be seen in the continuation of the comedy franchise Vacation alongside Ed Helms, Nick Kroll, Leslie Mann, and Christina Applegate. Also due out are sequels to both the Thor and The Avengers films. Read More

    That time Pete Davidson got a letter from President Clinton congratulating him on getting a job on “Saturday Night Live”

    Pete DavidsonToday, comedian Pete Davidson shared a really cool letter that he received from former President Bill Clinton for his success as one of the latest featured cast member of Saturday Night Live.

    Davidson was born the same year Clinton took office, which is a somewhat weird idea to comprehend. Clinton read about Davidson’s history – a native New Yorker who lost his firefighter father on 9/11, who began comedy and is now a breakout cast member on the New York institution known as Saturday Night Live. Just some New Yorkers doing very New York things. Read More

    SNL 40 pulls in monster ratings, more than 23 million people tuned in to watch

    Melissa McCarthy, Matt FoleyLast night’s Saturday Night Live SNL 40 anniversary special had everything – some classic sketches revisited, some new ones, montages galore and a ton of old friends. Now they can add 23 million viewers to that list.

    The anniversary of the iconic sketch show drew 23.1 million total viewers from 8-11pm when it aired, pulling in a 7.8 demo rating (numbers that will more than likely change a bit when the final hour hour gets included). Making it the best rated programming for NBC in nearly a decade, a title previously owned by the Will & Grace series finale.

    For comparison, the NBA All-Star game aired at the same time as SNL 40 and never did better than 7.2M in the ratings. A 12% increase in audience over last year and sizeable number for cable but still not enough to win the night. However, the All-Star game is touting its social media presence, where 1.1M Tweets were sent about the game vs the 1.3 SNL 40 earned.

    This Week on TV: “The Jack and Triumph Show” adventures begin this week on Adult Swim

    jack triumphNow that the long awaited and star studded spectacular of SNL’s 40th Anniversary is behind us it’s time to look forward to what is coming our way in the world of comedy through the television medium. And we don’t have to go far to see Saturday Night Live‘s roots grow and spread yet again. And that show premieres February 20 at 11:30p ET. It is the The Jack and Triumph Show on Adult Swim. If we were to play the game, how many degrees of separation from Saturday Night Live, this would clock in at zero. The “Jack” is Jack McBrayer (30 Rock, Wreck-It Ralph) and the Triumph comes in the form of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog a.k.a. Robert Smigel. The latter is the man behind writing the TV Funhouse portion of SNL. Read More

    SNL 40 ran cast audition clips that landed them on the show, and some that didn’t

    Pete and Leslie SNL 40

    Last night on SNL 40, the show’s newest cast members Pete Davidson and Leslie Jones intro’d a great clip showing audition clips from the iconic cast, showing everyone from original players to the current cast members all looking very young and almost household names. Additionally they included some clips from comedians that auditioned but didn’t actually end up on the show, like Jim Carey, Kevin Hart, Stephen Colbert, and Zach Galifianakis. Read More

    Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler pay video tribute to those breaking character in the SNL 40 digital short

    That's when you break

    It was only fitting that SNL 40 paid tribute to the digital short as it’s a big part of Saturday Night Live. So after a Louis C.K. introduced a video reel celebrating its clips from over the years, Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg teamed up for a short/song/video that paid tribute to those moments when the cast loses it and laughs in the middle of a sketch. Just as we realized where this sketch was going, we stated, “they have to specifically mention Fallon and Horatio breaking all the time.” Lo and behold, we were treated as such. Read More

    Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin’s shout out to Tracy Morgan on SNL 40

    Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin

    Tracy Morgan’s impact while on Saturday Night Live wasn’t nearly as large as what he did after appearing on the show. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t missed at SNL 40. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin took a moment out of the fun to toss a nod to Morgan who is still very much recovering from the car accident he was involved in last summer. Now we’re bummed about it all over again. Read More

    Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jane Curtan bring out the all-stars for SNL 40’s Weekend Update

    Weekend Update

    Another standout moment of Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary show SNL 40 was when it came time for Weekend Update. Favorites Tina Fey and Amy Poehler welcomed one of the originals Jane Curtain for some Weekend Updating. They also took a moment to bring on some of our favorite guests who’ve hit the Update desk. However, we got a treat as other celebs did impressions of their favorite characters, including Emma Stone as Roseanne Roseannadanna, Ed Norton as Stefon, and Melissa McCarthy as Matt Foley Motivational Speaker. Hell, even land shark showed up. Read More

    Celebrity Jeopardy (and Turd Ferguson) gloriously return to SNL 40

    Turd Ferguson

    Celebrity Jeopardy is hands down one of our favorite sketches from Saturday Night Live. Will Ferrell, often the wacky one, gets to play the straight man and host such insane characters. Tonight on SNL 40 they revived the sketch with Ferrell and cross generationaly brought in popular characters from different casts, including Connery, Bieber, Reynolds, Waltz, and Jim Carrey’s Matthew McConaughey. For the record “Le Tits Now” is our new catchphrase. Read More