That time Jeff Garlin dropped by Ferguson's show to promote Birbiglia's movie

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  • That time Jeff Garlin dropped by Ferguson’s show to promote Birbiglia’s movie

    Usually before I drift off into sleepytime land at night I catch Craig Ferguson’s cold open and monologue. He’s usually a great way to end the night with a final laugh at something silly. Last night during the cold open, which can be anything from a lip dub musical number, embarrassment of an audience member, or in this case last night, something totally random.

    The randomness was supplied by Jeff Garlin who just so happened to drop in to promote a movie he’s not in. That movie, Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me. If things hadn’t been weird enough for you they played the clip which featured Marc Maron, who is only in the film for a very brief time.

    What do you think?