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  • Get re-certified in these season 6 promo videos for “Archer”

    FX is in a giving/thankful mood because they just dropped six, coun’t ‘em six promos for season six of Archer (premiering January 8th). They center around the staff getting re-certified by Krieger to enter back into the spy world. As we remember, in season five, the cast did a 180 from the spy game and became drug dealers in Miami because they became in possession of a ton of cocaine. A re-boot of sorts because the show’s creators were simply a bit bored. Read More

    Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts sing all your favorite Thanksgiving carols

    Don’t you hate it when everyone starts singing Christmas carols in November? What about those good ole classic Thanksgiving carols? Well fear not, you can get all your favorite carols on Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s Now (This Is What We Are Referring To As Music): Thanksgiving Carols. Scott Aukerman, Reggie Watts, and Amber Tamblyn sing all your favorite, like “Dark Meat,” “Yams,” “Pizza This Year,” and many more. Only $1,000? What a steal!

    Aasif Mandvi talks auditioning for ‘The Daily Show’ on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

    Actor Aasif Mandvi was a guest on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. Mandvi talked about his early days as an actor and his first auditions for a snake charmer and a lot of doctors. “I’ve played more doctors than any actor in the history of Hollywood.” Mandvi followed up with the story of how he auditioned to be the “Senior Muslim Correspondent” on The Daily Show and his parents reaction to his new gig. Check it out. Read More

    John Oliver analyzes the bizarre tradition of “turkey pardoning”

    Thanksgiving is this week. For many that means getting together with family, watching football, eating too much food, and finding out which relative is racist. There’s also the long tradition of “turkey pardoning.” While Last Week Tonight is on hiatus (set to return in February), John Oliver and crew are still cranking out web exclusives. For his latest, Oliver offers up a challenge for Obama and future presidents: just kill all the delicious turkeys.

    Amy Schumer pays tribute to Joan Rivers at Glamour Women of The Year event

    Amy Schumer was recently at the Glamour Women Of The Year event where she took the opportunity to pay tribute to the late Joan Rivers. Schumer, who admittedly only met Rivers briefly told a story about how she was fighting TV censors about a joke, only to realize that Rivers had done something similar decades before. “I’m not going to say how big of balls she had to say that joke on the air, because she has taught us time and time again that having balls has nothing to do with it,” stated Schumer.

    #TBT to Matt Ingebretson and Dave Ross’ terrible fencing match

    Every Thursday, TLB participates in #TBT by scrounging around the internet for precious web gems of yore. Here’s one of our favorite videos that deserve some extra attention.

    While football season is still in full swing, and basketball and hockey are kicking up, maybe you’d like to sit back and watch a more classy sport. Maybe you’d like to watch two dumb comedians fence each other in order to win a false sense of pride? We thought you would, so today we’re throwing it back to Matt Ingebretson’s short-lived web series Idiot Fencing. The concept is pretty simple: two weak comedians (aka “idiots”) duel in the least formal fencing matches ever conceived. For the debut match, Ingebretson takes on Dave Ross. Who wins? Nobody really.