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  • #TBT to the time Ilana Glazer and Danny Jolles played a game of ‘Guess’

    Every Thursday, TLB participates in #TBT by scrounging around the internet for precious web gems of yore. Here’s one of our favorite videos that deserve some extra attention.

    It’s Thursday and we’re throwing it back to this old gem from sketch group Chess Club Comedy. Before Broad City was scooped up by Comedy Central, Ilana Glazer starred in this sketch as wife who takes a guessing game a tad bit too far. Written by Danny Jolles (who also stars as the husband), the video was first uploaded in 2011 and was featured as a viewer submission on Tosh.0. Check it out.

    Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein go goth in preview for ‘Portlandia’ season 5

    One the greatest sketch shows on TV returns Janurary 2015. Although that’s still a bit away, IFC has released a sneak peak of season five of Portlandia. Just in time for Halloween, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein pose as a goth couple making a will. Just a few of their demands for their respective funerals: distant shrieks at the funeral, a gravely doorman, and a few jaeckles. Check it out.

    Amy Poehler does not remember meeting Seth Meyers

    Amy Poehler reunited with her old Weekend Update desk mate last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers. The pair spent many years together working side by side at SNL, but the two actually met a few times years before… not that Poehler has any recollection. Seth Meyers also talks to Poehler about her new book Yes, Please, the drama surrounding the birth of her first child, and then pair quiz George R.R. Martin on some Game of Thrones trivia. Read More

    John Oliver asks food manafacturers to “Show us your peanuts”

    Last Week Tonight returned yesterday just in time for a special Halloween-related segment. After exposing today’s hottest “sexy” costumes (including Sexy John Oliver and Sexy Louis CK), John Oliver explores the dangers in America’s obsession with candy and sugar. According to Oliver, American’s spend over $2.2 billion on candy every year and consumes 75lbs of sugar. Sugar even has a negative effect on the brain, similar to cocaine’s effect. With the FDA attempting to label how much sugar is added to food and beverage products in teaspoons, Oliver suggests a better unit of measurement: circus peanuts. Oliver asks viewers to demand this new change by tweeting food manufacturers #ShowUsYourPeanuts.

    #TBT to when Ted & Gracie got engaged

    Every Thursday, TLB participates in #TBT by scrounging around the internet for precious web gems of yore. Here’s one of our favorite videos that deserve some extra attention.

    It’s October, a lovely time for a beautiful Autumn wedding. This romantic season (I guess they all can be), reminded of a couple named Ted and Gracie. Played by Ben Kronberg and Jena Friedman, the original Ted & Gracie sketch was a parody of the The New York Times “Vows” series. Gracie is just your typical New Yorker who fell in love with Ted, a former school teacher (before some things happened) and current locksmith and probable serial killer. Uploaded to Youtube in 2010, Ted & Gracie later spawned into a six episode web series. Check it out.

    Mike Epps talks about his Richard Pryor biopic on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

    Mike Epps was a guest on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. The subject turned to Epps latest project, playing Richard Pryor in an upcoming film. Epps has been wanting to play his comedy idol for a long time, and will finally do so at the hands of Lee Daniels and Oprah. Epps talks about his year he spent with Pryor before he died and his big, supportive family. Read More

    Brad Pitt and Louis CK join Zach Galifianakis on ‘Between Two Ferns’

    Zach Galifianakis returns with his beloved web series Between Two Ferns. He might not be the president, but Bradley Pits (aka Brad Pitt) had the honor of being Galifianakis’ latest guest. While promoting his new movie Fury and his charity can be a real bummer, Louis CK was there to liven up the episode with a little stand-up comedy. This might be the most awkward BTF yet.