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  • Day 5 of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s #8videos8days mocks the genre of the sports fight song


    Day 5, we made it through the week of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s #8videos8days campaign celebrating the release of his new (and possibly final) studio album, Mandatory Fun. Today rather than going for the straight up spoof of a popular song, Yankovic decided to mock the genre of sports and its fight songs. So he got himself a marching band (something I’d reckon is easy for a guy like Al) and took to the gridiron where ht deconstructed sports. Check out the clip courtesy of the folks at Funny Or Die.

    “The Jim Norton Show” will premiere on VICE July 23rd”


    Back in April we learned that Jim Norton was taping a web show for VICE and that Kurt Metzger was one of its writers. Those shows were taped just a few weeks ago. Today VICE announced when they plan on launching the show, and that is next week on July 23rd. All you have to do is head over to and watch up.

    The structure of the show will be a mix of stand-up comedy, debates, and interviews with guests like Mike Tyson, UFC President Dana White, and notorious drug dealer Freeway Rick Ross. It will be filmed in front of a live audience. Norton stated, “VICE didn’t censor any language or ideas at all; they were amazing creatively. I got to do exactly the show I wanted to do. Which also sucks, because if it fails, it’s completely my fault.”

    Thank You Internet! Artist re-creates “Futurama’s” intro in stunning 3D


    Matt Groening created a gem of a show in Futurama. Sadly, the show was given the axe for the second time (this time around by Comedy Central after reviving it from Fox) last summer, ending the show for good. Futurama was a wonderful show that could be both hilarious and touching, each episode a must-watch (except for the Seymour episode. F*ck that sob-inducing tragedy).

    But like with any cult show, its fans are both passionate and incredibly creative on their own. First seen on Kotaku, artist Alexy Zakharov recently created a series of detailed 3D renderings of the Planet Express ship and re-created the show’s skyline intro beautifully. This test shot was created using 3Dsmax, Nuke, Photoshop and After Effects. Read More

    Day 4 of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s #8videos8days takes on Iggy Azalea and all of her fanciness


    Day 4, the halfway mark of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s #8videos8days campaign celebrating the release of his new (and possibly final) studio album, Mandatory Fun. Today he’s eyeing the pop-hit that is Iggy Azalea and her song “Fancy.” It’s a song ripe for parody because, it’s one of those songs that you’ve probably already changed lyrics to during your everyday travels. As with most of these clips, Al asked some of his comedian friends to join in on the fun. Today’s comedian is Eddie Peppitone who joins in on the fun on this clip that was released via Yahoo Sketchy.

    “Weird Al” Yankovic’s third installment of #8videos8days parodies Lorde’s “Royals” with “FOIL”


    It’s day 3 of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s #8videos8days to celebrate the release of Mandatory Fun. Today he teamed up with the folks at College Humor to take the piss out of Lorde’s song “Royals” with his parody song “Foil.” As with a lot of his best spoofs Al touches on food jokes, starting the song with the shinny wrapper’s benefit in keeping food fresh. Then, things go a bit south as conspiracy sets in. As with the first video, “Tacky” some other funny people help Al out in this clip as Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon, and Robert Ben Garant make cameos.

    Moshe Kasher gets a love reading from Emily Heller in the season 2 finale of “The Future”


    Comedian (and “e-cigarette enthusiast”) Moshe Kasher sits down with celebrity psychic Emily Heller for the season finale The Future. Wrapping up her second season on Above Average’s Youtube channel, Heller attempts to give Kasher your basic love reading in today’s session. However, there’s something about Kasher’s looks and impressive knowledge of tarot that distracts Heller. As always, The Future delivers another hilarious episode. Hopefully there will be a season 3, and more necklaces.

    “Weird Al” Yankovic’s #8videos8days greatness continues with a parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”


    After yesterday’s release of “Tacky” we didn’t know what to expect for the remaining videos in Weird Al’s #8videos#8days campaign promoting the release of Mandatory Fun (which hit stores today). Today’s completely terrific video is a parody of “Blurred Lines.” As someone who fights for the right of the Oxford Comma daily, it hits pretty close to home. Now watch and get obsessed with Weird Al all over again.

    Congrats grammar nerds, you now have an official theme song.

    Learn “The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail” origin story


    The Metldown with Jonah and Kumail is Comedy Central’s latest stand-up TV series. What makes The Meltdown different from CC’s other programs, is it’s an adapted version of an long-standing LA comedy show. In this uncensored behind-the-scenes feature, the stars and producers talk about the show’s origin story. Hosts Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani explain how the weekly showcase came to be with the help of producer Emily Gordon, TJ Miller, Natasha Leggero, Meltdown owner Gaston Dominguez-Letelier, and more.