The Half Hour: Jonah Ray attends a house party with Lars Ulrich

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  • The Half Hour: Jonah Ray attends a house party with Lars Ulrich

    Jonah Ray Half Hour

    Jonah Ray is next up with the premiere of his Half Hour this weekend. In this clip Ray tells a particularly humorous story about an encounter with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and downloading songs. While you might think you know Lars’ stance on the subject you might not expect the response Ray gets.

    Pay special attention to his first joke anecdote because it’s pretty great in how bad the joke was.


    […] Such is the tragedy of major-label success. You’re not really a band anymore as much as sustained capital, and many scattered workers within the pop-metal cloud rely on you for their sustenance. This dynamic is pretty recognizable to anyone who’s read enough Karl Marx, C. Wright Mills, or even Simon Reynolds and/or Will Straw. Despite innumerable reasons to do so at the time, Metallica did not break up. They did make tremendous fools of themselves, though, between James Hetfield’s highly publicized stint in rehab and subsequent bizarre work ethic, not to mention Lars Ulrich’s crusade against illegal music downloading (though Jonah Ray would have you think otherwise). […]

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