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  • Conan O’Brien and Andy Richer recall the MTV Movie Awards and being the oldest people there

    This weekend, Conan O’Brien greeted the many people watching The MTV Movie Awards with an opening that contained cameos from 50 celebrities. It was even a new record for the movie awards. However, now that it has been a few days, Conan and Andy Richter (who was in the audience) shared some of their thoughts on the special night.

    The main thought that quickly came up between the two was being the oldest people there. “I didn’t know who two thirds of the people were,” said Conan. The two continued to talk about how it seemed lifetime achievement awards were going to 15 year olds.

    Stephen Colbert addresses late night move on ‘The Colbert Report’ (video)

    The internet went bonkers yesterday when the announcement that Stephen Colbert would replace David Letterman as the host of Late Show. We think this is a great call and we’re excited about the move, in addition we couldn’t wait to see how Colbert would address the news on his show, in character on The Colbert Report. Well, last night he did just that at the top of the show. Read More

    Watch a very brief video clip from John Mulaney’s new FOX sitcom

    John Mulaney and Martin Short

    Exciting! John Mulaney stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to talk with his former boss about many things in his life, mainly offering some insight on the Stefon character, which he co-created with Bill Hader, how he and Meyers won Emmy awards and his forthcoming nuptials. All great things, but perhaps the most bestest part of the interview was that Meyers intro’d Mulaney with a very brief first peek at his can-it-just-air-already? sitcom, Mulaney. The clip sets up what we can assume is the first meeting between Mulaney and his mentor on the show portrayed by Martin Short. Read More

    Keith Olberman’s tribute to David Letterman, ‘Babe Ruth announced he’s retiring today’

    Last night Keith Olbermann opened his show with a tribute to David Letterman. As you probably know by now announced his retirement. Olberman saw Letterman as one of his heroes and while it’s really tough to put Letterman’s 31 years in Late night into one 6 minute monologue, Olberman tried and was damn good at it. Olberman compared Letterman to Babe Ruth and went on to display his love for the man by telling a terrific story and small part of the Letterman lore that he was a part of in the 2008 Presidential Elections.

    Olberman ended the segment with the best statement, “Babe Ruth announced he’s retireing today. I’m not happy about it.”

    Rob Riggle and Pete Holmes discuss stand-up vs. improv comedy

    The terrific Rob Riggle and Pete Holmes sat down for a conversation to talk about stand-up vs. improv. Both forms of comedy that Riggle has experience with. Riggle noted that he prefers improv as he’s noticed that most stand-up comics he’s met are kinda unhinged. “Most stand-ups I know are from the land of the broken toys. They’re crazy! All crazy, and mad, and pissed, and jealous, and angry. All of sudden they go on stage and [chuckles]. And then they go backstage and are ‘ugggh go to hell!’ I mean, they’re the worst!” Roll it!

    Stephen Colbert finally, and brilliantly responds to the #CancelColbert Twitter controversy

    Last night Stephen Colbert addressed the incredibly misguided #CancelColbert hashtag flame war that erupted on Twitter this past Thursday. In a nutshell, a joke that the show made on Wednesday’s episode was taken out of context and posted online. Nearly a day and many reruns of the initial show later, the Tweet in question was made via a Twitter account that Colbert nor his staff don’t have control over (Comedy Central does) and never used. Hashtag activists picked up on it and decided that it was insensitive without knowing the full context of the joke Colbert made on the show and, boom! A 2014 internet controversy is born. Since last night was his first night back on the air since things went amok, Colbert laid it all out in his signature satirical style. Thus hopefully putting an end to any second rounds to the dance of the idiots. Read More

    Jimmy Fallon impersonates Bill Cosby to Bill Cosby

    Bill Cosby should be a guest on every late night show ever all the time. Why? Because he’s Bill friggin’ Cosby! I particularly like it when Mr. Cosby drops by to talk to Jimmy Fallon, mainly because the two have terrific chemistry and Fallon just goes along for the ride. Cosby more than likely takes over the show and pretty much just does whatever he wants. It’s always entertaining and it’s always funny to watch. Case in point, this clip from last night’s Tonight Show with Jimmy doing his best Cosby impression to the man himself. Read More