Melissa McCarthy Saturday Night Live

Let’s watch Melissa McCarthy “Saturday Night Live” promos

Hot off Larry David’s killer turn as host of Saturday Night Live, this week promises to be another killer episode as fan favorite Melissa McCarthy returns to host SNL as well as the mighty Kanye West holding down the musical guest. Watch some promos.

Ari TINH Season 2 News

Watch the trailer for season 2 of “This Is Not Happening”

Season 2 of Ari Shaffir’s storytelling series, This Is Not Happening returns to Comedy Central on Tuesday, February 23rd. Today a trailer for the new season hit the web giving us a look at who is going to share their stories this season. Some tales being told this season come from Henry Rollins, Artie Lange, […]

Kevin Roberts Saturday Night Live

Larry David loses it while trying to be Kevin Roberts in SNL behind the scenes video

It was an awesome call having Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. Why? Because he’s hilarious. It also appears that David was having a terrific time hosting because of this released footage of them rehearsing for the Kevin Roberts sketch. In the released footage you can clearly see David trying to not loose […]

Who Knows Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel segment “Who Knows?” gets its own game show

“Who Knows?”, a segment found on Jimmy Kimmel Live, will now have its own series thanks to ABC and Andy Richter will in the drivers seat. Big Fan will be a half-hour weekly series. Is this going to be the new craze going forward? If you were to ask The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon, […]

Ben Carson, Donald Trump Curb Your Enthusiasm

The botched GOP Debate introduction gets the Larry David treatment it needs

One of the biggest stories this weekend that wasn’t the Super Bowl was the GOP Debate. Not for what the candidates said, but rather how they entered the debate. It all started when Ben Carson missed his introduction cue, and after that things just got worse. The fix is the same you’d do for anything… […]

Will Ferrell Video

Will Ferrell is your next “must have” exotic animal expert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert doesn’t have an animal expert yet, so why shouldn’t it be Will Ferrell? Here is Ferrell’s appearance from last night’s Live edition of The Late Show as he introduces us to a short-spine Peruvian Mongoose, a Mongolian Bush Tiger, and the classic Duck-bodied Platypus.