Adam Scott's second 'Greatest Event in Television History' special with Amy Poehler aired

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  • Adam Scott’s second ‘Greatest Event in Television History’ special with Amy Poehler aired

    Greatest Event 2Last night, [adult swim] aired Adam Scott’s second installment of the Greatest Event in Television History. We already know what you’re thinking, “How can there be two greatest events in TV history?” Well, for everyone that takes everything a little too critically, Adam Scott explained the misunderstanding:

    “What can I say? We were wrong. It wasn’t the greatest event in television history. But I’d rather be wrong for eight months than correct for ten seconds if it means we end up being correct again at some point. Which is why I have that phrase tattooed on my neck.”

    What was the greatest event from last night? Well, it was Adam Scott, Amy Poehler, and Horatio Sanz re-enacting the opening credit sequence from the early 80’s series, Hart to Hart. In an interview with Vulture, Scott compares the differences between other significant events in TV with his own. The moon landing was staged, he has a cooler car than OJ Simpson, the Beatles were really never relevant, and he didn’t even know what the Ellen “coming out” episode was.

    So there you have it, maybe Adam Scott really does have the greatest event in the history of TV. As for the next two episodes which hope to be released by the end of the year, Scott said this, “We are considering making a shot for shot recreation of the last scene from The Sopranos from the perspective of the onion rings, because that’s what everyone had questions about. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide some answers for people.” I bet the next set of answers he will need to provide will be when everyone is wondering about how his third Greatest Event in Television History is possible.

    And if you want the side by side.


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