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  • Watch another teaser for Jerrod Carmichael’s upcoming HBO special, “Love At The Store”

    About a month ago HBO ran a teaser for Jerrod Carmichael’s new HBO stand-up special, Love At The Store. It was too brief a clip. Now a slighly longer clip has debuted giving us a bit more of a peek into Carmichael’s special, which, ironically will also serve as his first appearance on television. Oh and did we mention it’s going to be a Spike Lee joint? Damn, Jerrod is just crossing them all of the bucket list in one fell swoop isn’t he?

    Love At The Store premieres on HBO October 4th.

    Learn about vinyl from this promo for ‘Wyatt Cenac: Brooklyn”

    Comedy on vinyl is seeing a mini-resurgence of sorts. As announced yesterday, Wyatt Cenac’s new special, Brooklyn, will premiere on Netflix on October 21st. Cenac will also be going on tour to promote the special, and will be releasing 1,000 copies of his special on vinyl. What’s a vinyl LP? It’s like a digital audio file, but one that “provides none of the convienence of a digital file.” Let this promo fill you in more.

    Mel Brooks was on Conan, talked about his star on the Hollywood walk prank, paid tribute to Joan Rivers

    Mel Brooks was the guest on Conan last night and in one simple clip he managed to distill everything I f*cking love about Mel Brooks into a few minutes of interaction with the public. Why? Because, he’s getting a great honor in Hollywood yet just tries to go the extra mile simply for the idea that someone might possibly get a joke he makes, or not understand completely that they’re being screwed with. Wait for the reveal because even Conan didn’t catch it at first and his reaction is as honest as you can get. Read More

    Leslie Jones on Seth Meyers, “The booty call turned into a police call”

    One of SNL’s newest writers, Leslie Jones, was the guest comic on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. Breaking in Meyers’ new set, Jones put on a fiery performance. Jones talked about a recent situation she was in in which she may have taken a booty call to serious, how texting reveals how crazy you are, and yet, why women need to own their crazy. Watch.

    Ted Alexandro on Craig Ferguson, “I’ve been peeing sitting down a lot lately”

    Ted Alexandro was the guest comic on last night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Alexandro had a great set talking about his old age. Well, not old old, he’s just, “Retired from being young.” Alexandro is only 45, but he’s old enough to have dead friends on Facebook, and have the “flow” of an old rapper. Alexandro also talks about how much hard work being in love is, and the woes of having your friends match you up with someone based on nothing. Check it out.

    Jim Gaffigan interrupts Doug Benson’s interruption on “The Meltdown”

    In a very meta joke on last night’s The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, Jim Gaffigan pulled a Doug Benson… on Doug Benson. In this uncensored scene, Doug Benson attempts to do what he does best; interrupt people’s set. He was supposed to go out and f*ck with hosts Kumail Nanjiani and Jonah Ray, but he didn’t expect sneaky Jim Gaffigan to interrupt his interruption. It was an interruption, inside an interruption. Inception.

    Nikki Glaser recruits her comedian friends for a game of football

    For research purposes, Comedy Central has sent Nikki Glaser to crash with a full house of 20-somethings to find out what makes CC’s key demo tick. The web-series Comedians Crashing Couches follows Glaser’s week crashing with a house of vlog experts. Last week, Glaser recruited a few of her comedian friends to play a game of flag football against one of her new roommates. Making the cut are Henry Phillips, Brody Stevens, Emmy Blotnick, and Chris Fairbanks. They may not be good athletes, but they’re good people.

    #TBT when Cory Loykasek helped Donny Divanian prepare for a big date

    Every Thursday, TLB participates in #TBT by scrounging around the internet for precious web gems of yore. Here’s one of our favorite videos that deserve some extra attention.

    When reminiscing about catching the show Happy House at last year’s New York Comedy Festival, I remembered this great sketch, “My Roommate, My Friend (Episode 2).” Created by sketch group The Dress Up Gang, Cory Loykasek and Donny Divanian star as roommates that have more of a father/son relationship with each other. When poor Donny gets denied access to a club for wearing his favorite yellow t-shirt, good-guy Cory swoops in to cheer him up. The subtly  in this sketch is amazing; from Donny’s innocent sexts, to the juxtaposition of the video’s dramatic directorial style, this sketch is just as great as I remembered.