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  • Samuel L. Jackson treats us to a slam poem about ‘Boy Meets World’

    Last night Mr. Samuel L. Jackson stopped by The Tonight Show to not just give an interview but also some slam poetry too, ya dig? Jackson gave us a real gem with his slam poetry session about classic 90s show, Boy Meets World. Seeing as though The Tonight Show is live, he didn’t drop his signature MF bomb but he still knocked the poetry out of the park. So sit back and enjoy, you cool cats.

    After a 26 year absence, Joan Rivers returned to ‘The Tonight Show’

    After nearly a 26 year ban, Jimmy Fallon surprised everyone as he invited Joan Rivers to return to The Tonight Show Thursday night. While this marks the second time Rivers has appeared on the show with Fallon (she made a cameo on Fallon’s first night with other celebs), it is her first time sitting down on the couch being interviewed since her ban all those years ago. Though Joan Rivers was appreciative to be back on the couch of The Tonight Show, she made her return anything but subtle.

    If you’re not aware of the history that makes this appearance so extraordinary, let’s go back 26 years ago to the time of Johnny Carson’s reign. As a constant guest on The Tonight Show since the 60s, Rivers earned herself guest hosing duties for Carson in 1983. She did so well that in 1986, was offered to host her own late-night comedy program on FOX. This potential competition enraged Carson who, “banned, banned, banned” Rivers from ever appearing on The Tonight Show again. Though this ban held strong during Jay Leno’s reign, Jimmy Fallon finally broke the 26 year ban last night, leaving us to wonder – will she return for round 2? Probably.

    Jimmy Fallon impersonates Bill Cosby to Bill Cosby

    Bill Cosby should be a guest on every late night show ever all the time. Why? Because he’s Bill friggin’ Cosby! I particularly like it when Mr. Cosby drops by to talk to Jimmy Fallon, mainly because the two have terrific chemistry and Fallon just goes along for the ride. Cosby more than likely takes over the show and pretty much just does whatever he wants. It’s always entertaining and it’s always funny to watch. Case in point, this clip from last night’s Tonight Show with Jimmy doing his best Cosby impression to the man himself. Read More