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  • Comedian Rob Cantrell’s new Coffee and Weed D.C. Go-Go Remix video

    Coffee and Weed – D.C. Go-Go Remix by Rob Cantrell feat. Lionize. The timing for this video is perfect. Washington DC, the city where comedian Rob Cantrell was born and a place near and dear to his heart has just Legalized Cannabis. “Wow, It seems weird saying it. It is a bit tricky because the DC mayor and a couple senators are debating the legal ramifications of full on legalization of Cannabis in the city.” says Cantrell. “It is a ‘Hot Button’ topic right now and this video was super fun to shoot in my home town given everything that is happening right now.” The song is re-mixed with new lyrics and arranged in a local Go-Go musical form with the help of DC area band LIONIZE. The DC Go-Go sound was born in the District and is an amazing original musical genre that is an off shoot of Funk, with many similarities to Hip-Hop.

    Adam Sandler and Bob Barker recreate their Happy Gilmore fight for Night Of Too Many Stars

    Adam Sandler and Bob Barker have not seen each other since they got into a sparring match on Sandler’s film, Happy Gilmore. Turns out after all of these years the feud between the two hasn’t soured a bit. On Night of Too Many Stars, whose telethon airs this weekend, the pair settle some unfinished business that takes them from the hospital and upward. Night of Too Many Stars airs Sunday March 8 at 8pm on Comedy Central with a lived telethon to raise money benefiting families effected by Autism. Visit to pledge some money.

    Justin Bieber gets a new tattoo in celebration of his upcoming roast on Comedy Central

    In tribute to his upcoming roast on Comedy Central, Justin Bieber gets a new tattoo to commemorate the occasion. And according to Jeff Ross, it’s F*ckin’ Perfect.

    90’s show “Friends” rebooted for today’s audience

    Hipsters, Selfies, and Smartphones complete with a parody version of The Rembrandts classic theme song. Well done Nerdist crew.

    Triumph the Insult Comic Dog leaves a treat for Colin Firth on Fallon

    Leading up to the launch of The Jack and Triumph Show on Adult Swim, the two stars Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog join Jimmy Fallon and Colin Firth for a game of Catchprase on The Tonight Show. And well, dogs do what dogs sometimes do do.

    Watch Jon Stewart make his Daily Show departure announcement, “It’s been an absolute privilege”

    Jon Stewart

    As you probably heard, today Jon Stewart announced that he’s stepping down as host of The Daily Show after an incredibly impressive 16 year run on the show. Stewart broke the news at the end of the show which is usually reserved for the moment of zen, rather Stewart spoke from the heart, stating it’s time for someone else to run the show, adding, “This show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host… and neither do you.” Signing off by stating, “it’s been an absolute pleasure.” Read More

    Weird Al gets Whiplashed in this trailer announcing his world tour

    You have to make a lot of sacrifices if you want to be a polka legend. Here’s Weird Al getting ready for his Mandatory Fun World Tour. If you’ve never seen him live, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. Grab tickets here.

    Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD from “Epic Rap Battles of History” join “Honest Trailers” for “Everything’s a Product” parody

    If you haven’t experienced Honest Trailers yet on YouTube, this would be a good time to start. Now personally, I loved The Lego Movie almost more than anything, but there’s always another angle. And Honest Trailers takes it. This trailer features Epic Rap Battles of History‘s Nice Peter and EpicLLOYD, so buckle in. And get ready to have that song, yes, that song stuck in your head again. But this time will a different message.

    “Airplane!” and “Zero Hour” spliced together in a 7 minute parody sandwich

    If you’ve got 7 minutes free today, you should spend it on this. Airplane!, arguably the best comedy of all time and Zero Hour, the movie from which it parodies, spliced together. Scenes back to back for your convenience. Here’s the Zucker Brothers. Thank you for everything.

    J.K. Simmons, Reggie Watts, REM’s Mike Mills, Patton Oswalt and others team up for epic comedy music benefit album “2776”

    movies-jk-simmonsFrom the epic comedy/music benefit album 2776 comes two brand new music videos starring some incredible talent including J.K. SIMMONS (SNL host, Golden Globe & SAG Award winner for Whiplash), REM’s Mike Mills, Epic Rap Battles star Zach Sherwin (aka MC MrNapkins), the Sklar Brothers (Sklarbro Country), Michael Ian Black (Michael & Michael Have Issues), Deon Cole (Conan), Andy Kindler (Bob’s Burgers) and much more taking on the sports world and mourning the death of printed press! 2776 album tracks “Live It Now” and “Stop The Presses” were given the star treatment and for the first time ever are available for viewing. Both songs can be found on the comedy/music benefit album 2776 which features over 80 award winning performers including Patton Oswalt, Aimee Mann, Yo La Tengo, Reggie Watts, Neko Case, Will Forte, Ashanti, Andy Richter, Ira Glass, Andrew WK, Aubrey Plaza, Mike Mills, Martha Plimpton, Will Arnett, k.d. lang, Ed Helms, Margaret Cho, Kids in the Hall and many, many more. Sales of 2776 benefit OneKid OneWorld in their efforts to promote education in Kenya and El Salvador. Check out the vids below… Read More