Tom Haverford's basketball dictionary is as we expected

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  • Tom Haverford’s basketball dictionary is as we expected

    Haverford BasketballTom Haverford, the swaged out worker in the Pawneee Parks And Recreation department portrayed by Aziz Ansari may not be the most athletic person in the world but he has a way with words.

    First he brought us Tom Haverfooods but fresh off the heels of last week’s episode, Haverford put together his definitions for basketball terms. For example, to him Traveling is, “Often times it’s the obvious definition that’s the correct one, so I’m gonna go ahead and say: expanding your horizons via airplanes or luxury train cars.”

    There’s Webster’s Dictionary. And then there’s Tom Haverford’s basketball dictionary. #Swag.

    Haverford B-Ball

    Haverford B-Ball Haverford B-Ball

    Haverford B-Ball

    Havorford B-Ball Haverford B-Ball

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