He's Axe Cop, and he's a total badass (video)

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  • He’s Axe Cop, and he’s a total badass (video)

    Animation Domination High-Definition, or ADHD is FOX’s attempt to sway the stoner eyeballs from watching late night cartoons on [adult swim] with blocks of animated 15 minute shows. It’s flagship show, Axe Cop is based on the popular web comic (created by a 5 year old kid) is set to premiere this July. What does Axe Cop do you ask? He carries around an axe and rides on the back of a dinosaur, which of course, is decked out in twin gatling guns (you gotta love 5 year olds). Here’s preview footage of the show with the cop voice supplied by Parks And Recreation’s Nick Offerman.

    If, for some reason your brain can’t comprehend all of the facts I just threw at you, just remember this… Nick Offerman, cop with an axe, dinosaur with machine guns is his transportation, stoners. There, you got it.


    What do you think?