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  • Conan O’Brien visits Taco Bell

    Last night Conan rewarded a member of his staff by taking him to Taco Bell headquarters. The two dove into the Bell’s test kitchen and tried out some new foods and even created a few of their own. If you are a fan of Conan O’Brien and Taco Bell, chances are this is the greatest video you’ll watch today. If you don’t fall into those categories, Conan will try to sway your opinion by debuting the “O’Taco,” an Irish/Mexican hybrid of tasty goodness.

    Blake Shelton taunts Adam Levine in new SNL promos

    This weekend Blake Shelton has the torch as host of Saturday Night Live. In the promos we find Shelton expanding on the Blake Shelton vs. Adam Levine rivalry from NBC’s The Voice by taunting Levine. In addition to his hosting duties, he’ll be double dipping as the musical guest. As Cecily Strong would say, “Roll the tape… you know I forgot there’s no tape.”

    Esther Povitsky on The Late Late Show, “There is sexism in dating”

    Esther Povitsky was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Drew Carey last night. The comedian is at the age where she’s beginning to grow up but still clinging to childhood. Take it away Esther.

    SERIAL: The Rom Com parody video from Honora Talbott

    When pop culture celebrates an entity, it celebrates an entity. This is the case with SERIAL, the gift from the podcasting universe and Sarah Koenig. And with success comes backlash and parody. And there is no shortage of that. As fans wait for what Sarah is going to do next, we can only enjoy the remix of pop culture that comes out of pop culture itself. Here is a piece by Honora Talbott that turns the SERIAL world into that of a Rom Com. A stand out in my eyes. Enjoy.

    John Oliver offers some great excuses to get out of New Years Eve

    Last Week Tonight is currently on hiatus, but that won’t stop the crew from making special web- exclusives. This their most recent one, host John Oliver talks the worst holiday of them all: New Year’s Eve. To help you out, Oliver offers up some great excused to use to get out of terrible New Year’s Eve friends (and to help weed out some of your friends). Check it out.

    #TBT Holiday Edition: a look back at John Robert’s classic sketch “The Christmas Tree”

    Every Thursday, TLB participates in #TBT by scrounging around the internet for precious web gems of yore. Here’s one of our favorite videos that deserve some extra attention.

    Merry Christmas everybody who cares! On this special day, when you need to take a break from the food, the gift clean-up, and insane relatives, re-live this Youtube classic. Before John Roberts was voicing everyone’s favorite TV mom, Bob’s Burgers‘ Linda Belcher, he was perfecting his impression of his own mother in the infamous sketch “The Christmas Tree.” Having amassed over 4 million views since it’s debut in 2006, Roberts impression of his mother and her obsession with the family Christmas tree is hysterical. It wouldn’t be Christmas without it. Enjoy!

    Watch the cut SNL sketch “Nativity Battle Force’

    Unfortunately, SNL doesn’t always have time to fit in every sketch. Between dress rehearsal and the live show, some get cut for time. Luckily, NBC is gotten very good at releasing the cut sketches online for everyone to see. Today, SNL released the cut commercial from last week’s episode with Amy Adams, “Nativity Battle Force.” Kyle Mooney stars in this fake commercial about a new toy designed to get kids excited by the nativity. With Soldiers of the Nativity: Battle Force action figures, you can protect the baby messiah and the future of the universe. Baby Jesus glows in the dark!

    SNL spoofs “Love Actually” in this cut sketch from this weekend’s Amy Adams episode

    This sketch was cut for time from this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. It’s unfortunate because the super simple premise of spoofing a scene from the movie Love Actually works. It pits Pete Davidson and host Amy Adams in a scene where he declares his love for Amy and things like her Juggs and “That little hole between your buttcheeks.”

    Nick Offerman talks about wrapping up ‘Parks & Rec’ on Fallon

    Sadly, Parks and Recreation has wrapped in series finale. Nick Offerman, who gave the world the wonderful Ron Swanson, visited The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon the other night. Offerman talks about the somber last day of filming, how everyone was reduced to tears on set. Well except for Offerman, who was crying and vomiting and filling his pants with “the saddest oatmel.” Yikes.

    That time Hannibal Buress was an NBA reporter for ESPN (video)

    Hannibal Buress ESPN

    The folks at Grantland made the very wise decision to recruit Hannibal Burress to be a basketball correspondent. They sent him to a Cavs/Pelican’s game to try to report on star Anthony Davis. Davis left the game very early on (7 minutes) but Buress managed to turn it into comedy gold by taking advantage of being courtside, including an attempt to get an interview with LeBron James and taking part in the losing team’s press conference. We feel strongly that this should be a full time endeavor for Buress. Read More