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  • #TBT when Cory Loykasek helped Donny Divanian prepare for a big date

    Every Thursday, TLB participates in #TBT by scrounging around the internet for precious web gems of yore. Here’s one of our favorite videos that deserve some extra attention.

    When reminiscing about catching the show Happy House at last year’s New York Comedy Festival, I remembered this great sketch, “My Roommate, My Friend (Episode 2).” Created by sketch group The Dress Up Gang, Cory Loykasek and Donny Divanian star as roommates that have more of a father/son relationship with each other. When poor Donny gets denied access to a club for wearing his favorite yellow t-shirt, good-guy Cory swoops in to cheer him up. The subtly  in this sketch is amazing; from Donny’s innocent sexts, to the juxtaposition of the video’s dramatic directorial style, this sketch is just as great as I remembered.

    Jon Stewart criticizes ESPN’s cringe-worthy coverage of Michael Sam

    Michael Sam has been making headlines as he competes for a spot on the St.Louis Rams’ roster this season as the NFL’s first openly gay player. He sacked obnoxious Johnny Manziel last week and had a great game, but screw all that relevant sh*t, let’s talk about his… showering habits. Sadly, that’s the subject ESPN is fixating on. Enter Jon Stewart. On The Daily Show, Stewart does a wonderful job of criticizing ESPN’s coverage of Sam, while correspondent Samantha Bee sets the record straight about what’s going on in the locker room. “There’s no grab-a**, no dick-snaps, no ball-cupping. None of the locker room behavior or normal, heterosexual NFL players.”

    Chelsea Handler says goodbye to E! and “Chelsea Lately”

    After seven great years on E!, Chelsea Handler said goodbye to her late night talk show Chelsea Lately. Handler and her show were far and away the best thing to happen to that network, and was one of the best and most refreshing late night shows on television period. Handler gave so many hard working comedians work, and last night she and great handful of her favorite panelists and celebrity friends returned for the series finale. Handler said her goodbyes, but fear not, she will embark on a new chapter with Netflix in 2016. Read More

    Michel Che tries to find a safe reporting spot for an unarmed black man on “The Daily Show”

    The Daily Show attempted to cover the tense situation in Ferguson on last night’s show by sending newest correspondent, Michael Che, to Missouri. Of course, Che didn’t quite feel safe as an unarmed black man in Ferguson, so he reported from St.Louis… until he learned about the recent shooting there. But where on Earth is it safe for an unarmed black man? Turns out, nowhere.

    Anjelah Johnson’s Bon Qui Qui drops a cover Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” for the benefit of cosmetics

    You know her, you love her, she’s Anjelah Johnson> aka Bon Qui Qui and she’s back with a new song, “This Is How We Do It (Benefit Remix).” The video remixes the classic This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan and for a brief moment transports the viewer back to the ’90s. Ah yes, the ’90s, what a decade. The video was shot for Benefit Cosmetics.

    Claudia Allwood, Benefit Cosmetics’ US Director of Digital Marketing spoke about the new video and Johnson’s contribution saying, “Anjelah Johnson is one of the most talented, funny female comedians… We wanted to bring this video to life with someone absolutely hilarious who would also be our creative collaborator. She wrote the lyrics and was very close to the production of this video as well.” Read More